Episode 4535

Australian Air Date: 26th October 2007

Cassie receives some devastating news. Dan’s mistake leaves a student in jeopardy. Tam fears the worst about her mother.

Extended Summary

Having sworn her lapse at the pokies was a one-off, Heather manages to convince Brad to keep the indiscretion a secret. However, finding a job proves more problematic for her. Leah eventually comes to her rescue, offering her a job at the Diner.

Dan is much less sympathetic to Aden, who is complaining of stomach pains. Dan assumes it’s an act to avoid his exam, so sends the troublemaker to his table and prepare to start for the exam. When Aden later collapses in agony, Dan is left racked with guilt – how could he have let this happen?

Meanwhile, Cassie has been counting down the days till her last exam, eager to get on with her life with Henk. Belle, however, is nowhere to be seen when the exam commences.

Cassie is over the moon that her last exam is over and confides in Matilda that she is looking forward to just going away with Henk.

Henk has called on Brad to let him know of his decision that will affect Cassie. Then Henk later seeks out Cassie with some grim news – he’s decided to end their relationship. Brad and Sally rally to support the heartbroken Cassie, and find themselves drawn closer. In the heat of the moment, they share an intimate kiss, unaware that Colleen is watching.

Are Sally and Brad on the road to reconciliation?

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