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  1. CaptainHulk


    Old H&A fan if, he even reads fanfics, must be salivating as Brian/Dodge was one of his fave characters. The McPhees getting itchy feet? More Bobby turmoil Stevo/Sandra/Craig rolls on.
  2. CaptainHulk


    Nice flip of the timeline having "Brian" (if he is who I think he is) arriving at this point. Grant enters the equation, nice. Don with the meddling again..
  3. 2003-08 was pretty much the Sally show. After the Sutherland/Hunters imploded she moved back into Summer Bay House with Flynn and Pippa Jr and took in Ric and Cassie.
  4. probably moved on or since passed on.
  5. No he was living in the Smart House. Lance's mobile home was a 2 room joint at best. Marty wound up on the couch for a while while Viv occupied his room until Don took her in. This was the whole bogus story about Viv being Colleen's niece before the truth came out. Basically after Nuttergate, Colleen offered Bertram presumably Lance's old room as he was rattling around in an old house on his own (and inadvertently scared the bejesus out of Carly when he was found lumbering around the bay)
  6. CaptainHulk


    I guess Ben is partial to Blondes! TBF, Maz did look good in those little pink/black dresses! Poor Guitar, What'd it ever do to Frank? It's nice the McPhees are the surrogate grandarents in this. I imagine they were of equal help to Alf and Roo when Martha Sr ''was no longer with them''. Don knew he had to put the brakes on that one.
  7. CaptainHulk


    Don... You are gonna cop it sweet when Bobby finds out! And stress is the last thing she needs in her condition. I'm hearing the standard early years doom piano which Don is on the phone. That always seemed to play when he was suspicious of something Interesting to see where Ben/Mazza is going
  8. Tbf, both Corrie and ED are on their third set
  9. Yeah, he's been doing that a while.
  10. CaptainHulk


    Steven knew about the affair and didn't have to do a quadratic equation to work it out. That's more like the Ben we know.
  11. But Bobby looked pretty here. The Stevo/Roo fight was over him accusing Simon Yates (temp Boyfriend) of burning down the General Store which killed Phillip and left Frank and Bobby homeless, respectively (when in reality it was Dodge who did it mainly to get at Celia, not realising Phil was home). They got into in the diner but Matt diffused the situation. About two weeks later, Roo let Steve have it on the beach when Simon left her a ''Dear Jane'' letter and skipped bail. Basically barked at him til Ailsa led her away.
  12. There's no "real" scores these days, generic chase/dramatic music. Norm looks to be in top form as does Debra.
  13. CaptainHulk


    Wow, Ben is coming off as a dick here. He was a hothead for sure but This seems over the line...
  14. CaptainHulk


    Just as well Viv isn't the mix, that'd have made things even more complicated! Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... Narelle, while no nuclear physicist, *has* a point: she's gonna have to do some explaining if the child comes out with an Olive Complexion and sporting a Mullet

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