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  1. Jason Donovan and Gary Barlow work it into their setlists from time to time.
  2. Seems a bit contrived Amber and Franny *ducks a shoe* would leave Jai on his own...
  3. The Paratas need their own drinking game. Take a shot everytime - Tane does something stupid - Ari gets agro - Nikau does both of the above - At least one of the above is in the sack with his girl Cane your drink if; - Colby or any Cop bowls up on the doorstep (Note if you're doing this with Bourbon, don't bother going into work tomorrow! )
  4. Ryder himself *is* Bizzare (And that's why I think he's the best character under 30 on this show!) Reckon he and Miles would have been kindred spirits!
  5. Chrimbo's comin' a few extra bob won't hurt?
  6. Well, they do have several residents who have priors (Fraud, Burglary, DUIs, etc)
  7. They'd been there a good few years. They probably witnessed Alf letting the Park go to crap after Martha "died", but kept the house in good nick, odds are they knew about the Gibson car crash that left Julie paralysed and killed her and Revhead's mum. I'd say 5yrs tops.
  8. Damn! Poxy Betty Fulwell... She and Colleen would never last in the Fed or the Mob!
  9. Well, they've had Wendy O'Donnell on staff for years as medical adviser, she'd have some knowledge although a few cockups have gone through the net on the show...
  10. If MJ made bank for writing a song about a kid not being his, there's nothing stopping Dean! I'll see myself out. Hee hee. *moonwalks away*
  11. John probably bastes everyone from Mangrove River with the same brush (though half the residents don't exactly HELP themselves)
  12. Maz is clearly bothered. Then again, I can't imagine her liking the film Adam picked, some nonsense comedy where he brays his head off laughing. Greg steps up his quest to get his son back. Poor Deluded Celia. Looks like Splitsville for the Stewarts.
  13. "Look Tori, I'm not talkin' about movin' in and I don't wanna change your life" "No offence, Christian but that sounds like some corny old 70s love song" "Nah, It's a Grey Original. Scout's Honour." *eyes him skeptically*
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