Episode 4502

Australian Air Date: 11th September 2007

A desperate Sally gambles with Cassie’s future. Jazz struggles to win back Drew. Belle has to choose between compassion and revenge.

Extended Summary

Drew is horrified by the level of his mother’s deception – not only did she know about the Will before coming to Summer bay, she’s also known about her mother’s death for months! Jazz tries to make him understand her motives, but Drew shuts her out. Desperate, Jazz turns to Belle, hoping she might bridge the gap. However, Belle makes her position very clear – there’s no way in hell she’s helping Jazz after what she did to Drew. To make her position blatantly clear, Belle calls Amanda and arranges for Jazz to be evicted. It appears that Jazz has lost everything!

Cassie is stunned to learn Henk has left town without as much as a goodbye. Desperate to save their relationship, she decides to follow him to the city. Weighed down by her worries about Brad, Sally can’t find the strength to talk Cassie out of her plans. Instead, a desperate Sally agrees to drive Cassie to the city, secretly hoping Henk will do the right thing and end their relationship once and for all…

But although Henk tries to do this, Cassie persists and he soon realises he can’t deny his feelings for her any longer. Although he refuses to return to the Bay, he agrees to let her stay. Sally is stunned by the news, but again can’t find the strength to bring Cassie into line.

Sally rushes back to the Bay, hoping to catch Fisher before he leaves for his plane – but she’s too late. Given how much Don means to her, she’s bitterly disappointed. To add insult to injury, Ric bridles over the fact she has returned without Cassie. For him, this is the last straw and he loses his temper, blaming Sally for letting the family fall apart. Sally is left in total despair…