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I don't like Greg at the moment either he needs to stop picking on Tug. Sarah and Tug make a cute couple

Glad Angel has finally arrived its a bit sad though her meeting Shane and knowing what happens to him. On that note him wanting to a buy a motor bike. I'm sure if Nick, Fisher or/and had a crystal ball they'd try and stop him buying that motor bike

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If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log

Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air

Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:

Agree love Adam, no matter what goes wrong for him he always ends up smiling at the end. He was such a great character i've always hoped for a return in someway for him even as a guest but really cant seen it happening as he didn't leave on the best of terms and there's not really a connection to the bay anymore.

He did return for a guestie in 1999 which was quite fun.

I remember him being portrayed as a bit of a baddie or a bit ruthless with regards to opening Bonza Burger and taking business away from the Diner, albeit with comical. Was he a bit too big for his boots? I'd like to watch his return again because I'd probably appreciate it a lot more second time round. But I can hardly remember anyone actually welcoming him back though - other than perhaps Sam surprisingly (after an initial resentment?). I remember they had an interesting conversation about Bobby in the Diner.

Adam would know Irene, Marilyn, Roo and Alf if he was to return. I think he's the type of character who could actually return without any real reason, simply because he lived there in the past. I wonder how he'd be written if he returned now though, considering the current format.

Bringing back Adam would be great especially due to his connections and significance of the show in the early years.

I also agree that Adam is one of those types of characters that could easily slot back into the show without a specific reason due to the nature of his character as being laid-back and relaxed about things. Imagine if he worked for Alf at the bait shop :P

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I’m finding it interesting to see how Angel was brought into the show and her backstory. I don’t remember any of this, such as hearing her talking about her mother and her ambitions of becoming a writer in Paris. I also had forgotten that Pippa and Sally had so much to do with her settling into Summer Bay. Melissa George is so cute, I really appreciate the hippy style they gave to her, she’s such a 90’s character.

I agree about Greg, he can be irritating sometimes (good viewing though). Bobby's such a great role model - I wish she was still in the show.

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So Greg bent to the pressure and decided to give Tug another chance. He was just about the only one who had a problem with him. Everyone else thinks Tug is getting better.

I guess Dale's death is coming up soon

And I like Angel I also don't remember her arrival either. I was thirteen at the time. :P

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I always remembered Angel wanting to live with Pippa when she first arrived (is this the first time ever Pippa has said no? I almost fainted with shock even though I knew it was coming!! :o :o :o ). But this is why I like that Angel eventually lives with Pippa when her house is destroyed in 1996 (and they both become close through their mutual being widowed - see my avatar!). It's like her character comes full circle by that point, with Pippa finally being there for her like she was unable to before.

And it's funny, I'd also always vaguely remembered something about Angel wanting to be a writer. But then I always figured my memories were just getting Angel and Shannon muddled. Nice to know I was right after all. It's strange how this aspect of Angel's character is dropped and then given to Shannon.

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I'm not watching as I'm in the UK but I'm following this thread. Why did Pippa say no to Angel? Was it space? Money?

(... youtube)

She said they didn't have space but when Angel said she could stay in a caravan, Pippa explained what she meant was with Damien, Finlay, Sally, plus Chris and Dale, she simply didn't have the energy to look after anybody else.

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Well, I've finally made it to 1215.That was a long 25 episodes marathon in about two weeks.

So...Tug and Sarah.I don't mind them but it feels a bit too plot-motivated rather than character-motivated, as if someone said "What can we do to soften Tug?I know, there's pair him up with the show's resident Nice Girl."Actually, it's worked quite well;there are times when they feel a bit young but since it's Sarah's first relationship that makes sense.I found my sympathies shifting at times over the tensions at the beach house:A lot of the time Greg was coming down on Tug too hard but at others Tug overreacted to genuine grievances and Bobby seemed a bit too keen to take his side.It was interesting to see Bobby and Adam briefly aligned in the pro-Tug camp.Anyway, hopefully after Greg's epiphany it'll settle down a bit.Incidentally, Ailsa was very hard on Tug to start with, especially when she blamed him for Sarah's asthma attack, which I think is the biggest argument against her having gone soft by this point.

And the arrival of Angel! Despite her iconic status, I've always felt she's one of these characters whose personality traits and back story got altered at a whim to suit the storyline, so it'll be interesting to play close attention.I'd almost forgotten about her wanting to be a writer, probably because the show had by the end of 1994:It plays a part in a storyline earlier that year but I'm not sure if it's referenced after that.So at this point she's been living with her mother, who didn't pay her much attention, and has an idyllic image of her father.I've an odd feeling it's the other way round a couple of years later

once Frankie is introduced and then quickly forgotten about again.And of course there's the teen pregnancy revelation at the end of the year, which never makes much sense when you stop and think about it.

Actually, I missed Angel's first episode first time round, so had no idea she was the girl Shane was complaining about until Damian found her in the house.(Funny historical sidebar:ITV was a day out of the original blocks in those days-I know because I always missed the show on Wednesday but it's the Tuesday episodes I haven't seen-so she didn't appear again until the following week.)

I was trying to work out when Nathan went to jail but didn't realise that was Irene's departure.

Must have been a short sentence compared to the next one.

I'm surprised that, after that emotional farewell, they built up a return by Blake that obviously wasn't happening, then made Blake such a heel by having him break his promises to Fin just because he met someone else, and apparently he considers a girl he's just met enough to abandon Alf, Ailsa and Roxy for as well.(Not that they seem to care except maybe Alf: Ailsa seemed solely concerned about the effect on Fin, surprising given the way she acted like she'd had her heart torn out last time he moved to the city, and Roxy's had no reaction at all.)

I'm slightly worried about what direction they're taking Nick:Since the show abruptly abandoned his romance with Roxy, he's mainly existed to service Shane's storylines.What felt like a week of him trying to get Shane to join a football team wasn't exactly thrilling viewing.As for Luke and Roxy, there's a touch of Nick and Lou before Ryan came back about them.They work okay with other characters but they're not really strong enough to carry so many scenes on their own.

Nearly getting arrested aside, the dance must be the first thing Adam's organised that went off without a hitch.Not that it's done him much good, as he's now selling encyclopedias with Shane as his latest accomplice.By the way, anyone see Josh Quong Tart as the pool player Shane got into a fight with? I suppose it could be the same character that he played...well, the previous year actually. Gosh, it seems longer ago than that.

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