Episode 4287

Australian Air Date: 3rd October 2006

Will Ella be saved from the evil clutches of Mumma Rose? Jack and Martha’s marriage problems reach breaking point. Sally is stunned to think Brad and Martha have spent the night together!

Extended Summary

Jack gives a rundown of how they’re going to proceed when arriving at the property where the Believers are based – it’s a potentially highly dangerous situation. Tasha insists that she wants to come, but Jack won’t allow it, promising to bring Ella home safely. Meanwhile, Mumma Rose sings a lullaby to Ella as she dresses her for the ceremony… Tasha paces the station and insists that they go to the property. The others try to dissuade her, but she’s not giving in. Robbie, Irene and Martha have no choice but to follow her. A Believer reports to Mumma Rose that the ceremony is ready to begin. Mumma Rose thanks her as she picks up Ella and carries her out of the room. They move across the yard to the ceremony site, calling for order amongst ‘her children’. As she commences the ceremony with a chant, she’s interrupted by the sirens of police cars pulling up. All try to escape, but the officers are quick to give chase. Mumma Rose slips away with Ella as Robbie pulls up and he, Tasha, Irene and Martha get out. Tasha races through looking for Ella, as Mumma Rose bursts into the house, locking herself in the nursery with Ella. Tasha races around the corner and gasps in fright at what she sees – Mumma Rose is standing on the balcony with Ella in her arms. Everyone rushes around now as Mumma Rose tells them not to move. The only person she’ll speak to is Tasha. Jack tries to stop her, but Tasha heads for the house, everyone is freaking out, their fear rising… Mumma Rose lets Tasha in, locking her in the room with them. Tasha begs her to hand Ella over, but she refuses, insisting Ella belongs with her…

Below, Jack and Fitzgerald have come up with a plan – they move off, leaving Martha and Irene to support the highly worried Robbie. Jack & Fitz creep toward the stairs as Tasha tries to talk Mumma Rose around, but she believes that Tasha brought this situation on herself. Tasha continues to plead with her as Jack and Fitzgerald stand outside the nursery door. Mumma Rose places Ella in the crib as she talks about destiny and the place Ella has in the Believers journey, when she’s interrupted by Jack at the door making a noise – she lunges for Ella, but Tasha dives in as well – a struggle takes place as Jack tries to break down the door. Tasha forces Mumma Rose back and she begins to fall through the window before Tasha realizes what’s happened, Mumma Rose flips over the side and is holding on for dear life. There are screams from onlookers below. She begs for Tasha’s help, suddenly a pathetic, frightened lady. Tasha considers the situation for a beat, before Jack and Fitzgerald rush through and help Mumma Rose to safety. Tasha rushes to Ella, holding her tight. Later at the Station, all are pleased to hear that Mumma Rose is being taken to a maximum security psychiatric facility. Jack then tells Tasha that she did a great job today, before they head home. Robbie asks Tasha if she considered letting Mumma Rose go when she was hanging over the edge? Tasha says she’d do anything to protect her daughter…

Martha’s wandering along, lost in thought, when she meets up with Jack. Both are tentative, then Jack makes a remark about it being a hell of a day. Martha reacts, with a pointed comment about Jack and Fitzy making a good team. Initially Jack doesn’t pick up on it, until Martha makes another comment which indicates she suspects there’s something going on between the pair. Jack’s annoyed at this. He can’t believe she thinks there’s something going on. Martha calmly points out that he’s been spending a great deal of time with her outside of work, so can he really blame her for wondering. Jack dismisses her reasoning – she actually believes he’d be with someone else?! Martha reckons he’s just turning it around to make her look like she’s in the wrong – given the events of last week where he was in the wrong. Jack is exasperated with yet another accusation from her. He isn’t going to apologise again. As far as he’s concerned re: knowing about Macca and Cassie, he did what he felt was right – so if she can’t deal with that then he’s not going to bother with her. He moves off, leaving Martha seething.

Sally helps Brad with the final school budget report, before closing the folders. Brad thanks her for helping him catch up and looking after the school while he’s been dealing with everything. They share a warm smile, Brad gets a little flustered and tries to hide it. Sally suggests they go and grab some lunch, she’ll meet him outside. As soon as Sal moves out, Brad slumps, clearly tormented about something. At the Diner, Sally and Brad have a laugh over coffee. Leah remarks they’ve been there quite a while – they’ve lost track of time, hours have passed. Brad offers to walk Sal home. When they arrive, he hands over one of her folders – their hands touch and they lock eyes – both taken by surprise. Brad immediately hurries out, Sally calls after him, concerned. Brad moves into the bar, burying his head in his hands when he hears ‘one of those days?’ – he turns to see Martha having a drink on her own after fighting with Jack. The pair get drunk together, chatting away, when Sal wanders in, sees him with Martha, laughing and heads out. The next day, Sally wanders towards the Diner and is stunned to see Martha emerge from the Diner apartment wearing yesterday’s clothes. Brad appears a moment later and the pair exchange and intimate looking embrace, before she scurries down the stairs. Sally watches the scene in absolute shock!