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  1. Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Friday for no appearance. I guess I've still got a few flashbacks to how Irene was with Luc, and I don't entirely appreciate her calling Grace "Gracey". So, looks like not the cancer cluster for Justin but still something he should get seen to rather than ignore.Jasmine looking after him was kind of ironic given their recent history.Of course, I'm suddenly remembering Roo's chronic back pains that she refused surgery for: What happened to that, eh? And probably the best news in that storyline: Buddy!!!!!!! First time we've seen him this season, people were starting to worry. Nikau needed Ari to come up with the idea of luring Bella to them, but fair play to him, he probably came up with the message on his own and put in a convincing performance.Unfortunately, it was kind of ruined for me by Bella's terrible out of character behaviour when she got there.I mean, she's just run out on Nikau, and I can understand her having second thoughts about upsetting him, but she should have reacted the same way Nikau did to seeing Ari, Tane and Mackenzie there, not just ignored there for the sake of a money shot of the show's new golden couple hugging while pop music plays. And then she casually sits chatting with Nikau about their relationship while everyone else is at the next table? I guess it was a team effort convincing her to come back.Colby continues to be terrible at looking innocent: Jasmine asks him if he's going to the gym, he sees Taylor there in gym gear, and instead of going there and waiting for her to turn up, he says no to Jasmine and then turns up with Taylor a few minutes later? It seems even Bella turning up hasn't put a smile on his face, since he's still not in control of the situation. 2011 would be before Bella went missing, so before Colby left the River Boys. It's always been indicated he joined the River Boys in his teens, so unlikely that he joined them later. I guess he was in Mangrove River at the time... (He apparently didn't even know that the restaurant where the River Boys hung out was called Angelo's at the time!)
  2. I think it's mainly because of the Jack Holden fangirlies that every now and then someone tries to claim an accidental shooting was murder! Discussion of today's episode follows. I delighted in seeing Colby get thrown even further onto the back foot.McCarthy warned him way back about parading around town with gang tattoos on display, but he didn't listen, and now he finds that Angelo really isn't fine with it. (There is, after all, a good chance Colby was on the inside back during Angelo's run-ins with them.In which case, you'd expect him to know the name?) I wonder if it's ever crossed Colby's mind that the person who told him not to hide the tattoos turned out to be a psychopath who tried to kill him, twice? Colby didn't stay down long however and was soon trying to ingratiate himself with Angelo's wife. Is it all right to say he's done well for himself? The way Alf dragged Justin by his acid-soaked sleeve, he really should have burned his bare hand. Maybe he gave himself the antacid treatment too but he was incredibly stoic about it.With Irene and Marilyn in the mix, Jasmine is starting to seem like the least creepy person looking after Grace. So, immediate crisis was solved quickly with Justin: An extremely painful thing for him to go through but not really any more than that.But yes, there's obviously some underlying problem.I'm not quite sure if he passed out or if he fell because he lost the feeling in his feet, but it's not particularly good either way.
  3. I'll probably post a longer review in UK Discussion tomorrow but a few thoughts in here. The way Alf pulled Justin out, he'd surely have burned his hand, but maybe he gave himself treatment quickly. Nice to see that finally there's someone who objects to Colby swanning around with gang tattoos on display.Shame Colby was back to his usual smug self by the end of the episode.
  4. Yes, Home and Away's recent past is full of grubby little characters who can do whatever they like without any consequences. And I'm so so sick of it and don't think it's okay for them to just bring in another one and drag the show down even further. I detested Hunter and the way we were supposed to ignore all the harm he'd done and see him as a sweet little boy and goo over him and Olivia together, and whilst Nikau isn't as bad as him, he's in that ballpark. And no, Angelo didn't murder anyone, that's a gross misrepresentation. I think it would have been easier for Nikau to stop Bella going, than for Bella to stop Nikau coming with her. Having said that, that's exactly what she's done now! After about two weeks straight of Colby and Bella, it was a bit jarring to get an episode without them, especially when the Paratas are presumably still combing a mountain for Bella.But what we got was pretty interesting.I suspect the arrival of Owen is down to someone liking the actor but realising they'd gone too far down the route of Evan dying to have a miracle cure: Evan's reference to being adopted did seem rather shoehorned into that conversation.To be fair, Cameron Daddo is already making Owen a distinct character from Evan, with even the body language being different.Did Alf and Ryder really get him all the way to the house without mentioning that Evan had died? Talk about burying the lead! Justin's problems seem to be getting worse and worse and now he's got a cliffhanging accident.Except the episode was obviously under-running, so instead of ending it there, we have Tori, Jasmine and Grace pop up uncredited in scenes probably moved from the next episode and a final scene that's kind of like "Yeah, Justin's still in trouble." I was a bit worried about John, who seemed to be hanging around the Diner in the hope of having a few words with Marilyn.But he did seem happy to be back in the surf club. I'm not seeing any reason to believe that Jai isn't Dean's son and think it would be a huge cheat if they suddenly pulled that one.The dates seem to match and Amber seemed pretty sure.Yes, Amber probably wouldn't have told Dean then if she didn't panic about him helping out Colby again, but that's a pretty big lie to make up on the spot.
