Episode 4094

Australian Air Date: 17th November 2005
UK Air Date: 4th May 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Sally struggles to come to terms with Flynn’s heartbreaking decision. Martha fears for Tasha’s safety as her association with The Believers deepens.

Extended Summary

Sally’s putting away the laundry when she discovers the vials of morphine in Flynn’s bedside drawer. She pulls it out and stares at them and the realisation of what Flynn’s been thinking suddenly hits home. Sally’s stunned. Meanwhile, Robbie and Tasha are saying their farewells when Jonah arrives to see her. He’s also got some great news – the commune is moving to Mangrove River (close by). Tasha can hardly believe her ears – so you guys are moving here? Robbie and Tasha are saying goodbye to Jonah as he heads out the door. Robbie thinks that will be great for the commune – it’s a pity they won’t be hanging out with them in the city now. Tasha wonders if maybe they’re making the wrong decision about moving to the city. Maybe they should stay in the Bay. Robbie is troubled when he hears this and pulls Tasha up – hang on a tic, you told me last week that Jonah and the group wasn’t the reason for moving to the city – but now you want to stay in Summer Bay because of them? Tasha shakes her head – it’s not like that. But it sounds like that to Robbie. Tasha assures him it isn’t – it’s just not their time to move yet.

Martha, Robbie and Tasha arrive at ‘the farm’ to check out the commune. Jonah approaches and tells Tasha that Mumma Rose has arrived (the matriarch of the commune). Mumma Rose makes her entrance – a warm, woman who immediately turns to Tasha – and you must be Tasha. Mumma Rose is charming and lovely and Robbie is immediately comfortable with her – but Martha eyes her warily. She gives them a tour of ‘the farm’. Martha looks over to the tent (that Jonah claims is for storage) and sees someone coming out of it. She gets a momentary glimpse inside and notices candles and lanterns. Martha is bemused – why has Jonah lied to them? Meanwhile, Tasha gets a moment alone with Jonah. She has filled him in on their plans to stay in Summer Bay – and they intend to get their apartment back.

Sally confronts Flynn – planning on leaving us, are you? Flynn explains he wasn’t planning do it now – later maybe, when things started to get really bad for him – but Sally can’t believe he’d make a decision like this, especially after his attitude towards Floss. Flynn admits that for the first time yesterday, he understood how his mother was feeling when she asked him to help her die. Sally moves off – she needs some air, some time to process all of this. She heads out the front door, leaving Flynn reeling – what has he done? Alf is fishing on the beach when Sally approaches. As soon as he sees the look on her face, he knows something is wrong and holds her close as she breaks down and cries. Poor Sally… Flynn is alone at home and sits in silent thought. Sally returns and tells Flynn that she understands why he came to that decision and why he wants to do it. She also understands that it’ll make Flynn feel better to have a ‘back up plan’ (to take his own life). And although Sally doesn’t say she’ll accept it, she takes the vials from her pocket and puts them back into the drawer. Tears welling, Sally sits down with Flynn and they kiss, holding each other tight…

Jonah enters the tent in question – the one that Rose claimed was for storage. Rose is huddled over something and we can’t see what it is. She tells Jonah that today went well. Jonah was right, Tasha is perfect. But they can’t afford to have that Robbie and Martha hanging around – they’ll only get in the way. Jonah assures Rose he’ll take care of it. Rose turns to Jonah and takes him by the hand. She’s spent ten years searching for her, and now she’s finally found her. She takes a step back and we see what she’s standing in front of – a small shrine, surrounded by candles – and in the middle of it – a sketch of Tasha! Oh my God – what are these people planning?!

Guest Cast



First episode. Leader of ‘the Believers’ commune whose secret obsession with Tasha belied a sinister motive.

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