Episode 4651

Australian Air Date: 2nd June 2008
UK Air Date: 11th July 2008
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Danny Raco

Kirsty returns to the Bay to face Irene. Will she give up her son? Ross reveals the truth about his wife. How long can Martha keep up her deception?

Extended Summary

With Ross finally ready to tell Morag the truth, she’s expecting to hear about the other woman in his life. When he tells her that his wife died a week before he came to Summer Bay, it comes as a surprise. He explains that while she had been sick for the past three years, and he had taken care of her, their emotional marriage had been over for years. Feeling betrayed by his silence on such a momentous issue in his life, Morag is uninterested in his desire for things to work out between them.

The next morning, doing her best not to wallow in self pity, Morag receives a text telling her to stay away from Ross Buckton, with no indication of who sent it. When Ross finds out, he finds Morag to let her in on the final part of his secret. The message was sent by his oldest daughter, who’s not impressed with her father moving on so soon after her mother’s death. Morag can understand, but Ross still thinks they can make something together. Despite herself, Morag realises she’s willing to forgive Ross, on the basis that from now on he’s totally honest.

When Kirsty shows up with Kane to tell Irene in person that she wants her to take care of Oliver for good, Irene’s still not convinced. She thinks the best place for Oliver is with his parents, and that they should do whatever it takes to create a normal life for him themselves. Kane insists it’s impossible, but for Kirsty being back in Summer Bay is bringing back memories of life before they went on the run, and she realises that she can’t do this any longer, that she wants a normal life. But what will she tell Kane?

After Jack’s revelation that he’d like to have kids, Martha is torn between using the opportunity to reveal her pregnancy and fudging the dates and cover it up. Eventually she decides to keep it a secret a little longer and just hope the baby is Jack’s. So when she’s struck by morning sickness, she tells Jack it must have been something he ate, and he’s soon accusing Roman of serving off food at the Diner. Roman doesn’t take it well, and after Martha admits it wasn’t the food, he begins to put the pieces together.