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  1. The trailers seem like this show may be worth watching again. Can't speak for Red, but I'm guessing Six of one "Flamin' Palmer, he'd talk the hind leg off a donkey!" !
  2. Craig/Jonathan going for it again... Yikes. Alf , you dirty dog. Both Bobby and Carly haunted by past loves.
  3. Interesting, they'd have had religious whackos before but given how dangerous the Bay is these days, it could really culminate in something BIG.
  4. Sarge taking an interest in Debra? Ooh. And Alf isn't liking it one bit! Nice early years-esque moment with Stevo/Bobby.
  5. Is it me or is Mason sporting some kind of 70s look akin to a Pop Star/Tennis player of that time period?
  6. 6pm show. If I miss it by going out I normally stream catchup on My 5 from the C5 site or DL from Sky + later on.
  7. Sutherland Twin Mix up still boils my blood to this day! Then again that family had a lot of people wanting to take a pistol to the screen!
  8. Hey, Wooden gets you to Hollywood. Worked for Hemsworth and others, didn't it? If only Sal had learned that in '99!
  9. As the backstory notes, He kept the house nice as a tribute to Martha but let the park go to crap and the McPhees were his only permanent tenants.
  10. Well, she still visits them by all accounts and was last heard to have mended things with Alex who she cast out a decade earlier over the drug stuff.
  11. Bella, Bella Bella... Oh man. I actually wanna see where THIS goes!
  12. There's only one image DMs cook up for most folk Ah, let's not forget that Raffy is still kind of a "girly girl" in the mould of Jade, etc before her but still under any other principal she'd probably be pulled up for it.
  13. Bro code don't mean jack in soaps lol
  14. Looks like Debs is biting heads off left, right and centre!
  15. God, Mrs Gibson, the bitch! One character who didn't need to be left alive in this Universe!
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