Episode 4772

Australian Air Date: 20th January 2009
UK Air Date: 3rd February 2009

Summer Bay struggles with the aftermath of the formal disaster.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Summer Bay is reeling after the tragic events the past day has brought. As Martha sits beside Jack in hospital they reflect of the lives together and declare their undying love. But in a devastating reality, the conversation is all in Martha’s imagination – Jack is dead and she is talking to his lifeless body.

It seems Martha can’t accept her husband’s death. After rejecting Roman’s attempts at comfort, Martha eventually breaks down to Tony. Both overcome with grief, they cling on to one another as Martha sobs in Tony’s arms. They desperately wish this wasn’t real. How will they ever be able to deal with Jack’s death?

Everyone is still trying to deal with the aftermath of the crash and fire at the school formal. Belle is recovering from burns in the city hospital but most people managed to escape physically unscathed. Kane, however, is still unconscious after surgery. Kirsty’s sick with worry about whether Kane’s going to survive and stays by his bedside.

Miles is left wondering where he stands and what Kirsty’s true feelings are. Miles confides in Roman that if Kane pulls through he fears he may have to let Kirsty go. When Kane wakes up, Kirsty throws her arms around him in great relief.

Could Miles be right – will Kane’s near death experience change Kirsty’s mind about who she wants to be with?

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