Episode 4753

Australian Air Date: 5th November 2008
UK Air Date: 7th January 2009

Charlie doesn’t cope well with break ups. Its time for Natalie to get back to her own life. Is Melody about to give up her innocence?

Extended Summary

For him, this has been coming for a while, they’ve been drifting apart for some time, and no matter how much he’d like to, he doesn’t love her. Charlie wants to talk it over, but Roman knows he’s doing the right thing, and doesn’t think there’s anything to be achieved by talking. Meanwhile, it’s time for Natalie to go, and although she tries to convince Roman and Nicole to let her stay a little longer, her efforts are fruitless. She thanks Roman for being such a good father to Nicole, and hugs him goodbye.

To a deeply hurt and emotional Charlie, watching from the wings, this seems proof that Roman was cheating on her with his ex wife. Natalie is quick to put that suspicion down when confronted, but that doesn’t stop Charlie from blaming her for putting a wedge between she and Roman. Unperturbed by Charlie’s accusations, Natalie calmly tells her she’s kidding herself. And that more than that, Roman did her a favour. She’s young and gorgeous and deserves someone who’s crazy about her. But her words are cold comfort for Charlie, who decides to drown her sorrows.

Since the disaster at the Halloween party, Melody has retreated back into her shell, burying herself in study. Jai is worried about her, none of his attempts to cheer her up have worked. Miles suggests that Melody speak to her counsellor, but she doesn’t see the point, no amount of talking will fix things. Now more concerned than ever, Miles asks Kirsty if maybe she could have a word, hoping Melody will respond to a female. When she offers to spend some time with Melody after school, however, Melody brushes her off, saying she has to go to Yabbie Creek to do some shopping.

It seems nobody can get through to the girl, and then she arrives back with a bag full of new clothes, practically skipping. It looks like things might be on the up for her. That night however, when she shows up at the Surf club in short, tight clothes and way too much makeup, things don’t go quite according to plan. Far from turning heads, she makes a fool of herself, and only succeeds in worrying. Then Mathew wolf whistles. His attention is exactly the self esteem boost Melody needs and she happily responds to his attention. Her friends, however, are worried for her, knowing what sort of guy Mathew is. But while they’re distracted, he suggests he and Melody go somewhere quiet. Back at her place, she begins to get nervous, but Mathew persists, kissing her and suggesting they go up to her room. It’s all a bit much for Melody, but she wants to be a normal teenager, and she thinks this is what normal teenagers do. Mathew can’t believe his luck as she leads the way upstairs.