Episode 4424

Australian Air Date: 24th May 2007

Cassie’s first driving lesson becomes a nightmare. Kim is deeply troubled following his accident. Hugh and Rachel struggle to deny their growing feelings for each other.

Extended Summary

Kim has suffered a serious electric shock and sees some of his recent life flash before his eyes but they are all shots of Kit and Archie and none of Rachel. He’s still unconscious when he’s taken to hospital but comes round a short time later – it seems like he’s had a very close near miss. Kim improves quickly and Rachel is able to take him home later in the day but he needs to rest and Rachel is keen to look after him. But Kim is awkward around Rachel and she’s feeling guilty too, so Kim takes Rachel out for a walk and we see that he is deeply disturbed by not having seen Rachel when he had his flashbacks.

Hugh is now sharing Martha’s apartment but still has feelings for Rachel and when he hears about Kim’s accident he visits her to see if she needs anything. Rachel becomes teary and Hugh embraces her. The two spring apart when Brad arrives unexpectedly. After Hugh leaves Brad talks to his sister and learns that Rachel is confused about her feelings for Hugh and she knows he cares about her too. Hugh meanwhile is busy confiding his own feelings for Rachel to Martha at the bar. Martha advises caution and thinks that it was a good idea to move out of Rachel and Kim’s place.

Cassie angst’s over sitting for her driver’s licence “L plates” but passes them on her first attempt. She’s down at the surf club spreading the good news when she bumps into Jules. He teased her badly last week and he’s not her favourite person at the moment but he somehow wins her over enough to play him at pool. The game is a success and Cassie starts to remember that there’s a very charming side to Jules that she really likes. Cassie is anxious to get in as many hours driving tuition as she can and is disappointed when she gets home to find both Sally and Brad are too busy to take her out on the road. Jules drops round and offers to give Cassie a lesson but she knows he can’t legally do that as he’s only on his “P plates.” Jules uses all his charm on her and Cassie eventually relents and drives off with Jules. He takes her down a quiet “off the road” track and lets Cassie practice. But when it starts to get dark the car mysteriously won’t start and it looks like the two of them will have to stay in the car together all night. Sally and Brad are beside themselves when they find Cassie and the car missing and a search is soon started. Jules can’t think of anything better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with Cassie for a night and soon becomes amorous and, after a little convincing, Cassie and Jules get into some serious kissing.

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