Episode 397

Australian Air Date: 19th September 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Lance makes a positive decision about his future and Morag receives a terrifying present.

Extended Summary

Marilyn is talking to Danny who she expects to stay in Summer Bay because she enjoys it so much. She then comments on how creased Danny’s shirt is and takes it off him, leaving him just wearing a towel. Lance arrives with some flowers and knocks on the door. Marilyn opens it and then shuts again. Danny walks over and asks Lance if he wants to come in. Lance apologises and leaves again. Marilyn returns with a freshly ironed shirt for Danny and Marilyn explains how Lance wrecked her career.

Carly and Bobby discuss the fact their boat appears to have been welded together in the back room of the diner. Bobby goes to see if Fisher can take it apart.

Celia and Lance are at the store. Celia tells him not to despair about the situation with Marilyn and applauds him for standing up and showing at a fraud Image were. However whilst Celia goes on how about his situation with Marilyn is only a temporary setback, Lance tells her how she’s now got together with Danny.

Fisher has managed to loosen the bolts holding the raft together, but the girls refuse to say who caused it in the first place. Danny walks in and Fisher says that maybe he should go over and talk. Despite Bobby’s protestations, he does.

Marilyn walks into the shop behind dark glasses and a headscarf. Celia can see beyond the disguise and starts berating Morag about her relationship with Danny. Marilyn tells Celia that she’s got it wrong, that she isn’t friends with Danny, Morag is, leaving Celia extremely shocked. Over at the Blaxland Mansion, Morag is trying to get rid of a crickeet when Celia comes a-knocking. Celia tells her to leave the cricket alone and then Celia starts having a go at Morag for having “affections” for young Danny. Morag starts laughing and orders Celia to get out. As Celia leaves, Morag gets a phone call. She answers, but no one answers back. Danny is on a phone at the diner and says nothing before putting the phone down. Morag puts the phone down as well, slightly disturbed. Back at the diner, Danny sits back down and starts to talking to Fisher again.

Over at the surf club, Lance is telling Adam how Marilyn has given him the flick. Adam then says if he thinks that Marilyn is the one for him, then he needs to show it and give her what she wants, which Lance says is getting married and having kids.

Matt comes to the diner and Bobby show him the now empty back room. The girls then take their boat out onto the water, but it doesn’t work particularly well and they find themselves adrift. The boys laugh and walk away. Back at the diner, the girls are a bit dark after what had happened, and Lance, wearing a suit, asks Bobby if he can have the diner after it closes and whether she can make sure Marilyn comes. She says yes.

Danny continues his suspicious ways, organising a reminder call for the mansion.

Marilyn comes to the diner and is surprised to see Lance there instead of Bobby. After some usual stilted conversation from Lance and just as Marilyn is about to leave, he asks Marilyn to marry him. At the mansion, Danny and Morag talk about how Marilyn said yes to Lance when the phone rings. Danny answers it, but says no one was there. Morag is getting worried after the call earlier in the day and walks out. Danny tells his dad that he’s already got her scared, just wait till the morning.

Morag picks up the post the following morning and finds a box of sweets. She opens it and finds it empty, bar a large spider.

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