  5. I can see where they're going with John and Marilyn's break-up and I do take many of your points.I'm just not sure that what they've ended up with is worth it.It feels like we got a couple of weeks of Marilyn feeling lost and not being sure what to do with her life anymore, and then she just slipped back into her old role of the Stewart family's eccentric "cousin".I'm guessing that John has decided his marriage is a lost cause: He'd rather he and Marilyn stay together, but if that's not going to happen, he wants a clean break.But if these are their new roles, then there's a danger they've just been reset back to where they were in about 2013, with both of them, especially Marilyn, in danger of being spare parts. Again, I'm mostly in agreement with you over Jasmine.I think in the first half of the year or so this was all well-handled.You had Tori and Jasmine looking after Grace together, and Jasmine seemed to overstep the boundaries a few times but nothing serious.But then that type of behaviour became more and more frequent to the point Tori couldn't ignore it anymore.But since the AVO, it feels like the wheels have come off the storyline a bit.They tried to explain it away by having Tori say it was just meant to be a wake-up call, but it might as well not be there for all that Jasmine is still spending time with Tori and Grace, usually at Tori's instigation, and Tori seems to be doing exactly what she said she wouldn't, presenting spending time with Grace as a reward for Jasmine going to counselling sessions. I certainly agree that the Robbo storyline was badly handled, especially the way that the initial positive ending to the storyline was completely undone by a bitter-tasting coda in which just about everyone that tried to do the right thing was rewarded with a violent death.That said, I think it's more comforting in a way when the threats are external and we're confident with whose side we're meant to be on.I can see that it's a good source of drama, and I am glad that it's being revisited when on past evidence I wouldn't have been at all surprised if Colby had sailed off into the sunset with his crime undiscovered. But it's always problematic when the criminals in a storyline are the protagonists and it feels like we're being encouraged to root for them to get away with something.It is interesting that the show has chosen Angelo to be the face of law and order, someone who used to be a main character and who some people in the Bay are still friendly with, rather than bringing in some faceless police officer antagonist that we're meant to boo and hiss (see the police officers after Robbo in 2017). I guess the jury is out on how this is going to be handled.
  6. I'm not saying he's irredeemable. I'm saying that I don't like him, that I think he's selfish and childish and not a particularly nice person, and that if the show wants us to like him then they need to stop showing him doing bad things and hurting people without any consequence and without anyone really calling him out on it. Frankly, you could choose a number of "arcs": This isn't just one-off behaviour by Nikau, it seems like every other week he finds something to cause him to throw his toys out of the pram and storm off and cause harm, and he needs to grow up: His behaviour would be appalling even if he was a "teen character", rather than someone who even if he's the age H&Alover says is still closer in age to Ziggy than Bella yet wants to go on acting like "one of the kids".It's no use giving us a scene where he promises not to do anything stupid and irresponsible and put Bella in danger, then about a week later he does exactly that.
  7. And here comes Greg! What role will he play, I wonder..?
  8. Oh, did I stick with "dragged"? What I meant by that was that, as I recall, Bella didn't actually know where they were going until Nikau pulled up in Tane's driveway, and certainly didn't intend to stay there as long as she did. Anyway, Nikau was behaving like an immature idiot again today, and continues to present his choices as let Bella go on her own or go with her, forgetting that he could have not let her go. If Colby had known what was going on when he found Bella in the flat, he'd have taken her to the police station himself rather than let her talk him into letting her make her own way there, she'd have had the police interview, and whether it went wrong or not, she wouldn't have had any reason to run away. But no, let's just make things as bad as possible by taking off for another state, leaving the people she's trying to protect in even more trouble and putting a whole load of people in danger. Nikau's still not very good at reading Bella, who's probably smart enough not to stick to the roads.I wondered if Ryder knew they were missing: Evidently he does but that raises a lot of questions.How exactly is Colby going to keep the fact Bella's missing from Angelo if most of the Bay seems to know? I can understand Amber wanting to ease into things rather than tell Jai that Dean's his father straightaway, but she needs to have some idea about a timetable, or she could end up spending another five years keeping secrets.Dean seems happy to go along with it: As Ryder said, who'd have known he was so good with kids? Ziggy remains uncomfortable.Amber promises Jai some fish and chips and they go to...Salt? Are we meant to consider that Marilyn might be right when she said it worked? After all, it was the exact moment she was doing the séance that Alf and Ryder saw "Hogan's Ghost" in the surf club.Mind you, if he is Evan, you'd expect him to, well, know them.It was nicely played by everyone, with Alf and Ryder's confusion and Evan's double switching between being uncomfortable with the attention and realising exactly why they're reacting the way they are.
