Episode 5048

Australian Air Date: 7th April 2010
UK Air Date: 14th April 2010

Miles reveals who Rabbit really us, and refuses to let go of her. Annie helps Romeo through his past trauma. Aden and Justin find their father’s dead body at the crash site.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

After seeing Miles talking to no one, Alf and Marilyn approach him asking who he was talking to. Miles is scrambling for a decent explanation, insisting he was simply talking to himself and it’s completely normal. Rabbit tells him that he can’t keep covering for what’s really going on, blocking the stairs until he agrees. When he tries to clamber over her he falls, breaking his ankle in the process. When they later return from the hospital, and with Rabbit’s help, Miles soon comes clean. He tells Alf and Marilyn that he is in fact talking to someone – the ghost of his dead daughter Amber, also known as Rabbit, who died 5 years ago. Miles isn’t quite sure what’s going on, but to him she is real. Marilyn is touched.

Miles explains further that after the Christmas Party he woke up on the beach and standing there was Rabbit. She’s been a permanent fixture in his life ever since, and has been the only thing keeping him sane. Alf is determined to put a stop to this and calls Rachel hoping she can talk sense. Rachel comes over but her chat with Miles yields little success. Alf talks about his visions of Ailsa, but how they were down to a brain tumour. Rachel suggests that Miles should come into the hospital for evaluation but Miles stands firm. Rabbit is real to him, he likes having her around, and no amount of drugs or therapy is going to change that.

Romeo and Annie continue rehearsals in the closed theatre. When talk turns to Romeo’s background the subject of his sister Mink comes up and Annie wants to know more. Romeo reveals that Mink went to prison for killing their step dad. But she was innocent. Romeo tells Annie how guilty he felt at running away from his family when they needed him most. With Romeo now talking about his past, he is pulled into the memory and Annie helps him move through it. With both of them realising their bond is strong and it’s going to be hard if they’re torn apart once more.

Rachel tells Justin the hospital received the blood tests back from the lab. Rachel explains that the blood found on Justin’s shirt belonged to his father, Larry Jefferies. When Aden comes home he insists it can’t be their dad’s blood, saying that he spoke to their dad yesterday. But it’s all a lie and Aden is simply covering for Justin so he doesn’t end up in jail. One phone call to the prison, tells Aden that Larry is no longer in jail and he was paroled. – by Justin. But Larry hasn’t seen his parole officer or checked in with anyone.

Still suffering from temporary amnesia, Justin prays he didn’t do anything to their dad – a few minutes alone with Larry and he’d have wanted to kill him. The boys decide to go out to the crash site to see if they can find any clues. Justin and Aden find the one thing they didn’t want to find – the body of their dead father.