Episode 4497

Australian Air Date: 4th September 2007

It’s Brad and Sally’s wedding day and nerves are working overtime in the lead-up to this one. In spite of what Rachel has told her, Cassie is determined to keep seeing Henk. Not everyone makes it to the wedding ceremony.

Extended Summary

It’s Brad and Sally’s wedding day. While it’s common for nerves to jangle on such occasions, they’re working overtime in the lead-up to this wedding.

Down at the beach, Brad, Dan, Ric and Alf erect a marquee and set out the chairs Brad’s nerves becoming frayed a little further. Back at the Summer Bay House preparations are in full swing as the bar is set up, and Pippa arrives. There’s only one problem – no one’s too sure of where Sally is. Oh and Cassie hasn’t put in an appearance yet – she’s still smarting over the kafuffle that resulted from her and Henk being discovered in bed together.

Sally turns up at the beach in time to see the marquee finally up; she’s there to talk to Brad. She tried to postpone the wedding the previous night and Brad wouldn’t hear of it. But Sally still has her doubts and wants to talk about them, but interruptions, and Brad’s evasiveness, again prevent the bride and groom from chatting.

Henk is recovering in hospital and making good progress. He’s visited by Rachel who helped save his life the previous day and Henk is keen to thank her, but Rachel is still furious that Henk got together with Cassie and doesn’t want his gratitude.

Back at the house, Sally has arrived and starts to get ready for the big event. Cassie also finally surfaces; looks are exchanged with Rachel over Henk. The boys are beginning to get ready too at the Holden house, but it isn’t smooth sailing there either as Brad can’t find his cufflinks. With nerves on edge and tension running high both groups decide that alcohol is called for. The girls pop the champagne while the boys opt for whisky. Unfortunately that doesn’t do the trick for Brad as he walks into Dan and his whisky which goes down Brad’s shirtfront.

Brad heads to Sally’s place for a fresh shirt and is in time to learn that, to everyone’s consternation, Cassie has taken off to see Henk in hospital. Brad goes of to sort it out with Henk who is still trying to convince Cassie that nothing can happen between them when Brad arrives. When Brad gets Henk alone, he suggests that he leaves town before the day is over otherwise Brad won’t be responsible for what might happen to him. Henk gets the message.

Finally guests begin arriving for the service. Brad starts to relax, confident that he’s successfully dealt with Henk, and pleased that the preparations are finally going smoothly. He and the boys finish dressing and head down to the beach. It’s slower progress for the girls, but eventually, except for the bridal party they all make it to the beach too. Sally, however, keeps finding things that delay her and Pippa calls her on her doubts, and tries to allay her fears, but all to no avail. Sally’s made up her mind – she can’t go through with the wedding.