Episode 3918

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2005

Josie believes the real stalker is still out there. Dan’s son, Ryan, makes his devious intentions clear.

Final episode. Was remanded in custody following accusations about him being ‘the Stalker’
First episode. Dan and Amanda’s son. Visited the Bay to catch up with his dad, causing trouble for Leah.
Assisted Peter in the search for the file at Marc’s place, only to uncover the bloodied knife used on Zoe.


> ‘The Stalker’ is seen for the ninth time, planting the bloodied knife in Marc’s flat. It cannot be Josie as she oversees the incident. It cannot be Marc as he is being questioned by Peter at the station, nor can it be Peter as he then leaves the station to arrive at Marc’s house straight after ‘the Stalker’ leaves.

Extended Summary

It looks like Josie will be discovered by the intruder as she hides in Marc’s house, but at the last minute, the intruder leaves. As Josie makes her own getaway, she sees the police car pull up. She can’t stop wondering if the intruder was the Stalker…

Leah finally meets Ryan when Dan brings him back from the airport. The meeting is awkward at first, but the new boogie board smooths things over. Ryan is left reeling after the revelation that Dan and Leah are getting married. It’s obvious he still harboured hopes of Dan getting back with Amanda. Dan tells Leah not to worry, it will take a while for Ryan to get used to.


Josie is about to destroy the 1989 file when she’s interrupted by Zoe and Kim who insist on celebrating the news about Marc with her. The destruction will have to wait. The police turn over Marc’s place in a search for the 1989 file (which Josie has taken), but instead they find something more sinister in some drawers…a blood-stained knife! It’s enough for Peter to charge Marc with the attack on Zoe. But a stunned Marc is still blaming Josie for setting him up. If he had left the file at his house, he would hardly have been stupid enough to leave the knife there!


Peter tells everyone that Marc has been charged, and there’s relief all around. He tries to question Josie more about the 1989 file but she is quick to cover. The news that the knife was found in a drawers is troubling to her though, because she looked in those drawers minutes before the intruder and there was nothing there. She decides to talk to Morag about it. She thinks Marc might be being framed. But the fact is if she says anything to Peter, she will incriminate herself. Morag tells her to forget it. There are a lot of explanations for why the knife was there. The madman is behind bars. Be happy. More evidence comes in that Marc had a previous charge of dealing in false license plates. Peter is sure. And Josie is slowly becoming surer…

Dan makes an excuse to get Ryan away to the beach for some alone-time. He tells Ryan that he will always be in his life, but he also loves Leah and he wants him to give her a chance. Ryan agrees, but we can see he’s a long way from accepting Leah. Dan takes Ryan to the Diner to introduce around. Peter turns up and quickly falls into an easy familiarity with Ryan. Dan is obviously taken aback by the strength and ease of the relationship between the two. Leah reminds him that that’s what this trip is about – to establish a bond. But later Leah is not so sure about Ryan when he deliberately spills a drink over her and she has to cover for him to Dan. And then later on at home, when Leah tries to speak to Ryan, he goes off! Says he’ll do anything to stop her marrying Dan!

Peter asks Marc for a final time to tell him his motive for terrorising Summer Bay. Marc refuses – he’s innocent. As for Josie’s 1989 secret. She’s beaten him. He won’t reveal it. Over at Josie’s house she’s setting fire to the file, destroying forever the secret that allowed Marc to cause her so much heartache.

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