Episode 4589

Australian Air Date: 6th March 2008
UK Air Date: 14th April 2008
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Has Aden met his match in Bartlett? Will Tom’s final prediction come true? Miles takes the final step and moves on from his past.


Extended Summary

Having finally pulled his life together after his breakdown in the wake of the tsunami that took the lives of his wife and child, Miles is yet to conquer his fear of the ocean. But with help from Sally, he finally overcomes his phobia, stepping into the water and shedding tears of grief as the past is put to rest.

As Bartlett holds the school on Saturday detention, he makes it known that this will continue to happen until Aden changes his behaviour, and the tactic is working, Aden’s peers are turning against him. On Roman’s advice, Aden suggests a plan to Bartlett, which will make them both look good. Bartlett announces to the school that Aden has apologised and will do five days suspension in exchange for letting the rest of the school off detention. The plan works, everyone’s happy, and Aden regains some of his popularity.

Sally confides in Pippa that Tom told her during her near death experience that a chance to leave the Bay would arise, and she should take it. Pippa is sceptical, but when Sally receives a call from the Department of Education, relocating her from her job as principal to a desk job in the city, she’s worried that this is what Tom was speaking of. Losing her job as principal is devastating enough, but is this all her future holds for her, a tedious desk job?

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