Episode 4125

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2006
Writer: Leigh McGrath
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Graham and Morag team up to uncover the truth behind Project 56 – and expose Amanda and Josh for good.

Extended Summary

Graham decides to join forces with Morag – and if they play their cards right – they may finally expose the truth behind Project 56. Graham is disappointed following a search of the house – he has uncovered no documents or clues. Amanda is rattled when Graham announces he has invited Josh over for dinner – seeing as though he is a “friend” of Amanda’s. The air could be cut with a knife when Josh arrives. Graham clocks the keys Josh places on the bench – an idea formulates. Amanda and Josh exchange tense glances and Graham is couldn’t be more satisfied he has them squirming! Graham adds fuel to the fire by backing Josh up on his place as Mayor, and commenting at the fact he is old and nabbed Amanda before someone as young as Josh did. Amanda downs a wine – it’s all too much to handle. Later, Amanda is sure Graham is cottoning on but Josh is quick to reassure Amanda there is nothing to worry about – Graham is nothing but an old fool! How wrong they could be!

A door opens slowly and Graham appears – he has stolen Josh’s key and let himself into Josh’s office! He rabbits around for any info and stumbles across the goldmine – a whole file on Project 56 – bingo!

Amanda returns home and finds a document on the table but is horrified when she realises it’s divorce papers! Graham flings the Project 56 file at her. He has exposed her involvement with the project and with Josh! Amanda is terrified as Graham storms towards the door with the threat he is going to expose the truth. But suddenly Graham is struck with a sharp pain to his chest and collapses on the ground – he is having a heart attack! Amanda instinctively races to phone to call the ambulance but then hesitates and places the receiver back on the hook. Grahams clutches his chest in pain, as Amanda watches on coldly. Will Amanda let Graham die?

Sally is trying to busy herself to keep her mind off losing Flynn. The kids are concerned – she hasn’t cried since Flynn’s death. Pippa reassures Sally it’s ok to let out the tears but Sally says she is dealing fine – she has already cried so much. Alf drops by and gives Sally the tape he promised Flynn he would deliver once he passed away. All are curious. Ric and Cassie are brought to tears when they receive Flynn’s heartfelt goodbye messages but are grateful for the sense of closure it has brought. Sally is adamant she’s not ready to see hers which is cause for further concern from the kids that she is not dealing with his death.

Sally says goodbye to Pippa and for the first time since Flynn’s death, she finds herself in the house alone. Her eyes fall on the video tape labelled with her name. She slips it into the machine and tears prick her eyes as she watches her husband’s message. For the first time since Flynn’s death, Sally breaks down in tears.