Episode 4463

Australian Air Date: 18th July 2007

It’s been a long, sleepless night and nerves are on edge as Leah, Sally and Martha face the morning. Who will make it home alive and who is missing at sea?

Extended Summary

It’s been a long, sleepless night and nerves are on edge as Leah, Sally and Martha face up to the reality that one of their men won’t be coming home. The women stand in a huddle on the jetty, all supporting each other, holding hands, and craning their heads to see as the rescue boat comes in. As they get closer, Leah’s face is the first to light up with relief – she can see Dan! Martha’s heart catches as she sees Alf on deck: “Grandad’s all right!” Cassie: “And Ric – Ric’s there!” Sally, Pippa and Rachel strain to see Brad, while Martha is looking for Jack. And then, as the boat draws nearer, Brad emerges from under the canopy with a solemn expression and Sally’s heart beats again. But even as Rachel sags with relief, Martha says it quietly. “It’s Jack… Jack’s not there.” They all turn to look at her with pity and reach out, but she doesn’t notice them – she just goes forward to the boat, blind to the joyful reunions around her.

Finally, she turns to Alf: “What happened to Jack? Where is he?” Alf is bemused. “Jack wasn’t on the boat, love – he got a phone call before we left – it was some emergency.” He’s not even finished as an ecstatic Martha streaks down the boat wharf and away, desperate to find Jack. What she doesn’t know is that Jack is in the city – at the bedside of Sam. Sam walked out of his life some months ago, but he was the first person a panicking Rory called when Sam had an accident and broke her leg. Sam is clearly happy to see Jack again, but her life hasn’t changed – she’s still on the run from her ex-husband and because of that she refuses to let Jack back into her life. Jack argues that she has to let him look after her, at least until her leg heals. Sam hesitates – what will she decide?

Meanwhile Sally’s relationship with Brad is strained. They both know they have to tackle the mess of their engagement but an exhausted Brad shuts down when Sally tries to talk to him. Sally is wondering whether they can survive as a couple – but Martha is full of hope as she fronts up to Jack’s house and knocks on the door. She’s overjoyed when Jack answers, but before she can tell him what she’s come here to say – that she loves him – Jack lets her know that Sam has returned a poor Martha has no choice but to hide her shock and dismay. She knows that Jack had strong feelings for Sam – so what does this mean for the future of their relationship?

The future of another relationship is decided when Sally tries to explain why she rejected Brad’s proposal. She makes it clear that all those reasons meant nothing when she thought she had lost him – she would have given up everything in an instant to have him safe and sound at home with her. Brad has listened with growing hope and lightness. Is she now saying what he thinks she’s saying? Sally nods, tearful. If the offer is still open, she’d give him a different answer. Brad gets a burst of joyful energy he takes both of her hands and gently says ‘Sally, will you marry me?’ Sally accepts and there’s a tearful, laughing, happy kiss. They’re engaged! And she hangs onto him for dear life. Thank God she has him back.

Through all this, we haven’t seen Lucas. But the last scene takes us inside the point of view of someone staring through a lit window. A woman we recognise as Naomi walks past the window, preparing for bed. She comes back towards the blinds, as it’s revealed that it’s Lucas who is watching her. Is Lucas stalking Naomi?