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  1. I like Ryder and Chloe, to a lesser extent but I wanted to backhand both this episode! If I were Nikau, I'd be telling Bella to play "We Will Rock You" on the pots and pans the following morning given the amount those two put away as they would be super hungover!
  2. Lewis has more than a few s lose in his top paddock, that's for sure!
  3. Lol Irene's Spidey Sense "G'Day, I'm yer friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Woman."
  4. Bronwyn wasn't seen again after 1990 but mentioned for the remainder of Madge's 1st stint.
  5. ^ They have a terrible habit of doing that. It kills all tension from the Cliffhanger.
  6. I like this Justin/Christian Bromance they seem to give as good as they get from the other.
  7. LOL @ Ryder. That could have gone a lot worse. I'm thinking Des/Mr Udagawa Neighbours '89 I'm amazed no Neighbour kicked off at Dean for the alarm. "Outsmarted by Dean Thompson", It can get a lot worse, John.
  8. It's usually when 2 Alpha females with similar traits butt heads.
  9. A rag full of Chloroform makes the patient go down Maybe the Glitter thing threw him, Probably in his days back on the River he'd be ripped for it! (Glitter is not seen as "manly" in many circles) Heath: Gone full Princess have we? Brax: I think his Tiara's slanted!
  10. Ryder, I don't think Susie gives a monkeys if you and Chloe are getting fruity, she's about to blow town! Irene's first mistake was telling her she was gonna call the cops. She should have kept her talking and stalled her but not in a suss way.
  11. The Jai springing Dean and Amber in bed scene brought back memories of Ollie busting in on Aden and Belle in the Beach House! "MUMMY AND DADDY SLEEP IN THE SAME BED!" Outta the mouths of babes, eh? And it looks like Susie's stitched Lustin up good and proper and is riding out of the bay on the first broomstick cackling evilly!
  12. No Alf count this week? Ya feeling okay, Red?
  13. They were credited in the closing credits before their appearances in episodes 3 and 7, respectively. Alf talks about his "Ruthie" and her lack of attachment to the house during the scene where he's trying to sell to the Fletchers in the pilot.
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