Episode 4373

Australian Air Date: 14th March 2007

Lucas struggles to deal with Belle and Drew’s relationship. Amanda is shocked to discover Ethan is still alive!

Extended Summary

Belle and Drew arrive at Amanda’s house, where she tends to Drew’s swollen eye. Belle feels guilty for upsetting Lucas so much but Drew insists Lucas just needs his space. Belle, however, isn’t convinced and later heads over to Lucas’ house to see him. He isn’t home but Jack tells Belle she can wait for him in the lounge room.

Belle sits down on the couch and sees the short story that Lucas has written, sticking out of his bag. Belle reads it with interest but is pulled up short by Lucas’ arrival. Belle, realising the story is about their relationship and the hurt he feels as a result of their break up, says she never knew his feelings ran that deep. Lucas tears up the paper in anger and kicks her out.

Later, Lucas arrives at Belle’s place with his bag packed. She opens the door expecting that he wants to talk but he thrusts $200 at her to pay for the damage to her camera. When she questions him about his packed bag he tells her he’s leaving town. Belle, now highly distressed, tries to call Jack but he doesn’t answer. Kelli, who’s wanting to stay on Belle’s good side, steps in to help and heads off in her car to try and find Lucas. Kelli eventually tracks Lucas down and convinces him to head home.

Amanda is on her way out to the jewellers to pick up her wedding bands when Peter calls to tell her he’s running late as he had to pull someone over for a traffic offence. Amanda agrees to meet him at the Station as it would be quicker if they went from there. Amanda arrives but receives the shock of her life when Peter enters… with Ethan in tow! Amanda can’t believe her eyes – Ethan is still alive?!