Episode 5061

Australian Air Date: 26th April 2010
UK Air Date: 3rd May 2010

Aden tries to convince Charlie that Larry wasn’t murdered. Alf struggles to keep the truth from Martha, that Hugo is alive. Miles decides to quit teaching.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Aden is explaining to Charlie that he panicked when he found his father’s body – everyone would think Justin killed him. Charlie queries why then, did Justin admit to killing his father. Both stories aren’t adding up. Charlie and Angelo are very suspicious and bring up the obvious fact that Justin arrived in town just as Larry goes missing. Aden leads Charlie to where they dumped the car and they find Larry’s body inside. Angelo tells Aden that even if he doesn’t confess, the police have enough to charge Justin and him anyway. After being questioned by Charlie, Aden insists he didn’t kill Larry. And neither did Justin. But they are placed into a corner; if they don’t come clean the police will charge them both with murder. Nicole begs to know what’s going having been kept in the dark about all of it, but Charlie sends her home from the police station. She heads home and speaks to Morag on the phone, who says she’ll send a solicitor down to the police station to see what’s happening. The next morning they’re able to head home, and Aden soon explains everything to Nicole. Nicole is angry and she wants him to go back to the police and tell them the truth, but Aden is adamant and he is standing behind is brother.

Miles is devastated at being suspended from teaching and feeling very unsupported by Gina, even knowing that she’s a principal and has to do what’s right. Martha wonders if Miles’ counsellor will exonerate him. Miles thinks he is less of a person without the teaching – what will he do now? Miles soon tells Martha he has worked out a way to get around the problem of him being suspended and take back control of his life – he will just quit!

Gina feels bad about suspending Miles despite the fact she had no choice. She doesn’t want to talk about it with John, and doesn’t want to think about it, so he suggests that she come back to his place to take her mind off things. They head back to John’s place where Gina finds it to be a typical bachelor pad. John starts tidying things up, but Gina’s mind is elsewhere, wanting to know how tidy his bedroom is – John stops tidying and they both run upstairs.

Meanwhile Alf downloads his concerns to Angelo – does Angelo really think Hugo would contact Martha? Alf has growing concern for Martha and hopes Hugo stays away, especially considering Martha doesn’t even know Hugo’s alive. When Martha questions why Alf was talking to Angelo on the beach, he tries to cover and her suspicions grow. Alf tells Angelo it’s getting much harder to lie to Martha about Hugo. Angelo explains that as long as they keep covering, there is nothing at all to worry about. This as Martha suddenly is beside them both looking stormy and demanding to know what’s going on. Angelo tries to put a stop to Martha’s questions by telling her it’s a police matter, but she is adamant she has a right to know considering she’s involved – and she did just hear her name.