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  3. Hi, long time lurker and recent occasional poster!

    I am re-living the Early Years and currently going through the 1990 discussion on the forum. Enjoying your posts. However, there are a lot of posts about uploading episodes, and I'm wondering if that really is a thing of the past?

  4. I was watching Shane and Angel's last week together and the foreshadowing in the episode before he dies is so poignant and sort of underlines what it is I used to love about the show. There was always an emotionally endearing under current, the music during that scene when Shane tells Angel that 'he'll never leave her' is so 'on point'. I hope these episodes return soon!
  5. It's not unusual for them to re-create the theme for promotional purposes, they did it back in 1999 too:
  6. I agree, I think it definitely brought out the worst in both character. I found myself disliking both Sally and Jack during their relationship - I thought it was pretty horrible to watch and it just felt uncomfortable and jarring because the actors have zero romantic chemistry Imo. Basically Shane and Angel's story is a romantic tragedy. Started off so innocently and ended up hellish. I didn't quite pick up on it originally and I just loved all of the twists and turns back in 95, but this time around seeing it from Shane's entrance all the way up to his death I've found it all pretty frustrating & depressing to watch it fall apart since they got married. It's been addictive though and for the most part it's been well written and acted. Melissa George has done really well over the past few episodes.
  7. Monday's was a bittersweet episode knowing what we know, the last scene was sad. It's been good to see the romance between them for the last few months, but makes it a lot more tragic.
  8. Does anyone know the song that was playing a few episodes ago when Ailsa first heard the news report against her before the ad break - she is in the diner kitchen listening to the radio and the song is being played on the jukebox.
  9. I didn't remember it so it came as a bit of a surprise, especially after quite an emotional episode.
  10. Wow the ending of that episode with Saul behind Selina is creepy.
  11. I've been trying to find the song played when Mandy left with no luck, such a great song.
  12. ^Such a bittersweet melody. Love when the strings kick in.
  13. Really liked the underscore used when Curtis and Selina decide not to 'sleep' together in Thursday's episode. It was very romantic and sweeping but also bittersweet.
  14. ^I just did a version of Sohpie's Theme. It'd be great to have clean copies of the original scores though! I wonder whether the classic piano scores disappear completely once the new theme tune arrives? I'm going to miss them. I've said it before but they should have kept the piano scores in the show all the way throughout, even up to present. They could have changed the music format as much as they wanted, but if they had just kept weaving the piano scores into the episodes every now and then it would have helped with a sense of continuity. I think this period in 1995 is perfect, bigger orchestral music is prominent, but then those piano scores crop up to help slow the pace down a little and help to link the present to the past. I have enjoyed a lot of the orchestral music though and I'm looking forward to hearing more of them. I particularly liked some of the music used during Selina's miscarriage storyline.
  15. ^I thought I recognised it but didn't know when it had been used before. I really liked the music when Irene visited Selina in hospital at the start of episode 1694.
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