Episode 4787

Australian Air Date: 10th February 2009
UK Air Date: 24th February 2009

A new friend helps Melody find her way as Miles continues his desperate search. Is Ruby and Xavier’s secret relationship about to receive a blow?


Written by Alan Hardy
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Melody didn’t get much sleep on her first night on the streets of Melbourne. Archie wonders just how bad Melody had it back home – after all most street kids feel safer sleeping under a bridge than they ever did at home. The pair head to the markets where Archie steals some food, and unbeknownst to Melody, some cash. Archie spots a uniformed policeman and thinking they are looking for him he takes off with Melody tailing behind wondering what is going on. Little does Archie know the policeman is one of Charlie’s colleagues who has taken Charlie and Miles there to look for Melody.

As Archie and Melody flee, Miles catches sight of Melody but it’s too late, she has gone and she didn’t see them. Archie tells Melody about the money and hands half of it over to her, suggesting she buys a ticket to go back home. As he does, the street kid he stole from and his gang of thugs, grab Archie as he yells to Melody to run and with hesitation Melody tears off leaving a loyal Archie to face the heavies.

After spotting Melody at the market, Miles is adamant he will now stay in Melbourne until he finds her. On another note, Charlie and Miles agree that their kiss last night shouldn’t have happened and put it down to emotions running high. Charlie decides to stay with Miles to help him – as friends. Archie tells Charlie’s cop friend that he has been with Melody and that he thinks that she was going to the rail station. Having checked out the station Miles and Charlie are walking along when Miles has a sudden thought – Melody may have gone into a nearby church. Miles soon finds her there sitting in a pew and is overcome with relief. Tearful and emotional Melody is comforted to be safe in Miles’ caring arms after the dramas of the last couple of days. Melody is coming home and there is nothing either of them would like more.

Back in Summer Bay, Ruby and Xavier are having secret meetings but are caught by Leah who is not impressed, knowing that Charlie has banned them from seeing each other altogether. Ruby is curious as to why Xavier’s phone keeps ringing and she sees that a girl called Freya has been calling him. Xavier reveals that Freya is the ex-girlfriend he has just split with. Ruby doesn’t like it but has no choice but to accept it. But as Ruby and Xavier are enjoying some quiet time together there is a knock at the door. It’s Freya… and Xavier is gob-smacked!

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