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  1. Hopefully Pippa's words sink home for Sally.
  2. Tane's being a bit generous in saying Dean hasn't done anything wrong, given Dean made out with his then-girlfriend and didn't seem particularly sorry about it, just that it didn't lead to anything.I like Ryder but he was being very annoying badgering Tane about the board shop.Cash blundering in didn't help, but Tane was lucky not to end up on an assault charge pushing him like that.It occurs to me this is the first time Tane and Mackenzie have both been single, but I can understand her not wanting to be the rebound girl, although it doesn't seem to have slowed Tane down much. So ironically, in the end, Kieran neither messed up nor successfully integrated into the Stewart family.Part of me was expecting Roo to decide to go with him, but looks like he's on his own for now, see how he copes with that. Has it ever been mentioned before that the garage has a landlord? Feels like it's come out of nowhere, kind of like the sudden announcement a few years back that Irene and Leah don't actually own the Diner (which seems to have been forgotten again now Ben and Maggie have gone). Not the best news Leah and Justin could have had but not the worst either,
  3. Well, we’re still in the hospital. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t feel that invested in the characters in danger: I like Dean, but I wouldn’t miss him that much, and if the other two went I doubt I’d notice. No surprise that Chloe was the first to start playing the blame game, although ironically not about the crash but about Mia losing another baby. She at least managed to stand next to Bella without biting her head off. Frustrating that Bella is now convinced it’s her fault that Nikau won’t take no for an answer and has decided to give him what he wants instead, while Ari is also suddenly acting as though he’s a saint now that he’s at death’s door. We’re meant to be worried about him but I really don’t care. Nice for Leah and Justin that they got a free romantic meal out of it, and nice for Christian and Tori that they ended up with a low-key but very apt proposal. Ziggy has not come out of this at all well. “I never wanted to be that person,”she says. Ooh, maybe you should have thought of that before sticking your tongue down your ex-boyfriend’s throat, and then lying to your current boyfriend so you can sneak off to his bedside and whisper sweet nothings? Tane did right by getting out of there, but it does get her off the hook somewhat. As Roo said, the first thing Alf and Kieran agreed on. Kieran actually came across a lot better than Alf, who hasn’t been proved right so far but Kieran’s leaving anyway. Martha giving him somewhere to stay was a sensible move.
  4. Red Ranger 1

    Moving On

    Logan got blown out but I understand Mackenzie's reasons.Hopefully Emmett will have a good chat with Bella.
  5. Bit of a coup there, well done to Matt! Interesting to hear she got invited back. Sally's wedding, the first of the big reunion episodes, was right after she left, don't know if she'd have been tapped for that.Only other one that seems likely is Will and Gypsy.
  6. I guess that with an expensive location shoot, they couldn't afford too many regulars in the episode! I forgot to mention a CURS from yesterday, as again we were treated to several clips of Ziggy and Tane before an episode were they weren't seen or mentioned at all. Well, anyway, things have happened.The information still seems pretty limited so far among the Bay residents, but the emergency services are involved.I see the new doctor is already a regular, which explains why there was such a heavy focus on him: He seemed to have a history with the female rescue worker, but that's probably just character detail. Mia seems fine physically but yeah, no baby. I kind of both was and wasn't expecting it. The show's been pushing her and Ari as some sort of golden couple and giving them a baby would fit in with that, but there was always that feeling that they were pushing their luck by trying again. Tori and Christian's forlorn expressions before walking away from their romantic meal were quite fun.Would the show really kill off Dean? I suspect not even though it's not looking good for him at the moment.
  7. A lot going on, and a lot of people really not making good relationship choices...
  8. Red Ranger 1

