Tug fears his father has returned to a life of petty crime. Alf and Ailsa welcome Sarah.


Tug is horrified by his drunken father’s behaviour. Michael and Alf search for illicit alcohol at the Year 12 party.


Angel’s quest for visitation rights ends in disaster. Roy leaves Tug to fend for himself once again.


Mrs Harris lets Angel spend some time with Dylan.


Mrs Harris puts her trust in Angel when she allows her to see Dylan. James applies for a transfer in an effort to save his relationship with Roxy.


Roxy realises she can’t salvage her relationship with James. Angel is determined to tell Dylan that she is his mother.


Tug explodes when the pressure of his father’s departure becomes too much.


Roxy and James admit it’s time to say goodbye.


Angel remains determined to tell Dylan she is his real mother. Irene surprises everyone when she decides she wants to buy the beach house.


Angel is shocked when Dylan doesn’t believe she is his mother. Shane and Damian find themselves in possession of Nathan’s old Monaro.


Tug is convinced he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Angel believes she is unworthy of being Dylan’s mother.


Tug appears to have given up trying to get his life back on the rails. Sarah has a disastrous home perm.


Irene is determined to buy the beachhouse. Sarah slowly comes to terms with her disastrous new hairdo.


Shane and Damian’s home delivery service comes to a sudden halt. Sam’s gardening job lands him in hot water with Michael.


Sam is responsible for a fire at Adam’s house. Shane and Damian’s home delivery business comes to a halt.


Shane discovers Nick deliberately failed him on his driving test. Adam rescues Sam from the blazing house.


Sam has to decide whether or not he wants to be formally fostered by the Ross family.


Tug misinterprets Sarah’s concern for his welfare. Adam says farewell to Summer Bay.


Luke and Roxy decide to bid for the beachhouse. Tug reacts violently when Sarah rejects his romantic overtures.


Tug makes a major decision regarding his future. Roxy and Luke are determined to bid against Irene for the beach house.

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