Episode 4862

Australian Air Date: 26th May 2009
UK Air Date: 9th June 2009

Roman is trapped in the nightmare that is Gardy. Trey reveals his vulnerability. Someone is supplying Irene with alcohol – but who? Miles is left stranded in shark-infested waters.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Gardy threatens Roman that if he doesn’t do this robbery, people are going to get hurt, and that he will have to live with that on his conscience. Left with no choice, Roman dons the balaclava and he and Gardy hold up the bottle shop. However, just as they’re making their escape, an elderly woman has a heart attack, and Roman stops to give her CPR, only just getting away in time. Kirsty, Geoff and Annie witness Roman running away from the shop, but his balaclava prevent them from recognising him.

Once they’re safely ensconced in the Diner, Roman demands to know why? Gardy reveals he owes a big chunk of change to some serious people and he needs to know Roman will do what it takes when the time comes. Gardy then puts on a good show for Charlie, feigning surprise when she tells them of the robbery. Charlie also confirms that one of the robbers saved a woman’s life, which is some comfort to Roman, who is just managing to keep it together.

After days of being a jerk to Nicole, Trey finally opens up about his body issues and the fact that for most of his life, people have picked on him for being fat. Nicole softens but thinks he needs to deal with the massive chip on his shoulder. They make up, but when Nicole sees Roman at the diner with Gardy, she can’t help being annoyed. Later, Nicole unconsciously holds hands with Trey when talking to Geoff and Annie. They head back to Nicole’s place, and when Roman and Gardy walk in on them kissing, Nicole presumes her dad’s about to blast them. But to her surprise, in spite of how he feels about Trey, Roman encourages the young couple, sending them off. Fuming, Roman then turns to Gardy ordering him gone by morning. Gardy however, threatens Roman right back, including tell the cops that the armed robbery was all Roman’s idea. Roman realises he’s trapped.

Kirsty has taken Geoff and Annie to visit Irene in prison. Kirsty tells Irene that although the police officer she shot is going to be okay, he’s still pressing charges, and no one is buying Irene’s self defence scenario. Irene struggles to keep a brave face, and sending the kids off, Kirsty asks Irene if she’s been drinking? Irene is defensive, of course not, and thinks it’s better if the kids don’t come back. It’s too distressing for all of them. And as Kirsty breaks the news to the mortified kids, Irene lies in jail sobbing. She’s just told her kids to stay away and she’s a mess. The mental torture of the fellow inmates, cackling and shouting to her from the neighbouring cells is getting too much for her. So when an unidentified person pushes a bottle of gin through the bars, she can’t say no, and drinks to numb her pain. Little does she know the person, paying one of the guards to have Irene supplied with alcohol, is Donna, Lou’s ex-wife. But why?

After a full day of searching the waters where Hugo was attacked, the fearless shark hunters haven’t turned up a thing. Miles isn’t coping too well either, the rocking of the boat and the smell of the bait is making him somewhat queasy. It’s now dark, and with no shark to show for their efforts, tempers start to become a little flared. Just then the shark finder goes off, and in the chaos of starting up the boat to chase after what could be their shark, the jolt causes Miles to fall overboard, hitting his head on the way down. Unaware that there’s a man overboard, Alf and Hugo speed off, leaving poor Miles in shark-infested waters, bleeding and terrified for his life…

Scenes cut from episode:
Trey asks Nicole about her holding his hand. Did she do that just to rile her ex? Nicole genuinely denies it, and Trey is pleased.

Alf laments the loss of the Surf Carnival; Hugo’s pretty sure his dive business won’t last; and Miles reckons the Caravan Park will be lucky to still be open by Christmas.