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  1. This happened when Paul, Shane and Julie were kids. The evidence of this turned up when Declan Napier, Rebecca's son went under Number 24 and got electrocuted. Paul"s daughter, Elle found him then she and her then-bf Lucas Fitzgerald found a note from Anne, a box with a key to a safety deposit box at a bank, found Helen's will, which revealed everything. Jill did appear and was hit by a car and died in hospital, Paul was implicated for causing her death as he was arguing with her which soured Kate and Harry on him but one of Sophie's drawings exonerated him as she drew the incident from memory.
  2. Yeah, they grew up together, much like their fathers, as did their younger brothers. Shane (probably recast) could have easily made a return in 2009 during the whole revelation about Max's affair with Paul's Mum, Anne, resulting in a daughter, Jill who was given up for adoption and later had three kids of her own, Kate (who was shot by Victor Cleary who did it to avenge his brother, Gus who Paul had killed in the 2004 Lassiter's complex fire), Harry and Sophie. This was another rewrite of the past that made Helen seem hypocritical for being annoyed with Jim for cheating on Anne with Maureen Donnelly, which resulted in Glen's conception.
  3. Peter O'Brien, like Stefan Dennis thought the show would fail after 2yrs (half right after 7 Network binned it in 1985) and didn't intend staying. He quit, producers were looking for the next heart throb and cast Craig McLachlan as Shane's cousin Henry. O'Beien has since been keen to bury his Neighbours past (Not as comfortable as Jason, Craig, Kylie or anyone else from that period about it) On screen, Shane kind of got fed up with Erinsborough, Danny and their folks had gone, Daphne was with Des and on top of that Shane had to share his room with a newly paroled Henry who used to steal off him when they were kids. When $100 went missing from their room, Shane was quick to point fingers but had to apologize when it turned up. Shane moved into a caravan at Lassiter's then blew town a few weeks later (sort of like Clive a few weeks before selling #22). Henry later took over RAGGS (Ramsay and Gibbons Gardening Service) as his record DQ'd him from most jobs and owed Madge for paying off some prison debys.
  4. Bar Marty, his parents Ern and Nola and his brothers Scott and Errol (the two gearheads, played by non-speaking uncredited extras, who showed up for the family meal when he brought Leanne home to meet them) weren't seen after 1989. Odds are they moved out of the bay between the ten years Martin left and returned for Sal/Keiran's non-starter of a wedding
  5. Adam Willits got itchy feet and wanted to do other things. He still kept in touch with Pippa though (and presumably Frank and co.) just sporadically, sent a telegram to her and Michael's wedding.
  6. Jesus, it gets worse for Carly! Simpson's hanging around like a rotten stench. Can't wait for the rest of this!
  7. Nope, Nikki never returned. Was gone by early 1987.
  8. Carly, while getting an abrupt departure, wound up reasonably happy, even if she did end up an army wife. Grant left in September 1991 after a guest visit during the Lois Crawford arc, but Flynn was driving in his old VW!
  9. Roo met her half-sister Quinn (Ryder's Mum) in 2017, when Quinn came to see Ryder. Their other half-brother, Owen (Ric's father) had since died (heart attack during fight with Ric)
  10. Just Jamie and Daph and Lorraine (his fiancée from ep 1, showed flashbacks) but I imagine he and Mike communicate as Jane is still in touch with both. Des remarried his second wife Fiona (who was never seen)
  11. Justine didn't even get credited for that guest return! As mentioned before, Martin BSed his way his way into the job on his CV much to Tom and Stacey's amusement and they admired his tenacity. As for the Bedford stuff, he did charm him by rattling off some Shakespeare (More proof that Martin was "Brilliant but Lazy" and probably would have got his HSC had he and Lance not chucked in school pre-series)
  12. Dude, the world is changing. Don't be a dinosaur. You're starting to seem a bit like Alf mixed with some Barlow and a bit of Thompson thrown in! I understand you're a wee bit older than most of us (You said you were at Uni during Sophie's shoptlifting arc) but time marched in Anyhow, Shannon/Mandy was kind of mishandled (though the blame is square placed on British butchery as H&A was and still is a teatime soap here). H&A has yet to have the balls (I'm aware of the pun) to have a full-time Homosexual character. I'm not talking Shannon was who was with dudes 95% time nor Charlie Buckton.
  13. 7. Amy Williams with Nina (later called herself Nene, played by the same actress as Zoe on her guest stint) Amy has had three stints two as a guest, age 4 when Nene brought her over from NZ during the early going of Paul/Gail IVF, then age 8 in 1992 when she stayed with Paul and Chrissie for a bit then now as a current regular with a son of her own, Jimmy who currently lives in the US. Leo and David Tanaka, a pair if twins with Kim Taylor from the early going of the series (Yes, that Kim who dated Scott). Conceived when Kim was 15 (lied about her age, glossed over by writers) and Paul was 22. Find the story kind of contrived. Kim paid a visit to her doctor to go on the pill but unbeknownst to us she was already pregnant. Triplets Robert, Cameron and Lucinda with Gail who were born off screen. Cameron died after being run over by Max Hoyland, who thought he was Robert. Robert is currently banged up for his crimes (returned in a non-canon webisode) and Elle lives in NYC (The only one to become a regular) Andrew (who was born in an Ice Cream Van ) from his marriage to Christina. Mike left because his mother Barbara had been badly injured in a plane crash. At first he was reluctant after Barbara tried yo get his trust fund and manipulate him away from Des and Daph a few years back. Des basically told Mike this could be his last chance to see Barbara, so he packed up and left. His final scene was kind of Melancholy and was no grand farewell like Charlene but it was poignant as his last scene was with Des who he thanked for his support. Last heard out of Mike via Jane when she came back last year was he was teaching English to Underprivileged Filipino children.
  14. Yeah, I mentioned Sue had returned in your thread when you asked questions about classic Neighbours as well as H&A. had pretty much stayed the same, a bitch as ever only older. Last year, She and Jayden got six months each when they tried to mash up Paul's housing development, which left Paul's son Leo injured (Sue and Paul had a long standing beef during Paul's mayoral stint). I'm personally glad the pub changed it's name back. Chez Chez/Lou's Place HAD the look but The Waterhole feels just right.
  15. Gail reappeared in 2005 in a cameo for Annalise's documentary. Made further guest bits in 2006-07 concerning her and Paul's triplets (Cameron, Robert and Elle). They teased getting back together after Paul's memory loss following his brain tumour op. Also prior to that they had to deal with Robert's murderous tendencies (killed a businessman, made Connor O'Neil disappear but he resurfaced, got his twin brother Cam killed, try to kill Paul on three occasions, succeeded in causing the deaths of David, Liljana and Serena Bishop in the 2005 plane crash by planting a bomb on board) As for the Alesi girls, following her dalliance with Paul, Caroline took off to Milan. Christina followed her and they talked it out. Christina and Pail remained married and moved to Hawaii. They moved to Rio after Paul stitched Phil up for fraud during a visit for Helen's birthday the following year. When Helen died, Paul returned to Australia, handed himself in, got 7yrs, served 3. During this Paul and Christina's marriage collapsed , Christina took Andrew to Scotland (to explain away the accent in his teenage years) then settled in Sydney. Andrew's behaviour got hard for Chrissie to manage by the time he hit 16, she decided didn't want him back home when Paul's latest wife, Rebecca suggested Andrew go back to Sydney after began playing up early in his stay. Last heard out of Chrissie was a birthday text on Andrew's 17th in 2010 (he was another case of Robinson de-aging). Andrew stuck around until 2013.
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