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  1. Did anyone else go "Called it!" When Evan said why he's hanging around?
  2. A 180 in what was expected. I thought Shane or Shannon would have felt like Don was having a go/dig/crack and would have spent the meal on Defence. Alf was definitely in character. The Roo mention would have called for an ad break before resuming. Nice use of references to 1988 and 1991.
  3. Ben and Mags need to either Fight or F...ormulate a plan to fix their marriage!
  4. Just like Marco Alessi on Neighbours many moons ago. All we see is his back and Faye screams blue murder thinking he's a burglar right before the ep ends
  5. This Week on Parata Wars: Ari: You're a tool! Tane: You're a tool! Gemma: Knock it off! Nikau: I'm outta here! *Australian voiceover* "Brought to you by Gala Bingo."
  6. Not like Selina to go all nun-like at the mention of sex. Seems like the next logical step for S&S and nice to know they have the support of their mates. Based on the timeframe, I'm guessing Q2/Q3 '96 as Alex has since gone?
  7. Well, Justin was just a bachelor, lookin' for a partner, someone who knew how to ride without even fallin' off... had to be compatible, take him to his limits... Got that out my system. TBFTH, Maz chucking away 6yrs of marriage for relative strangers would make zero sense. The over-the-balcony stuff was funny. Deano and Zigs were taking liberties. Are we even READY for a Cuckoo Stepmother storyline right now?
  8. I immediately started beatboxing the intro to "Pony" by Ginuwine (popularized by Magic Mike in the early 2010s)
  9. Hmmm... Let's See where Shannon goes with Pregnancy/Y12....
  10. Oh lord Barry the Bastard... The only person WORSE than Ben in this Universe at the minute. Talking of Ben, his attitude has rubbed off on Carly, who has became a raging bitch, big time. Alf still playing with Fire Sam to become a more permanent fixture.... The plot thickens!
  11. Sometimes the more shocking twist in these "Mum's Baby, Dad's Maybe?" storylines is the cheating woman's hubby IS the father!
  12. So Shannon's in the club... I wonder how Michael's gonna react and all? I guess women beginning with the letter 'S' are not immune to Curtis' charms! Don popping by is something that could easily happen on screen!
  13. 2002, Ahead of the Mirigni disaster. It was mentioned in '94 that Ailsa had gone to see both of them, indicating that Bridges had been rebuilt somewhat.
  14. Mostly broken homes indicated in the character's backstory but a lot of marriages have had their tests. Ailse and The Flames made it 12yrs but had major problems (Her past, PND, Alf being bloody-minded at times, Duncan's near-death experiences, financial strife, etc) Tom and Pippa defied the odds, being relatively young and taking in a kid who most likely would have ended up in Juvey (Frankie) and a whole load more orphans, neglectees, etc. Pippa and Michael's marriage was often financially strained and that couldn't be entirely be blamed on Haydn (1993 saw some belt tightening in places) Had they not killed Ken (or Anthony Phelan not quit or been axed) He and Irene may have lasted had the wedding gone through. They would have been each other's rock for battling the sauce. Space is also a thing that makes couplings work. Of course couples are gonna get on each other's nerves eventually! As for real-life love hey, if Gloria and Emilio and Sharon and Ozzy can stick it out as long as they have, anything's possible!
  15. Couples CAN go the distance. Floss and Nev for example (ok, they were married long before the series but my point stands!) Carly was last seen in 2008 when she, Floss and Stevo saw Sal off but not sure about mentions since. Maybe by Roo once, who was in the same year with her, Bobby and Matt.
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