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  1. The wife and kids was my own speculation. A Mike return would be decent, Clive and Paul are still around and Melanie now lives on Anson's corner (She was one of Toadie's tinder dates in last week's eps, UK pace). The episode was June 1989, shortly after Mike's 21st birthday. She and Des broke up 1st time round because she devoted pretty much the next 30yrs of her life looking after Mrs Mangel in England despite her being newly married (she later outlived John), she basically called Des and she wasn't coming back to Australia, breaking the engagement. The Mark Granger business di
  2. Who's that comin' over the Hill? Is it Heath Braxton? Is it Heaaath Braaaxton? (Couldn't resist) Him waving a cricket bat probably woulda made that sequence... a bit less crap and would be in with the character. "HOWZAT!" *crack*
  3. I reckon there's gonna be some wariness between and Ryder. "Grumps, I'm not one to judge but I would reccomend locking up all the sharps."
  4. ^ Well other than impregnating Rachel and an aborted boxing match with Palmer (with 3 weeks of build), nothing really!
  5. As mentioned Nicolette poked holes in their relationship when she visited them in Perth after the marriage. Paul Keane says he's willing to continue playing Des on flying visits but will not recommit to a full-time return as he lives in Sydney and is "a good place" (sort of like the reverse of Debra Lawrence and H&A because she and Dennis live in Melbourne) I think Jane has a nostalgia attraction thing going on as does Clive (he and Bev hooked up for a bit when she came back). Her longest relationship post-Mike and post-Des was most likely Vic (ex-hubby, father of Nic and her sibling
  6. Still have wait for him to shout "Woo!" like the Ribena Berries used in those old commercials!
  7. I'm guessing THAT'S not Ribena in Kieran's flask...
  8. ^I know. A lot of yanks will oft call someone Young and/or Over-eager "Skippy".
  9. So we open 2021 with a beating, well, the aftermath of one (I see you doing your little Hammer Dance, red ) Does anyone else get Arthur Fleck/Joker vibes with Kieran? Alf doing the Sherrif bit but that's understandable. Also that Ingrid Michaelson track was quite apt. A long time since I've recognised a song on this show. Not a bad little tune, if a little repetitive in places. Dean is right, Next time Colby might not be so lucky. Seems like this new doc is a bit of a rule bender
  10. Old habits stick. Dot calling a lot of people by their full name in Enders, Jim doing it to his family in Corrie ("Steven!" Elizabeth! Andrew!, usually backed with a "So it is" or "So you are" or So I am" ) or even Emmerdale years back when most of the village bar Jack, Annie and Joe would frequently call Henry "Mr Wilks". And Damn near everybody called Nell (the one who current Nell is named after) "Mrs Mangel" (with the exception of Helen and Eileen) in Neighbours. I supposed if Keiran called Alf "Dad" out of the blue (even jokingly), Alf and Martha probably would have given him a wary
  11. I reckon Kieran's father will be one of those Wolf-in-Sheep's-clothing stories if he does pop up. Martha seems to be giving him the Voldemort treatment or rather the writers (Never speaking his name) Law and Order seems to be a foreign concept in the Bay (This show the last decade or so). Guards are probably on the take and some of that mob that went for him, Colby probably pulled up for more than parking tickets/loitering... Or intel travels fast in jail especially if you're a cop, murderer, a kiddy fiddler/basher... Decent finale without having to KILL anyone or blowing anything up
  12. ^ Forgot her reconnecting with the daughter she gave up at 16.
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