Episode 4689

Australian Air Date: 24th July 2008
UK Air Date: 25th September 2008

Annie finds out that it’s Jai’s birthday and wants to do something special. Ric confronts Mattie about cheating on him. Is it finally over?

Extended Summary

Annie finds out that it’s Jai’s birthday and wants to do something to celebrate, but Jai hasn’t celebrated his birthday since his parents died and doesn’t feel there is much to celebrate. Annie thinks a surprise party is the perfect way to show him how important he is to so many people in Summer Bay. She’s hoping that if he feels special, he might stop the reckless behaviour that has been worrying her so much. She organises it all with Miles and asks Leah to make a cake. Unbeknownst to her, Kirsty also makes a cake for Jai, something that touches a nerve with Leah at the party. When Jai arrives and sees all the people who are there to help him celebrate he is genuinely touched.

Annie’s hopes that the party will curb his dangerous behaviour are dashed when he gives himself an electric shock trying to fix a power-cut. The fact that he wasn’t hurt from the jolt is further affirmation in his mind that nothing can hurt him – and Annie is worried sick.

After the party, Kirsty suggests to Miles that Leah seemed awkward at the party. Feeling a bond forming with Kirsty, he confides that after Sally left, he and Leah became close… so close that he thought he was falling for her. But it was too soon for Leah, who was still grieving for Dan. Kirsty takes the opportunity to tell him how much she appreciates everything he’s done for her and Ollie. As they share a heartfelt moment, a text arrives from Sally to say that Cassie has had a baby girl – Summer Rose Turner who is HIV negative.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, Mattie’s roommate, Daisy, recognises Ric at the university campus and approaches him. Ric, still hurt, reveals that he saw Nathan in Mattie’s bed and thinks he made a mistake in coming. Daisy finally convinces him back to the dorm to talk to Matilda again. After heated discussions and mis-communications Ric and Matilda finally straighten things out and have a heart-to-heart. Matilda tells Ric that she hasn’t been with anyone since him, and a relieved Ric tells her that he can’t function without her. Ric will stay in WA with Matilda – they are back together again, and this time it’s for good. Good bye Ric and Matilda. Have a happy life together!