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  1. Couldn't help but laugh at Barnett's take on homosexuals. That is in line with how the character would be. Father AND Daughter playing away, jeez. So Dennis (We know what you did there) Rocks up... Interesting. Maz, I think it's time you stop working with those beauty chemicals with the door closed.
  2. Aneurysm or not, Red, that was pure Leah/Ada! Anyhooooo.... That little story seems believable of Karen. There's gonna come a point where a guard follows Jas to the Khazi and she's all like "Do you mind?!"
  3. More Morgan marital tension... Mazza coming to the bay but with Lucini on the loose, is this a good idea? Alf and Debra playing a DANGEROUS game. Another bloke drops into Pip's life. Haydn's gonna look like a flipping Pizza if he keeps on!
  4. Eventually. But she'd have to do more than flip linen, take bookings or Hold down the fort for Leah and Irene.
  5. Frank needs to be careful before he winds up being made into... Franks! The kind they serve at Baseball stadiums Mazza wakes up in more ways than one but she needs to get away from Ben like last year! That Karen/Adam scene just seemed so believable and most likely she'd have shortened her dress a bit to catch his eye! Bobby had a RIGHT explosion!
  6. You're forgetting this is "You're not too sick for your HSC!" Leah Patterson!
  7. Not being funny but I thought he'd died ages ago. He outlived his successor Don Battye who was far younger than he was. He will be missed, So much creativity came from his pen.
  8. "Mr Dead Meat" Yes, I'm going to straight to hell for chuckling at that. Sounds like the name of an Adult Swim Cartoon! Jesus, it never rains but it pours with Raffy. If it's not Leah or Irene the writers are chewing on, it's her I don't think I could feel entirely sorry for Carter if that's what they're building to.
  9. Frank best mind he don't get fitted with Concrete boots! He is in schtook up to his neck! Colleen working at the diner, light years ahead of on-screen
  10. ^ The above was late 1996 into early 1997. Yes, They left it Ambiguous about Gabe's fate but given his love of the drink, if he didn't die in that episode, he most likely would have about a week later.
  11. What I meant to say. Ben is basically a powder keg. Instead of the board it could have been patron at Salt which would have exacerbated his legal mire. Sometimes people get so angry they want to smash the nearest thing or person in their proximity.
  12. Character evolution, We're all used to seeing Palmer play the clown but him being the voice of reason is a nice change. If Ben did that to a surfboard, imagine what he'd do to a *person*. Mags was at her wits end and had little option, Not saying Ben is a wifebasher but things could have easily gone that way on another show (looking in the direction of Squares in East London or Villages in Yorkshire) or with a different writing team. Maybe space will give them time. I thought Robbo would have ended up kicking seven bells out of the heavy bag. Was thinking during the Raffy scene "Maz has her HSC despite getting it later in life! And the diner isn't the be all and end all for her!" But I understand her frustration
  13. Was expecting Alf to have really blown his stack "You galahs better get movin' before you feel the force of my size 9!" "I see you round here again, I'm sendin' in the Wallopers!". so and so forth. He was moderately restrained, then again he's in 70s and one more flame could be his last! Am I the only one who thinks Ryder runs kind of weird (granted he was loaded down with beer) but still! Doesn't anyone ever KNOCK?! Also Colby was needing a slap. Maggie and John seem to have to quiet unspoken dynamic of understanding, she was pretty sympathetic to him when the Astoni's bowled up and heard about the Arson.
  14. For some reason, Colleen's theatrical crying would actually work until Alf told her to get a grip and then she chuckles through the tears going "That's exactly what Morag would say. As for Don, I wanted him to come back during the Maz electro-amnesia arc and cause some unease with Jett and John but assuring them he's only there to help Marilyn, no hidden agenda.
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