    Moving On

    Nice start, interesting idea. Bella and Emmett did have a good friendship on the show.
  9. Alf's episode count this block:Two.Nikau was in four, but didn't appear until near the end on Wednesday and wasn't credited, so I'm guessing that scene was moved from the next episode.Roo was only in one. As with a lot of aftermath episodes, we're not a lot further along at the end that we were at the start.Dean and Mia are still on a cliff edge, Nikau's still making pained noises, and no-one knows where they are.I guess we've got a vague idea of how hurt everyone is but it felt like half an hour of Nikau tumbling up and down hills and Mia telling Dean to wake up.Guess they want to make the most of the location.Frankly, given how much Mia was walking around, she probably could have got that phone:Okay, it was apparently "smashed up" but it's worth checking surely? Otherwise, we get a few funny lines between Leah and Justin, with him taking a more practical view to her attempts at romance, and, while I found Vengeful Mackenzie quite fun at times, I'm actually quite liking her and Ari as Amicable Exes.
  10. More secrets is possibly not the best idea...
  11. Ooh, Frank and Roo. The plot thickens...
  12. I guess Cassie's still a bit insecure.Hopefully she can move past it.
  13. Well, at least Ric and Mattie are still together! Bit of a two eras colliding feeling, seeing him with cousin Ryder!
  14. Good to see Sally reunited with her old friends. Shame about Joel and Natalie though...
  15. Interesting idea, looking forward to seeing where you go with it.
  16. Well, despite what Mia said, Nikau wasn't kicked out of his own home, he walked out of it in a sulk, and proceeded to last one night before needing the grown-ups to look after him. That may explain why suddenly Dean being blunt with him is the right approach.But yep, one Olympic Cliffhanger coming up.A shame it seemed to involve an unconvincing CGI kangaroo, and end on a cliff edge shot which doesn't quite look real.I know it's probably safer to fake up shots than actually dangle your actors off a cliff but I miss practical effects sometimes... Mackenzie was another one fudging the details, agreeing with Tane that Dean told her about the kiss when in fact it was Ziggy.Does everyone shop for pyjamas in the same place?Ziggy's outfit here looked just like the one Bella was wearing earlier in the week, but a bit darker.I guess that answers the question of where Tane's been sleeping! Is it wrong that I actually preferred Christian's lyrics to Leah's rewrite? Some amusing stuff with everyone increasingly failing to not act suspicious around Tori, even if she is easily distracted with chocolate. I was expecting the episode to continue the Stewarts' awkward family lunch: All that set-up for one short scene?
  17. Just caught up on this.Nice that you brought Matilda and Lucas into it, hope Ric feels able to go to school soon.
  18. I kind of think Jasmine overreacted a bit to Cash asking Murray about her.She talked things over with Irene, what's wrong with him doing the same? It's not like he ran a background check on her or anything.Murray was a bit misleading in calling Robbo "one of our cops": He wasn't one of theirs, he was with the federal police, another reason to think Cash isn't history repeating itself. At the risk of being politically incorrect, it felt like Bella didn't exactly avoid that kiss? But yeah, once she pulled back, Nikau should have accepted that was it, instead of going "intense" again as Bella put it and not taking no for an answer. Ari's approach still isn't working, but I'm not sure if anything would the way Nikau's dug his heels in at the moment. I can understand why Roo's trying to push Alf and Kieran together but it feels like it could do more harm than good. And that promo gave away pretty much everything. CURS: Why was there so much of Ziggy and Tane when they weren't in the episode, or even really mentioned?
  19. I like that Irene's priority was fixing Bella and Ryder's friendship: She knows what's really important around here. Ryder seemed to flip from encouraging Bella to get back with Nikau to just wanting her to talk to him. I'd be happy to see her continue to freeze him out, but I accept that it's a small town and she needs to find a way to deal with being around him. I think Ryder and Chloe are another couple that I want to like more than I do. I'm glad that Ryder's got someone around who seems to love him, and who he seems to love. I just wish it was someone less, well, horrible. Leah and Justin were cute, but pretty much just making up their episode counts. Not sure what I think of Jasmine and Cash.He's a better bet than Lewis, but then that's a low bar to clear.
  20. Well, before Cash, the last two introduced were Chloe and Mia, so I'd say no.
  21. I can't see Sophie being too happy about her replacement dad...
  22. So, as I predicted, Nikau cheated on Bella, she understandably dumped him, and his response is to stalk her, harass her, ruin an important event for her and assault two of her friends...yet in Chloe's eyes, Bella's the one to blame for not being nice to him. Honestly, I wonder what the heck we're supposed to make of Chloe: She's okay with Ryder, sometimes, and her family, sometimes, but horrible with just about everyone else: Irene spent most of the episode looking like she wanted to wring her neck. And yet the episode gives her the last word as if we're somehow supposed to agree with a character to whom the description "emotional psychopath" applies a lot more than it does to Bella. To be fair, I actually agree that Bella was out of line. I get that she considers Dean her family, but Tane's been good to her and doesn't deserve to get thrown under the bus just so Dean gets what he wants. But it's hard to take Chloe moralising about it when she happily broke Mackenzie's heart to get Ari and Mia back together: What's the difference? Not a lot else going on. That kiss that came out of nowhere seems to have disappeared back to the same place, with Ziggy and Dean largely indifferent towards each other again. And Ryder did some nice doodles.
  23. Alf's episode count this block:Three. Nikau really did take a long time to get the message and I'm still not sure it's sunk in.He deserved to get a serve from Ari and Tane, and while I understand the thinking behind Mia trying to talk it out calmly, Tane did that last episode and it just went in one ear and out the other.I'll take his word that he was trying to apologise to Bella, but if she doesn't want to talk to him, then what he's saying doesn't matter.I don't blame him for outing Ziggy to Tane, although it seemed to be done for point-scoring rather than out of concern.I'm surprised Mackenzie was so willing to give Ziggy a pass for her hypocrisy, but I guess she's too glad to have her friendship back to rock the boat, and it was nice to see the two of them playing big sister to Bella.Nice too that Bella took Emmett's news calmly and they parted on good terms, with her wishing him well: Hopefully she'll be able to build on this and make a career out of it. I'm afraid I found the Chloe stuff rather anti-climactic. It seemed like it was building to some big blow-out between her and Marilyn, but instead they're suddenly best buddies. We didn't even see her reaction to the fact Nikau actually gatecrashed the exhibition! Sadly, I can't really disagree with Alf that things are likely to end badly with Kieran, so I guess he's doing the right thing by steering clear of the situation if he feels like that.
  24. I think it's just Pippa, Natalie, Flynn and Hayley (so four), plus temporary recasts for Selina, Rebecca, Mitch and Ailsa.
  25. Interesting things developing between Shane and Emma. Bobby's life becomes even more messed up.
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