Episode 3030

Australian Air Date: 20th April 2001

Melissa collapses on the beach. Noah is unsuccessful in his attempts to woo back Hayley. Kane tells Shauna the horrible truth about his assault.

Final episode
Melissa’s mother. Rushed to hospital following news of her daughter’s collapse.
Twelfth appearance, last seen in #3012. Informed Susan of Melissa’s ruptured stomach.

> Melissa’s dad died a few years ago.

Extended Summary

Shauna’s revealed the truth behind Kane’s assault. Jude was charged and the hospital cancelled his cleaning contract. Realising things were more serious than taking time off work (Fisher suggested she take time off because the fight was over her), Shauna confronted Kane and asked him not to go through with the charges. He admitted to stealing money off Scott. When Scott walked in the look of horror on Kane’s face made Shauna realise it was Scott who hit Kane.
Jade’s admitted she has bulimia. Melissa and Jade were jogging on the beach and Melissa collapsed in agony, Colleen runs along to help them. Melissa was taken to hospital with a ruptured stomach and will probably be ill for a long time. This was enough for Jade, who went to Shelley and Rhys and asked for help. Lets hope Jade can recover before it’s too late.

Life isn’t going easy for Hayley and Noah. Hayley refuses to make up with Noah because she doesn’t trust him. Irene thinks she should give him a second chance but Hayley still thinks he’s a liar.

Vinnie tried talking to Skye but she brushed him off. It seems she just can’t help herself when she sees a guy she likes. Lets hope Skye realises what she is doing before she ruins every relationship in the Bay.

Erin Flannery

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