Raffy reaches breaking point when the only thing keeping her afloat abandons her. Simone causes problems in Ziggy and Brody’s marriage. Justin bears the brunt of Raffy’s mounting problems.


Colby deceives Chelsea in his quest to find Bella, but it’s not the happy family reunion he expected. Justin gets to the bottom of Raffy’s unhappiness.


Colby and Dean’s rescue attempt grows fraught with danger. Alf intervenes when Ben and John look set to spill blood. Willow and Chelsea grow closer but clash over how to help the boys.


How long can Colby and Dean hide the truth? A chipper John acts as a hindrance and a distraction as Ben constructs a workspace in the Surf Club for the Board Shop.


Tori is ready to implant the second embryo – but is Robbo on the same page? Colby finally gets through to Bella but jeopardises his relationship with Chelsea in the process.


Mason passes his exams and the Morgans throw a celebratory BBQ. Tori is distressed over Robbo’s choice to stop IVF and makes a decision.


Ziggy tries and fails at playing cupid. Roo gets some disappointing news from Maggie. Ryder steps up to help Raffy with her assignment.