Episode 35

Australian Air Date: 4th March 1988
UK Air Date: 31st March 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Mandy Smith

An infuriated Lynn lets a cat out of the bag. Meanwhile, Barlow catches Steven and Sandra staying late after school.

First appearance. Catholic minister. Tried to inspire Lynn into coming back to the church

Extended Summary

Father Rawling asks Lynn why she hasn’t been to the church for a while. She says she hasn’t been feeling too well.

Neville is going to visit Floss in the city where she baby-sits Ben.

Lynn tells Father Rawling that she does not believe in God anymore due to the incidents that have happened lately with Nico and her dog, Eric. Also, she almost has said what happened to Carly but stops in the middle of the sentence.

Barlow talks to Tom and he finds out that Steven and Sandra are spending a lot of time together.

Alf gets a letter from Roo she sent from the boarding school. She says she is missing Summer Bay.

Neville visits Floss in Scott’s house and when Ben comes home from school, Neville is ready to run out the back door. He doesn’t seem to want to meet his grandson.

Floss plays computer games with Ben. She tells him that she lives near the beach in Summer Bay. He says he loves beaches. He says he wants to go there to visit but Floss says it’s impossible even though she would love to.

Father Rawling comes to Tom and speaks to him about Lynn giving up her beliefs in God. Tom tells him it’s up to Lynn to believe in what she wants.

Sandra and Steven work on a school project after school hours and she should have been home a while ago. Barlow comes to school. Steven introduces himself, but Barlow is very angry with them. Barlow tells Steven to stay away from Sandra and he pokes Steven with his finger.

Tom accidentally drops a saucepan with food in the kitchen while he is cooking dinner.

Ben gives Floss a small kiss on the cheek and she asks him if he really wants to come with her to Summer Bay and meet some of her friends. He is excited and says yes!

While Lynn is on her way to school on her bicycle, Celia talks to her and tries to convince her to change her mind about believing in God and going to prayer meetings like Lynn used to do. Lynn gets angry and accidentally tells Celia that a man attacked Carly. Celia is shocked. She runs to the phone box.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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