Episode 4247

Australian Air Date: 8th August 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: David Gould

Tasha and Martha wage a desperate battle to escape from Mumma Rose. Drew tries to discover who’s setting him up. Belle’s latest antics backfire, leaving her life on the line.

Extended Summary

Tasha freezes in front of Mumma Rose, who demands she stay calm and do as she’s told. What does she want? Mumma replies that she’s come for the baby! Horrified, Tasha kicks Mumma Rose in the shins and races to the house and Mumma Rose follows in hot pursuit! Tasha grabs the phone, but the line is dead as Mumma Rose appears – Tasha manages to push her away and bolts into the bush with Mumma close behind. Gripped by fear, she screams out for Martha – no response! Meanwhile, Martha arrives at the cottage with the firewood and can’t find Tasha anywhere! Tasha thinks she’s finally lost Mumma Rose and stops for a breather, then Mumma emerges from a hiding spot and heads back to the cottage. Tasha arrives back too – telling Martha what’s happened – they have to go – NOW! They race to the car and put the keys in the ignition – it won’t start! Martha races around to check under the hood – then Mumma Rose grabs Tasha around the throat and tells them to both stop and to do as she says! Mumma Rose chains the girls up in a nearby caravan – Martha demands to know what she’s planning on doing with them, but Mumma won’t give anything away. She gives them food and water and moves off, leaving the girls panicking! Tasha begins to cry and Martha has to work to calm her – she urges Tasha to think of the baby – this won’t be good for it. Martha promises to get them out of there and scans the van for options, seeing the latch she is bolted to. Martha starts violently shaking the pole, trying to free their chains as Tasha watches on, anxiously. Martha is getting close – her chains break free but then Mumma returns. Damn! She secures Martha back into position, then places her hand on Tasha’s pregnant belly. Tasha screams at her to get away, but Mumma Rose simply replies that she, Tasha and the baby will be leaving soon, to start their new lives together! This can’t be happening!!!

Drew has been released from his bail hearing into Dan and Leah’s care until the trial – he’s absolutely fuming – still claiming his innocence and asks Leah and Dan if they believe him. They say they do. He is determined to discover who’s framing him – they must have access to their place to have planted the evidence. Dan wonders if anyone has a grudge against him? Drew thinks of Ric threatening him last week, but keeps it to himself as he heads out to find him. He storms into the Surf Club and confronts Ric, but he denies it – a fight breaks out, but Belle steps in and stops it. Ric leaves, seething as Drew fills Belle in on everything. She doesn’t think Ric’s responsible – then who is? Ric warns Belle to stay away from Drew – he’s bad news, but she defends him – she needs all the friends she can get right now and is still upset that she’s not with Ric anymore. Later that day, Drew opens up to Dan about his fears of going to jail for something he didn’t even do. Underneath the tough guy fa