Episode 4616

Australian Air Date: 14th April 2008
UK Air Date: 22nd May 2008
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: David Gould

Ric’s tasted victory, and he’s hungry for more. Could Jack and Martha be guilty? Morag is on the case, and she knows the truth.

Extended Summary

As the sun comes up, Ric arrives back from the fight, dropped off by Noel. Face bruised, he’s looking a little worse for wear, but he won the fight, and he’s flying on the adrenaline. As Ric turns to go, Noel asks when Ric wants to fight again. Thinking of Matilda, Ric says he’s not interested, but it’s clear that a part of him dearly wants to get back in the ring. When Matilda sees Ric’s condition, she’s horrified, and still believing Ric was out with Drew in the city, assumes they got into a fight, an excuse Ric is only too happy to pounce on. When he hands over his share of furniture money, Miles is naturally curious about where it came from, but buys the lie that Ric and Drew actually went to the casino, and agrees not to tell Matilda. It seems Ric has gotten away with it all perfectly, but the rush of the fight has left him on edge, desperate for more, and his degree of eagerness to solve things with violence is uncharacteristic, even for him.

Though against Rachel’s better judgement, Jack feels he is ready now to talk to the police, and insists he do so. Tony is equally worried that Jack’s not in the right state of mind, asking that he at least wait until they get a lawyer. But Jack refuses, insisting he’ll be fine, and unable to stop him, Tony joins him in the interview. Jack manages to avoid the traps in Ross Buckton’s questions, but he can’t avoid the alcohol induced holes in his own story, and it doesn’t look good. Ross Buckton is already convinced that Jack and Martha murdered Sam, and he’s only waiting on some forensic evidence before he arrests them both. Tony can’t believe it when, straight after the interview, Jack wants to call Martha, but again, Jack won’t be stopped. When she arrives, Tony tries to make Martha see reason, but again fails. And just as Jack and Martha finish their conversation, Ross Buckton arrives. The forensic tests have come back, and he’s there to arrest Martha.

The rift continues between Colleen and Morag, and when Irene forces Colleen to go and make up, Morag isn’t interested. She meant every word she said, and in any case she’s busy trying to prove Martha’s innocence, especially after the damage Colleen did in her interview with Ross Buckton. After speaking to a fisherman, she next offers to drive Geoff into the city to visit Rory. Geoff’s stoked, and when Morag finally reveals her ulterior motive – she needs Geoff to find out if Sam visited Rory, and suspects he might confess to a friend where he didn’t to the police – he agrees to help.

It turns out she was spot on, Sam did indeed visit her son before she was murdered, but hurt by what she’d done, he turned her away. Finally, on hearing of Martha’s arrest, and with all the pieces of the puzzle together in her mind, Morag heads straight to the police station to speak to Ross Buckton. The two exchange tense words as Morag tells him he’s got it all wrong, but he’s not interested in her opinion until she reveals that she knows who really killed Sam.

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