Episode 4510

Australian Air Date: 21st September 2007

Martha and Irene do their best to run Jonah out of town. Morag outsmarts Jazz, and a disgusted Drew turns his back on his mother forever. Martha is terrified when she becomes trapped in a deserted mineshaft with Jonah.

Extended Summary

Martha is alarmed to see Jonah talking to Annie. Concerned that Jonah is planning to start up the cult again, she goes to Irene and together they decide to mount a campaign to warn the town. Starting with a newspaper ad, they put up fliers and organise a town meeting. Sally tries to offer a voice of reason, pointing out that since he got out of jail, Jonah hasn’t put a foot wrong. But Martha is vehement – she’ll never forget what he did to her and to Tasha. If they trust this man, it’s only going to be a matter of time before someone innocent gets hurt. And it looks like that someone could be Annie. Even though Irene and Martha warn her not to trust Jonah, she can’t help being drawn to him, sensing his gentleness and sensitivity…

Morag calls a meeting with Jazz and Drew, and to Jazz’s horror, Morag discloses that she saw Jazz kissing the director of the nursing home. Jazz tries to cover her shock, pointing out there’s nothing illegal about two consenting adults enjoying each other’s company. Morag agrees, but reports that she’s investigated the nursing home, and confirmed that in fact Mary wasn’t suffering from dementia. Not only that, but the so called “director” is an impostor, which makes everything Jazz has told them – and her claim to the estate – null and void. Drew’s blood is boiling as he listens and he finally snaps, storming out. Belle goes after him, leaving Jazz gutted.

Jazz comes to Drew, begging him to not shut her out of his life completely. “Please, can’t we find some way through this – like you wanted to do before I stupidly chose to contest the will?” But in Drew’s eyes, she’s disgusting and pathetic. “You used sex to get what you wanted – there are words for women like you. Dress it up how you want, but you’re a whore, mum.” Jazz slaps him across the face then crumples. Her heart is broken – she’s lost everything, including her son.

Meanwhile, Bruce fronts Irene at the town meeting, making it clear that if she doesn’t cease causing trouble for Michael, he’ll see to it Annie’s removed from her care as he is the legal guardian. Irene has no choice but to call the meeting off. Martha has decided to take matters into her own hands; she heads out to the farm and starts spraying a derogatory slogan across Jonah’s car. Jonah confronts her – and a terrified Martha bolts off. Jonah decides he can’t let this go. He chases after her, calling for her to stop – but it’s too late. Jonah reacts as he sees Martha going into a disused mineshaft. He enters after her and moments later the entrance is sealed. What is going to happen…?