Episode 4371

Australian Air Date: 12th March 2007

Martha gets more than she bargained for at the Rocket Club. Brad is lovingly accepted into the Summer Bay family.

Extended Summary

Martha arrives for her first shift at the Rocket Club. She is greeted by Cindy, the bar manager, and it doesn’t take long to realise Cindy isn’t going to make it an easy night for her. The curtains on the stage open up and Martha is shocked to see a number of scantily clad dancers. Cindy clocks Martha’s reaction and comments on the fact Cam obviously forgot to mention what kind of bar it actually was. Cindy insists if Martha’s not up to it, then she should just leave – but Martha’s determined to prove to Cindy she’s no kind of push over and returns to work the next day. Steve, an inebriated and sleazy customer begins to give Martha a hard time – until eventually she snaps, throwing a drink in his face.

Cindy shows a new found respect for Martha after she stands up for herself. It looks as though the shift will finish on a brighter note when Martha goes to put the rubbish out – only to discover Steve outside waiting for her. He moves towards her threateningly and she yells out for help Cam appears and saves Martha from Steve’s advances. Cam later takes Martha home Martha begins to panic as Steve menacingly grabs hold of her. Suddenly, Cam appears and shoves Steve away from Martha, who’s clearly shaken from the ordeal. Martha questions Cam about why he didn’t tell her that his business is a strip club. Cam has all the right answers and assures her that nothing like her experience with Steve will ever happen again. Cam takes Martha home unsettled, Martha seems to accept what she has let herself in for.


Meanwhile, Sally comes home after working back late to find Brad cooking and interacting well with the family. Ric makes a joke about Brad and Sally’s secretive relationship. Later, Sally proposes that Brad move in with them. Brad warms to the idea and when they put it to the rest of the house in a family meeting – the decision is unanimous. Brad is now one of the family.