Episode 4355

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2007

Ric’s final hopes of proving his innocence are destroyed. Amanda goes to extreme lengths to protect her relationship.

Extended Summary

It’s the early hours of the morning and Ric is preparing himself for his day in court. Alf is offering his support but is pulled up by Ric’s questioning as to what prison is like. Alf answers honestly but insists Ric has nothing to worry about – after all, he is innocent. Later in the morning, Ric’s family and friends nervously gather in the court as the trial begins. Prosecutor Holly calls on Fitzgerald to present the evidence of Ric’s DNA found on Rocco’s body. Fitzgerald confirms this may have been a result of Ric’s altercation with Rocco the day before Rocco’s death. Ric shoots Matilda a smile – so far so good. But things take a turn for the worse when the Prosecution calls in their next witness. Everyone is horrified as Johnny walks through the door. Johnny proceeds to paint a nasty picture of Ric, stating he was menacing the night he went to visit Johnny in gaol before Rocco’s murder. Unable to hold back any longer, Ric let’s rip on Johnny calling him a liar. The courtroom erupts and Johnny is dragged out but it’s clear this hasn’t helped Ric’s case in the eyes of the Jury.

After a short break, court is back in session and every one is shocked when the Prosecution calls on their next witness – Matilda Hunter. Matilda shares a fearful look as she takes to the stand. Holly rips into her and eventually Matilda begins to crumble. Matilda finally admits Ric said he was going to kill Rocco. She tries to backtrack – but it’s too late. The damage is done. Back at the Summer Bay House, Matilda is apologising profusely for what happened on the stand. Ric insists it’s not her fault – she did nothing wrong. It’s a painful wait until morning, when the trial continues. Back in the court Morag works hard to quell the image of Ric being the aggressive man the Prosecution are portraying him to be. Ric takes to the stand but all Morag’s hard work unravels when Prosecutor Holly reveals to the Jury that Ric was responsible for attacking his father and has a history of violence. Ric slumps, knowing he’s just ruined things for himself.

Tensions are still brewing between Kim and Rachel, following Kim’s allegations that Rachel was the cause of Kit’s condition. Kit senses the trouble between the couple and question Kim on it. She is alarmed to hear Kim feels this way and manages to convince him that Rachel is not at fault. Rachel later returns home and Kim suggests they have a romantic dinner together. Rachel insists this won’t make their problems go away but is happy they are making the effort. Over dinner, Kim apologises and promises to communicate with Rachel and not let Kit and the baby interfere with their marriage. Rachel is relieved and they kiss – their love for one another is reaffirmed.

Everyone gathers again in the court room, waiting nervously for the Jury to deliver their verdict. Ric is feeling utterly dispirited. He and Matilda lock eyes as the verdict is read. But everyone in the courtroom are outraged when Ric is found guilty of murder! Devastated, Matilda breaks down in tears as Ric is led from the courtroom.