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  1. Character: You Character 2: Know Character 3: We Character 4: Belong Character 5: Together And so and so forth...
  2. They had the backstory with the resentful son who they managed to patch things up with (somewhat) but toward the end of 1988, they didn't do much but hold down the fort at the store whenever Celia was out or something.
  3. Justin needs to go to rehab but he'll tell Leah and Tori, "No, No, No!"
  4. Tell me about it! Summer Bay is just 40% Gloomier these days. And maybe Ryder and Chloe need to try new things on the menu or try other areas of Northern Districts.
  5. I'm more annoyed with the racial abuse afterwards. Disgusting and no room for that s*** in 2021.
  6. Super pissed. And it's worse when it's ALL on your newsfeed on socials...
  7. Gigantic Red flag hanging over Stephen
  8. Gigantic Red flag hanging over Stephen
  9. I was caning the scotch by extra time. It's a miracle I made into work today!
  10. They had better not give Nic laxatives... The people in that industry are known for doing that...
  11. IMO, It's still Neighbours and true to itself more than some of the other soaps out there. As long as there's a Ramsay, a Robinson or Kennedy in it, I'm still with it.
  12. Surprised Justin didn't turn Green, and Gorilla press Christian through that window! Now I feel like slapping Chloe. Again. And Again. That aside, The Truck take away the "Get Mac's Back Up" factor. I love the idea of an alternative place to grab a bite out of the Diner, Surf Club or Salt. Alf's not looking too Clever....
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