Episode 5047

Australian Air Date: 6th April 2010
UK Air Date: 13th April 2010

Romeo and Annie break into the theatre at school. Alf and Marilyn catch Miles talking to Rabbit. Martha tries to keep her friendship with Liam on track. Elijah struggles with a secret of his own.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

With the drawing of the little girl in her hand, Marilyn questions Miles asking where it came from. Miles has no idea how the drawing came to be on the fridge, but when Marilyn tries to quiz him further, Elijah interrupts them.With very few answers, a concerned Marilyn goes to Alf for help, telling him that on top of everything else she saw Miles graffiting. Alf can’t believe what he’s hearing and wonders whether Marilyn was dreaming, Miles wouldn’t grafitti the vans and he certainly wouldn’t talk to imaginary kids, but she’s adamant that she wasn’t dreaming. When Marilyn tells him of the further developments with Rabbit, he tells her that none of it makes sense. Meanwhile Rabbit is starting to become more prominent in Miles’ life, coming to the point where she’s prompting him as to what to say to people, including his students. Later, Miles scrubs graffiti off one of the vans with Rabbit helping, and for the first time we see fhat Rabbit is not really there. When Marilyn and Alf round the corner, Alf is shocked to find Miles standing at the caravan talking to himself.

Leah talks up Elijah to Irene and its clear Leah is impressed by this new man in her life. Leah wonders if she’ll be introduced to his work colleagues and feels as nervous as she would be meeting his family. Elijah offers to play football with VJ on the beach, and they briefly talk about Vinnie. VJ doesn’t have any memories of him, but with the stories told to him by his family he hopes that one day he will feel like he knew him. With Elijah harbouring the secret that Vinnie is dead, he’s finding it near impossible to play happy families with Leah and VJ. Especially considering his romantic relationship with Leah is moving forward.

Romeo and Annie continue their flirting while rehearsing for the play. When they find the theatre closed for maintenance one afternoon, Romeo decides to break in, that way they can have the theatre all to themselves. Annie is hesitant but Romeo wants her to trust him. She does and finds herself breaking rules just to be with him.

Martha talks to Alf about her problems with Liam. She admits she doesn’t want to lose the friendship and that she does have feelings for him. After talking to Liam it seems like he is happy to continue the friendship. Alf meanwhile is torn apart by the secret he is keeping form her – Hugo is still alive. Angelo insists that he cannot tell her the truth.