Episode 4700

Australian Air Date: 8th August 2008
UK Air Date: 10th October 2008

Jack and Martha plan a special day but will it end in tragedy. Will Geoff be Nicole’s hero?

Extended Summary

Martha is being kept in hospital for observation having been diagnosed with a blood clot on the lung. Seeing how depressed she is, Jack spontaneously suggests they get married today – they want to be husband and wife so why not do it now? Alf and Colleen join them as witnesses and they exchange vows in a beautiful ceremony in the hospital grounds. As they cheerfully reflect after the ceremony, Martha is looking peaceful and content when she slowly closes her eyes. Jack looks across, sees her slumped on the ground and quickly shouts for help as Colleen and Alf exchange stricken glances. Doctors seem to be doing everything they can but when they pull out the defibrillator to re-start her heart, things aren’t looking good. Could Jack have lost Martha on their wedding day?

Deeply rattled by his encounter with Elliot, Roman tells Nicole that she must let him know if Elliot goes anywhere near her. Roman has reason to be worried as the next day Elliot kidnaps Nicole. Under Elliot’s instruction Nicole rings Roman pleading for him to go to the Townhouse but when Roman dashes through the door, Nicole isn’t there. Elliot has however left a DVD showing Nicole bound and gagged with a strong message from Elliot – drink what’s in the thermos if he wants to find Nicole. Seeing no choice but to obey Elliot’s instructions, Roman drinks the liquid and soon collapses on the floor.

Meanwhile, Geoff spots Nicole and Elliot boarding a boat apparently to go off scuba diving. Suspicious that something may be going on he talks his way onboard too. Out at sea Geoff is left on the boat to worry as Elliot and Nicole dive. When Elliot re-surfaces without Nicole and realises Geoff is on to him he points a spear gun at Geoff. Terrified, Geoff lunges into the water as Elliot shoots a spear which catches Geoff’s leg. Elliot heads off in the boat leaving a frantic Geoff desperately searching underwater for Nicole. Nicole’s tank is out of oxygen and she is struggling with a weight belt around her waist. Geoff finds her just in time, but even after taking the weight belt off, he doesn’t have the strength to pull her to the surface. Putting his mouth to hers, he gives her his last breath but as Geoff loses his grip she sinks towards the ocean floor. Is this the end for Nicole?

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