Episode 4425

Australian Air Date: 25th May 2007

Lucas discovers the shattering truth about his father’s relationship. Jules’ plan to romance Cassie backfires.

Extended Summary

Brad’s car has “broken down” and Jules and Cassie look like they will have to spend the night together in it. They two have started kissing and cuddling and it’s begun to get passionate. They are steaming up the car windows when they are rudely interrupted by the arrival of Alf and Brad.

Somehow Brad manages to get the car started but Jules and Cassie are in trouble when they get home. Jules confides to Drew the next day that he only wished that they could have been discovered an hour later as he felt he and Cassie were getting along “real well.” He wants to finish what he’s begun and urges Drew to get Dan to let him have an 18th birthday party. Drew doesn’t think it’ll happen but he’ll try. Meanwhile, Brad asks Ric to take a look at his car and when he reports back later in the day things get uglier for Jules.

It seems somebody may have removed the distributor cap causing it not to start and it wasn’t Cassie! Brad runs into Jules and tears strips off him. But later Jules somehow convinces Brad to let him tell Cassie what he did. But he delays doing it too long and Sally tells Cassie that Jules faked the car breakdown so he could spend the night with her. Cassie pays Jules a visit – and blasts him big time. It looks like any chance for Jules to have his dream romance are now long gone!

Lucas is still upset that Naomi continues to avoid him and becomes very suspicious when he chances on Tony and Naomi arguing heatedly on the beach. Tony later lies to him about where he was at the time. Lucas tells Ric about his suspicions and Ric feels bad about not being honest with his best mate and goes to see Tony – he wants Tony to sort the mess out.

Tony and Naomi try to talk but get nowhere, so Tony decides the best way to do it is to write down his thoughts and then give them to Naomi. But when Tony turns up to give Naomi the note she isn’t home. Tony slips the note under the van door. Meanwhile, at school Lucas discovers that Naomi is off sick for the day and wonders if it has anything to do with the argument she had with his dad. Later, when Alf tells Lucas he saw Tony near Naomi’s van.

Lucas goes to investigate, like Tony he finds Naomi out, but he can see the note sticking out from under the door and picks it up – he reads it – and discovers the awful truth – his dad has slept with Naomi too.