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  1. Colby getting in touch with his Inner River Boy Jett having a grabber could work. Ps. I only used annoying Teen language on, well an annoying teen!
  2. *exhales* Ohmygodbellaisliketotesannoyingmirite *exhales* Got THAT out of my system, She was, IS super annoying. You're 16, not 12, girlie! Amazed she didn't give herself away with a sneeze or a fart! Take Bella away, I like the Dean/Ziggy banter on the road. That was kind of a Douche thing to do, holding out on Zigs with the chips but like she wouldn't have done it to him! I like the look Maggie gave Dean, I quietly thought to myself "Probably secretly fantasising about him and all!" It helps having someone like Alf who's actually "been in the s***" to talk to Jett
  3. Behold! The Summer Bay Saviour! He rides the night on a Yamaha Bike! (or was a Suzuki, I'm too lazy to check)
  4. So Nick has met Julie and Alec... Hmmm... *ruffles beard*
  5. ^ I just wish they'd hurry up and leave already.
  6. Nice use of Any Dream Will Do. Emma's cold busted but Alf's not really setting the best of examples by CanIng the Whiskey nightly, now is he? On to more recen things, Karen being s cow to Emma, different flip of the relationship, they were moderately civil in the show. The love that dare not speak its name between Craig and Jonathan... Michael seems to be blowing a gasket. Then again he would have the odd rumplestiltskin moment in the series
  7. ^ Oh, you didn't know? Alf is the Unofficial Sheriff of Summer Bay . He'd wear the badge but would only grumble about the Flamin' thing poking him all day! Has a hat though
  8. This little town suffers from Foot-in-mouth disease! Bobby probably feels as against the world as she did when she was growing up
  9. *watches Today's ep* Le-ah! She looks so hot in black... Almost falling outta that bikini! Get a grip, Hulk... Wait a minute... Anyhow, Good for Jett finally seeming focused. It may seem like a "Band Aid" solution to some but I think it's a good way to move his story forward instead of self-pity and lashing out at John frequently. I can understand Maz's concern.
  10. *Alf impression* "If you so much as look crook at another Sheila, You're shark bait!"
  11. Man, Frankie REALLY went berko! Good thing they don't keep guns in the house! Poor Bobby So we go deeper into Alf's past... I'd really like to see where this Newton stuff goes.
  12. I have a reason to believe Morag would have gone full Ian Lavender and called Mason a "Stupid Boy!" (Dad's Army reference) but defended him anyway.
  13. Great start, H&A Alternate Universe 1991 rolls on. Craig wrestling with feelings that "wouldn't be understood" in a small town in that period of time... Another dimension to Debra as opposed to Psychobitch? Ben continues to use blondes for punching bags Good on Laura effectively springing Alf John contacting the sisters? Can't wait for more!
  14. *"Fortunate Son" plays* Me: *grizzled veteran voice over* We were young men then, little more than boys... Hell, some of us weren't boys but you see where I'm going with this... We knew these early years weren't gonna last, we made the most of them. We saw things... A lotta things. Not all of 'em good. *coughs* Bunyips!*cough* *sneezes*T-shirt enterprise*s One guy in my Platoon named McDonald would pop off at the mere mention of certain couplings.... Almost worked himself into a lather at the mere mention of David Croft. His frequent use of the word "sux" and "sucko!" and almost demonic glee in his hated character's fortunes were character trademark. Another had a Punked-out Flathead for an Avatar; he just dug the way the guy got down and got right back up again. The next guy, an older statesman, from a little town not too far from me, famous for Mustard and Canary-based sports teams frequently gave his two cents. He Didn't care much for Jack Wilson; I guess he's not to everyone's taste. Lastly, Big Danno always kept everyone in line; fair guy, but wasn't afraid to swing the big stick if need be. In all we saw some 1800+ episodes. Would I want anything different from these early years? Hell no. Do I miss these reruns; You bet your ass! There would be a shot of me facing west til fade with the flag blowing!
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