Episode 4225

Australian Air Date: 7th July 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: David Gould

Rachel’s self destructive behaviour leads to a vicious showdown with Leah. The community gathers to farewell Peter with a heartfelt memorial service. Cassie and Ric reunite as they create a birthday surprise for Alf.

Extended Summary

Leah and Sally are finishing with the preparations for Peter’s memorial when Dan arrives home looking completely stunned. Dan reveals Andrew Curtis is, in fact, Peter’s son! Dan tries to come to terms with the revelation but is saddened by the thought he may never know why Peter kept this secret for so many years. Dan goes to Amanda’s to drop off some of the food for the memorial. As he brings Amanda up to speed on the action filled morning he has had, it is clear she knows more than expected. Amanda tells Dan that Peter had once confided in her that he discovered only a few years ago his high school sweetheart had fallen pregnant – only when Andrew was 12, did Peter discover he was his father! It was then that Peter started paying money to send Andrew to boarding school but Andrew was not interested in having any sort of relationship with Peter. Dan reels over the new insight but is saddened by the thought he must now tell Andrew that his father is dead.

Dan nervously waits in the boarding school. He is overwhelmed when he comes face-to-face with Andrew, who wants to be called “Drew”. Dan talks about Peter but Drew expresses no emotion when he receives the news his father is dead and in a very matter of fact way tells Dan not to bother – as far as he’s concerned, he’s not interested in his father. Dan is deeply saddened by Drew’s lack of emotion but informs him of Peter’s memorial and with that, moves off. Once Dan is out of sight, Drew slumps – he’s clearly more affected by Peter’s death than he has been letting on.

Peter’s loved ones and colleagues gather for his memorial. Dan delivers a heartfelt eulogy and talks of the ups and downs he shared with his brother but how he will be dearly missed by the whole community. Everyone is overwhelmed with emotion as they farewell their beloved friend. As the wake continues, Dan moves around the room chatting with those close to Peter. Drew is standing in the doorway. Dan is surprised to find Drew there but before he has the chance to talk, Drew does a 360 and takes off. Dan is buoyed by Drew’s attempt to make contact and decides to return to the boarding school to talk to Drew. Dan is filled with hope as he arrives to see Drew but his spirits are instantly deflated when he discovers Drew has packed up his things and left school. Dan is stunned – how will he find Drew now?

Cassie and Ric are saddened by the thought Alf will miss out on celebrating his birthday. Alf insists it would inappropriate with everything else that has been happening in the community. But Ric and Cassie come up with the idea to create a collage of pictures of the family. The fond memories come flooding back as they stand in front of their gift for Alf. Their eyes lock and it leads to the inevitable, as Ric and Cassie move together for a kiss. Later, the couple talk of the possibility of giving their relationship another go and they couldn’t be happier. Sally and Alf arrive home with little Pippa and together they gather around as Alf opens his gift. Alf is overwhelmed by the gesture and together they are bonded by the recent tragedies they have endured as a family.

Meanwhile, Rachel continues on her path of self-destruction. As she groggily wanders into the kitchen she is confronted by Leah holding up an empty bottle of sleeping pills, she has just discovered in the bin. Leah insists she can’t keep drinking and taking pills to conceal her pain but Rachel snaps back and warns her to keep out of it. Later, Rachel becomes desperate when she can’t find another bottle of pills. She is sure Leah has hidden them and in her drunken and irritable state, lashes out at Leah. Rachel lunges for her car keys, determined to go and find them somewhere else. Leah panics, insisting she is too drunk to drive but Rachel pushes past her and races from the house. Uh-oh…is Rachel about to find herself in serious danger?

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