Episode 4860

Australian Air Date: 22nd May 2009
UK Air Date: 5th June 2009

Hugo makes a startling admission to Martha. Claudia has news that will change Geoff’s life. Liam pulls off a sting that wins over Belle.


Written by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Martha finally has access to the farm house, and enlists Hugo and Xavier’s help in packing up some things to take over to make the place habitable – she wants to have the option of being able to stay over when she feels like it. When Xavier heads off to school, Hugo drives out to the farm with Martha and all the gear. No sooner have they managed to unload everything onto the veranda, than a massive storm hits, and Hugo is having trouble getting the ute to start. Martha isn’t too worried and determines that they can stay the night together on the one mattress they’ve bought over. But Hugo, secretly in love with Martha, doesn’t trust himself to be able to do that and decides to head back to town. Martha’s perplexed by his decision and, back out in the pouring rain, tries to stop him going. She demands to know the real reason Hugo needs to head home – and Hugo blurts out his true feelings for her. Martha is stunned.

Geoff sees Claudia at the Diner, and she is very snappy with him. Geoff is unsure what he’s done and, as she hasn’t been returning his calls either, and she tells him that his constant phone calls are making her think he doesn’t trust her. Claudia is troubled, and finally unloads to Martha. She tells her that she’s “late” and she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant to Geoff. Although worried by the news, Martha’s very supportive and tells Claudia that she feels sure that Geoff will be able to handle the news. She’s also adamant that he needs to be told. Claudia makes her peace with Geoff, putting her earlier moods down to having a lot on her mind. Geoff is so pleased that they aren’t arguing any more, but Claudia can’t find the courage to tell him that he’s going to be a dad.

Rachel examines Roman’s eyes and, although they are physically no different to the last time she checked them, she is happy that he’s finally able to see again. She suggests that he may wish to offer an olive branch to his friends, given the attitude he adopted during his blindness, and he concedes that she is right. He approaches Miles and Kirsty and both are happy to forgive him, realising that the moods weren’t entirely his fault. However Miles is less than thrilled to hear that Gardy is still around. Miles has greater concerns though – the shark attack reports mean that cancellations at the caravan park are increasing. And it’s not just Miles that his suffering – there is a downturn at both Alf’s bait shop, and in gym memberships too and the Surf Carnival has definitely been called off. Tony suggests a shark hunt, but Alf reminds him that they can’t afford to fund one. Later, Miles reveals the extent of his financial troubles, confiding in Kirsty that he’s worried about how much longer the business, and the house, will be sustainable.

Irene’s lawyer confronts her about the alcohol she’s consumed, but Irene retaliates by telling her she should be doing a better job of trying to get her out of the prison. Belle is still uncomfortable about having given in to Liam’s request that they become a couple. She’s got him to agree to take things very slowly, but quickly realises she still has residual feelings for Aden. It’s when Jerry visits Belle and tries to blackmail her into arranging an exclusive interview with Irene, while threatening to have Aden arrested and potentially jailed for damaging a reporter’s camera if she doesn’t, that everything is on a collision course. Belle visits Irene, and is very concerned that she’s pale and shaking. She shares her concerns with Rachel, and worries that Irene may be drinking again. Rachel promises she’ll do all she can to look into the matter and supply Irene with any necessary help.

Later, Belle confides in Liam over Jerry’s threat, and he neatly offers a “tell all” interview with himself rather than Irene, that sees Aden off the hook, and the Coastal news only portraying Irene in a sympathetic light – and Belle full of gratitude and admiration for him. The downside for Belle, is that she knows this gesture of Liam’s will make it harder for them to take their relationship as slowly as she’d like. And that spells trouble, as Belle isn’t sure she’s with the right guy.

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