Episode 5060

Australian Air Date: 23rd April 2010
UK Air Date: 30th April 2010

Aden and Justin try to cover up. Gina suspends Miles when he is caught talking to Rabbit.


Written by Matt Anderson
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

Charlie is waiting with Angelo for a warrant to search the townhouse. Aden and Justin are stressed and Justin thinks they’ll get caught – Aden tries to keep him calm. But Justin thinks they’re going to be busted and he’s angry with himself – why did he ruin his life by getting involved with their father again? When Charlie and Angelo arrive with the search warrant to search the townhouse and car, they explain that their car was stolen. Aden holds it together as they are questioned, saving Justin from cracking, even though their story doesn’t add up. Angelo tells Aden that he needs to confess, he’s been there and knows what it’s like, but Aden doesn’t give anything away.

Angelo is convinced they will find the car dumped somewhere, and they are sure that the forensics found at the site will prove that it was Larry’s body that was in the grave. Justin is ready to confess, really stressed about what’s happened, but Aden convinces him to wait until they know what Charlie and Angelo know. Wanting to protect Justin, Aden goes to the Station and confesses that he found Larry’s body and buried it, saying that Justin had nothing to do with it.

Miles is being harassed by Rabbit, and when he tells her to be quiet, Alf overhears and is immediately worried that Miles is losing it again. Miles acts strange over dinner, and the next day, Alf confides in Martha about everything that’s been happening with Miles and she’s shocked. At school the next morning, Gina sees Miles talking to himself in a classroom and when it later happens again she has to confront him over what’s going on. She asks him to get a psych evaluation, which only angers him – if he has to undergo one then he believes all the staff should. When he later admits to her who Rabbit is, Gina is forced to suspend him, worried about the safety of the kids he’s teaching.