Marilyn feels lost and needs a new purpose in life. How will Ben shake the black dog of depression? Justin learns how awful things were for Ava at home. Robbo makes a shocking discovery.


Thanks to Alex, Mason gets a second chance. Robbo’s need for justice for his family gets complicated. Ben’s mental health struggles reach breaking point.


Colby pushes Robbo to the limit in his quest for answers. Mackenzie struggles with her uncertainty about Colby. Alex diagnoses Ben, and Maggie fears he no longer trusts her.


An overworked Colby struggles to save his relationship with Mackenzie. Is Dean’s past the key to helping Ben’s future? Bella wants revenge on Mackenzie.


Willow and Dean struggle to make a vengeful Bella see sense. Justin intervenes when Ava is caught between her parents separation. Alex helps a nervous Mason on his first day at the hospital.

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