Episode 5049

Australian Air Date: 8th April 2010
UK Air Date: 15th April 2010

Aden and Justin bury the past. Elijah tells Leah the truth about Vinnie. Angelo struggles with life after Charlie.


Written by Justine Gillmer
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Justin and Aden are panicking having just found their father’s body at the accident site. Justin is now seriously considering the possibility that he may have killed his own father. Justin desperately wants to tell the police but Aden has other ideas. Aden has tried to kill dad once before and it’s not going to look good if Justin confesses now. For Aden there is only one solution – bury their father’s body, and bury the problem. They work through the night.

Once they arrive home after the ordeal, Justin is in panic mode while Aden is the voice of reason, directing Justin as to what to do next. With nightmares circling, Justin is tortured both while he’s awake and asleep. The brothers’ worst fears are realised when they get a call from Charlie asking to meet them at the police station. While at the station, Charlie tells them that Larry has been released but hasn’t checked in with his parole officer. The boys lie and tell them they haven’t seen him. But with cuts all over the boys’ hands, and a dubious story from Aden about them trying to go fishing in the night whilst drunk, Charlie and Angelo’s suspicions are raised.

Angelo struggles with adjusting to life without Charlie as his girlfriend. When Angelo seeks advice from Elijah, the tables are turned and Elijah ends up seeking advice from Angelo instead. Angelo’s advice to Elijah is to tell his secret and be honest.

Leah is thrilled that VJ likes Elijah so much, it’s the first time he’s ever liked one of her boyfriends that quickly. Elijah walks VJ to school, and when VJ starts talking about his dad, who he believes is in heaven, Elijah’s guilt surfaces once more with the weight of the secret he carries. Before things get even more serious with Leah, Elijah has decided to tell her his big secret.

As they walk along the beach later than afternoon, Elijah tells Leah that a 18 months ago he was called out to a local hospital where a man had been in an accident. When the man was confessing he talked about his wife and son. Soon after, the man died – that man was Vinnie, Leah’s ex husband. Leah is in disbelief and says that it must have been faked again for the purposes of witness protection. But Elijah is sure, he watched him die with his own eyes. Leah is floored at the loss of Vinnie again.

Elijah is sorry that he took so long to tell her this, and understands if she doesn’t want to see him any more. But Leah isn’t upset with him, and is thankful that Elijah was there for Vinnie at the end. Leah is sad that Vinnie will never get to meet his son, and they discuss whether or not she should tell VJ the truth. Unfortunately VJ has heard the whole thing and realises now that he’s been lied to by his mum – he was told his father was dead but he was alive this whole time. And now that he’s gone, VJ will never get the chance to say goodbye properly.