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  1. CaptainHulk

    Neighbours...the early years?

    Mike and Bronwyn were a thing for a bit but broke up due to Bronwyn being unable to fit in with Mike's uni friends, particularly a snobby girl named Jackie who looked down on Bronwyn for not going to Uni. Also, Mike getting a bit heavy, didn't help. When Mike came home from his off-on-one bike trip, he wasn't best pleased to find Henry staying at Number 28 with Bronwyn (They were kind of drifting around the street looking for a place of their own at that point) and as a result carried on like a tosser, which culminated in him chinning Henry. There was also a deeper reasoning, his guilt over Jenny was eating him up and could no longer contain it. When Henry went up North to help Scott and Charlene rebuild their house after it was struck by a lorry, Mike began spending time with Bronwyn and schemed to get her back. He tried to make a move which messed with Bronnie's head and nearly tore her and Henry apart. Bronnie then rejected Mike much to his anger and accepted Henry's proposal. Things worsened when Mike learned about Des/Jane getting engaged too, then sulked like a 4yo for a bit and acted like an arsehole but eventually came to his senses. Des and Jane fell apart due to Annie Jones deciding not to renew her contract, hence the storyline of Jane staying in the UK to look after Nell who had a funny turn and calling off the engagement. Paul Keane had a cocaine problem, he couldn't handle the pressures of fame and Des was often gone for weeks on end in 1990. By the end of the year, Des was written out moving back west to marry a woman named Fiona.
  2. CaptainHulk

    Neighbours...the early years?

    Mike dated Jenny Owens (the girl who fell off his bike), played by Danielle Carter, Rebecca Fisher V2. Mike proposed but she saw it as him feeling guilty. Mike turned into a bit of a jerk mid-89 when he (unsuccessfully) schemed to get Bronwyn back from Henry and got bent out of shape over Des and Jane. I think Jamie may be been mentioned but hadn't been seen on screen since he was a teenage runaway in 2003. I may have to watch 30th Anniversary week again.
  3. CaptainHulk

    Neighbours...the early years?

    I know. I was talking about potential partners Lined up for Des!
  4. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    Be interesting to see how the Wilson murder case plays out...
  5. CaptainHulk

    Neighbours...the early years?

    The writers panicked, They felt Des was drifting and Jane had outgrown Mike. They were gonna put Des with Kerry but saw she had more chemistry with Joe. Des came back in 2015 and didn't look much different. Paul Keane had a rough decade or two but seems to be in charge his of life.
  6. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    Whoa... Whatta couple Chapters! Ben and Al need a thunderbolt with their recent behaviour! Lance missing Marty Adam trying to get his end away with Emma... Bet Frank must have damn near choked on his froot loops/cap'n crunch when he saw Bobby on NBC! Haydn being a brat as per Craig, don't turn your back on Jonathan... Seriously
  7. CaptainHulk

    Neighbours...the early years?

    I think I answered most of these in your debut topic.
  8. CaptainHulk

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Drunk Justin is hilarious! He needs to get leathered more often. Lord knows we could do with more laughs on the show these days!
  9. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    Nice Bobby/Grant interplay. Adam/Emma... Interesting to see where this goes
  10. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    That theiving get, Haydn! It was inevitable Stevo would crack. Michael not performing, guess Morag drained him Emma debut. There's no way to resist that Amy Grant song, is there? That most likely would be in the jukebox. Love that synth break. Seeing Bobby at uni seems somewhat satisfying. Mazza, The hairspray's gone right to your brain if u think marrying Soldier boy will sate his anger!
  11. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    Technically Grant was in her orbit but still, another good bloke's life could be mashed up! Anyway, Summer. Good stuff. Michael, you dirty dog! Though it takes two to Tango. My theory is the Stewart Women are allergic to underwear in this fic Megan, get over yourself! Nice use of Music from Grease which Craig McLachlan went on to star in the West End. "PVT Dibble what is your major malfunction, numbnuts?!" That'd be funny to see play out on screen
  12. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    The scariest thing about that scene is I can picture Julian trying to make it convincing but trying his damndest not to harm Emily. But Kristen's right! Ben's gone off the deep end!
  13. Barlow was an unhinged wifebeater, Morag at worst was a bitter old cow but you could still get a laugh out of her.
  14. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    Soph gets herself a name in this chapter. Matt's past catches up with him. Couldn't very well announce "Hi Lou, I'm currently riding your former aunt" Seems like Jeff likes to "Push it to the limit", not just in training but ala Scarface. Bobby has every right to worry about her sister given what Simpson's capable of.
  15. CaptainHulk

    Homecoming Part 2

    I think I can work out where this goes...

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