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  1. Nikau/Bella man that shows no sign of ending only thing changes who's leading the Tango that week lol
  2. Also Ryder's supposedly at TAFE too (though dunno the last day he went)
  3. Well, I guess the jig is up for Chlo-Ryder! Half of me wanted them to milk it for another week, the other said "Screw it, I'm *glad* they got caught". No doubt some are probably disappointed Irene wasn't the one there there to read them the riot act. "Gawd Savus, You scared us half to death! I flippin' knew something was goin' on when the stock started droppin'" Just as well the latter half of that duo listened to sound medical advice (aka COMMON SENSE) from Logan. If this had been an older ep, Ryder probably would have totalled the car on Yabbie Creek road, got a bollocking from Alf, have his arm in a sling a mope around for two weeks until his friends had an intervention and chucked him the sea to snap him out of it, therefore resetting.
  4. With me, it's partly "How long can they ride this out before they get rumbled?" that keeps my investment in it.
  5. Me too. I actively wait til they're in the mix to give my full attention.
  6. Though, It'd be difficult to blame Tane here Felicity was looking kinda good... But yeah. Anyone feel like the show doesn't quite know what it wants to be right now?
  7. Rosè in its defence isn't a bad wine but I'll take a Hearty Merlot or a nice Pinot Grigo, latter moreso, any day. (Note, I am EVERY bit a Lager man as much as Ari)
  8. On today's, good god, that was a crappy fight scene at the Caravan Park!
  9. ^ 1995 had its share of scumbags too. Raging Roidheads, Domestic Abusers, Old Pervs, Murderous Ex-Cons, Cultist Whackos, Scheming Speed Pushers...
  10. Well, places like Tortilla offer Breakfast Quesadillas and Burritos (Yum) so yeh. Also, when you've been on it all night and a gallon of coffee alone just won't do
  11. I get the impression Logan was that kid always ended up in A&E after foolish/goofy Jeff Hardy-esque stunts. But yeah, people like that are fun for about 10 mins before you realize "God, they're annoying!" Or "They're gonna get us all killed, aren't they?"
  12. LOL @ Ryder and Chloe. Eventually, they crashed (Just as long as the weren't driving or working over a hot stove/grill!) The snoring was pure Early Years only no jaunty Perjanik Piano. Leah's "John" while not the best wasn't that far off-target lol. More Justin's reaction "Babe, I'm never gonna be able to look at you the same again after this". Hahaha. Logan... Dunno, what to to make of him. And today's ep was written by a familiar face; Trent Atkinson who played Mikey Dunn 2002-03!
  13. Even Maz, described as having "Hairspray for Brains", once would eventually work out Cleaning products wouldn't be smelling so "spicy"
  14. Chloe better inject some coffee or Irene's gonna smell a rat as she's been up all night. "Jeez, Darl. Open yer mouth any wider, something's gonna fly in there!" That said, it's good to see a character focused on a goal , However, the name La Cucaracha (Yes I know it's literally Espanol por Cockroach) has to stay!
  15. Well, Ryder has his car so why not? Be like Shane, Damo and the Charger doing Diner deliveries back in the day
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