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  1. The fact that bothers me is that we saw Dee in the car with Toadie whereas the other's bodies weren't seen. However, Madeleine and Ryan were able to do it convincingly (Still put my nose outta joint, though).
  2. The Summer Bay City Rollers Lead Vocals - Pippa Fletcher Guitar - Frank Morgan Drums - Chicka Bass - Martin Dibble
  3. The storyline pissed me off to begin as I've sat through too many Back from the dead storylines (Harold Bishop, Den Watts, Kathy Beale, Dee Bliss, so help me god if Archie Brooks turns up alive in Emmerdale, I'm out!) with but Martha's grown on me. Ray and Belinda do have somewhat a chemistry.
  4. Christ any deeper hole- digging, Alf, Michael and co will end up in China
  5. Sort of like Neighbours when both Stefan Dennis and Peter O'Brien didn't see the show lasting more 2yrs.
  6. Ben and Karen both need to collect their ass-beating tickets! Alf, given how his ticker plays up, you may want to cool it on that extramarital sex... Frankie's pickle continues...
  7. Came close with Selina! And if it did happen, It'd probably end up like Jack/Paige in Neighbours with the former ditching the priesthood for her (which split the audience).
  8. It'd have been funnier if Ryder had speared Maggie to the floor landing on top of her and her telling him, "There'd better be a *damn* good reason for this!" While the class chuckle and some of the males call him "an absolute legend" later (Had this been 1988 or 1994, this would have most likely happened)
  9. Also both received physical punishment from an elder for insubordination!
  10. H&A has always been treated well by the channel. They spent a metric F...udgeton on the marketing in 2001 and the first look in 2006. Would rather Neighbours stayed in its traditional slot tbf.
  11. Someone should redevelop the remains of the Nash house and restore it! Anyone else think Mason looks like a Bee Gee?
  12. Maggie: I'm not a biology teacher but I'm sure that's physically imposbbile! (No prizes for guessing WHAT the person ON THE other end said ) And if I'm evil wanting to see Robbo wring Carter's neck like a chicken, then I do not apologize!
  13. Hey, If she did... She ain't dead yet! (Though pretended to be for the best part of three decades)
  14. Alf/Martha actually are growing in me as a couple. Belinda seems to fit properly this time. Ooh, Robbo really took an L.
  15. Some Militant member of Irene's support group who... "Took matters into her own hands" when it came to Tommy. Said the same when Karen (Dean) made Blake a protein shake back in '91 and recoiled from the smell!
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