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  1. 1. Probably figured (wrongly) "Eh, what's one time?" (like a lotta stupid teens/not-much-more-mature 20-somethings) 2. Writers wanted to probably cook up drama and Long-term consequences. 3. Brett pretty much tried to enforce one on her (in those days it was called "an operation") but she legged it into that taxi back to the bay. However, said Baby in equation would grow up to have one of her own damn near 20yrs later during a self destructive spell where she called out a certain great aunt for giving away her own child to save her marriage/career...
  2. In a fanscript, Bella probably would have bleurghed all over Mac Exorcist-style half out of-spite, half-genuine!
  3. Somehow I don't see Bella belting out "Joe Le Taxi" on The Diner's Amateur night! I can live with the bed scenes as long as they're not excessive. Before there were a little tamer mild cuddles, generally with Pip and either husband but then the 2000s and 2010s happened
  4. Gotta disagree. This is probably the happiest Leah's been in years. Plus Ada's doing more beach shoots, and that's a good thing!
  5. The doggies to dig up Ross, prompting Colby to contemplate either A) Legging it B) Turning himself in.
  6. Damn Michael blew his top and almost Alf's secret!
  7. Colby's no surf instructor, that's for sure. It was like putting Marilyn in charge of an Abattoir Showdown at the old Summer Bay Corall... I'm guessing Robbo would be faster on the draw and would most likely dig Chilli more The lighter side of Summer Bay bought to you by CaptainHulk. They script it, I rip it!
  8. At least when he came back in 2000 his interactions with Pip were more genuine seeming even if Sally was the unifying factor.
  9. on the subject of Mason, I guess that Lovechild-of-a-Bee-Gee-Stroke-Tennis-Player look finally played out!
  10. I can just see Ben playing babysitter with a massive s***-eating grin on his face as if to say "You will pay for this, Carly!"
  11. Jesus. Miss a little ,miss a lot. (Been out of the mix due to Chrimbo) Didn't expect Craig to top himself but was expecting Frank to be walloped. Ouch. Michael is onto Alf In this Universe it's even scarier realizing Ben is actually allowed to drive tanks, fire guns and s****. given how twisted he is! Pippa tearing lumps outta Sal.. Unsettling. I'll have some more of THAT, thanks!
  12. 1996 had a great cliffhanger that was butchered to pieces by ITV, the bastards!
  13. They were stated to have left school "Prematurely" in 1985 or 1986. Odds are the either dropped out or most likely Don or Bertram gave them the old heave-oh after one too many shenanigans.
  14. The fact that bothers me is that we saw Dee in the car with Toadie whereas the other's bodies weren't seen. However, Madeleine and Ryan were able to do it convincingly (Still put my nose outta joint, though).
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