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  1. I'd rather they dusted off some Classics but the ones people WANT to see and HAVEN'T seen 20x before.
  2. Soldier Boy's gone over the line.
  3. Colleen would have been struck dumb like she was that time with the lightning!
  4. This Virus can suck it but if it has to be, it has to be.
  5. Any new family that bowls up seems to have someone chasing them!
  6. It was a sweet affair but ultimately overshadowed with all the other tosh. Nice Roo was there, I get the feeling she was the reason for their original marriage given how lucky Alf was back in the day! Had Cornelia not died, Morag probably would have been there standard and talking about how fate has gifted them another chance, though that would be more Celia. I did chuckle when Alf told Jade to basically hit the bricks and threatened to dash Nik out if he didn't have a drink and a piece of cake I was gonna write a short fanfic around the wedding and Alf and Duncan butting heads again but have shelved it. It would have also included a 50th Birthday celebration for Maz, a Robbo/Tori/Jas "compromise" and also, Dean unravelling and exposing Colby, also some RydElla lovin'. *awaits Red to dissect Friday's ep* Here are the scissors. Go nuts .
  7. I'm guessing the body is generally privately cremated or buried with only close family attending, while others attend the service. Sort of like on Neighbours post-plane crash where only Harold and Sky attended David's burial (as his body was the only one of the Bishops that was found)
  8. He did get busted outside SBP peddling stuffed Bunyips in a trenchcoat and hat no less... so you have a point!
  9. Grief-induced visions are nothing new for this show. Jack/Martha Jr, Blake/Meg and countless others.
  10. I'm just thinking of Lance and Sal's friendship. I'm amazed DOCs/Molloy asked no questions (even though it is perfectly innocent) , probably would have held a conversation with him and reported back to Howard West "While I am happy to report Mr Smart is no threat to Sally, We are slightly worried for the man himself." Ffwd 30-odd years. He'd have to have a background check to even live on the lot in his mobile home. It just made me think of Lawn Dogs (1997) where a girl roughly Sal's age makes the acquaintance of a lad of 22 and things go South toward the end of the film.
  11. It annoyed me at first A) The fact that they did it to get Alf somebody to be with and sort of backtracked and ripped the established lore. There was clear grieving in some flashbacks to 1985 when Alf and Roo got home from the funeral. B) The fact they had Belinda Giblin come back. Nothing against her, just constant actor recycling. John Adam had a third go around on the show as Decker a few years ago. But enough time has passed for me to accept it
  12. At least it wasn't them wussing out like ITV would have.
  13. If anything I thought it was with Jennifer.
  14. 9/10 times in Soapland, the press are absolute gets unless they're a protagonist (even they are sketchy at times)
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