  9. Oh, boo-hoo, poor little Nikau, are the big bad grown-ups being horrible to him? Honestly, if you're going to throw spoilers at me to try and make your point... Just because he's conned Colby and Alf, that doesn't mean they're right about him.I did see the episode and what I saw was Bella telling Nikau she was going to run away, and instead of warning someone Nikau went home and packed a bag, and Colby actually had time to track Bella down and have a conversation with her and could have stopped her if he'd known what going on, which no doubt he'll keep to himself so everyone will be fooled into thinking it's okay for him to bail on them and encourage Bella to get herself into trouble. It seems like he was constantly hanging out on the beach and at home, and when Ari or Gemma challenged him on it, he gave them a load of attitude and said he didn't feel like going into work today. He threw a tantrum at Alf because he was in a bad mood, stormed out, rejected the hand of friendship when Alf offered it and somehow still got his job back.And now he's let Alf down again, by doing the wrong thing and helping Bella run away for stupid reasons with stolen money. Given that Ari was in jail for a good chunk of Nikau's childhood and has been desperate to stop Nikau going down the same road ever since, I don't know how much of a negative influence you can say he was on him. In which episode was Nikau treated like a "gang recruit"? Neither Ari nor Tane have wanted Nikau to commit crimes, he's done that off his own back and they've covered for him.Are they wrong to do so? Quite probably, and yet from the way you're talking and making excuses for him, I doubt you'd be happy if they shopped him to the police for his crimes.The police think you committed a crime so you commit a crime? Yeah, that defence will go down well in court.Nikau stole Dean's car and dragged Bella off to one of Tane's dodgy parties in the city, preferring to stay there than have an honest life in Summer Bay.He's as dodgy as the rest of them.
  10. 1. Who says Nikau's a teenager? Well, Mackenzie on Friday. Are we meant to take that literally? Because he was brought in as a young adult character in his 20s who'd apparently been drifting for some time after leaving school and was having casual sex with Ryder's nemesis, and then somehow he got paired up with a girl of high school age and the show tried to make out they're the same age group rather than him being the same age as Ziggy, Amber and Willow. Result: A man-child. But then this seems to be the result of the show getting rid of the high school and the teenage characters but writing storylines the same way, meaning we have a bunch of young adult characters acting like they're sixteen and think holding hands a bit means they're as good as married. 2. Much as it pans me to say anything in Colby's favour, there's no way he'd have let Bella do something stupid like this and make things worse for everyone.If Nikau's not grown-up enough to stop Bella making stupid decisions, then he should have told someone who is.But no, instead he gets caught up in some childish romantic idea of them running away like Romeo and Juliet and lets her stuff things up for everyone, including the two of them.As for Grace, given how dangerously he was driving, he could have crashed the car with her in the back.Or he could have failed to notice her and abandoned the car with her still inside.He didn't make any attempt to get her back to Tori, just rang Tane like a silly little boy wanting a grown-up to tell him what to do.Result? They dump Grace on the Morgans' doorstep and hope for the best. 3. Ari and Gemma have done everything they can to keep Nikau on the street and narrow. He's the one that's committed a crime in the Bay and given Colby a good reason for being on their backs. He's the one who spent months thinking this idea of working for a living is dull, and wanting to bail and go back to having constant parties paid for by illegal earnings. He's even self-aware enough to know his father did the wrong thing, yet he seems to be quite happy to head down the same route himself. He's got a job and yet he's unable to go more than a couple of weeks without throwing a strop and storming out or just not turning up because he's found something more interesting to do. He's ignored every good influence in his life and every chance he's been given and treated the law like something to be ignored when it suits him. Aaaand today. So, all Nikau needed to do to make Bella want to sleep with him was go on the run from the police with her and provide a convenient tent? Bet he wishes he'd known that earlier... Neither of them have thought this through. Ross might have been able to get a decent house for them, but he likely had it planned out in advance and money saved up. Bella has a few thousand dollars (and that was only because Nikau tagged along at the last minute), most of which has probably gone on the flights and the car. Which is a bomb. Nut and berries it is, I think. Meanwhile, Nikau is still treating it like a fun romantic adventure that they can abandon if it gets too hard.But Bella doesn't have any better plan than calling for help, putting them at something of an impasse.She seems to be simultaneously over-estimating the likelihood of them being tracked and under-estimating how much of a trail she's left for Colby to send someone after them already. Talking of which...I don't want Mackenzie to cheat on Ari with Tane, but she seemed pretty relaxed in his company here. Any chance they could just be friends? I'm not sure it was Willow's place to tell Colby that Dean has a son, but it did stop him wanting to knock his block off. (Oddly, she didn't feel the need to tell Dean what his son's name was, since he had to wait and ask Amber!) So, we hear that Jai's five or six.(Were Dean and Amber's hook-ups that spread out that he can't accurately count nine months?!) Ziggy's basically doing the only thing she can in supporting Dean's decisions. It must have been a jolt to Dean to realise his son's felt the same sort of uncertainty about where he came from that he felt when he was that age.I guess there was no way he was going to allow that to continue. Although it was amusing, I'm not sure Alf making himself scarce whenever Marilyn insists it's ghosts is entirely in character.Maybe he just doesn't want to offend her, but you'd expect him to either be dismissive of the idea or, given what he's experienced over the years, be open to it.That's the thing: Part of me wants to pooh-pooh Marilyn's suggestions, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen a ghost in Home and Away.That said, it probably wouldn't be most people's first thought...
  11. Interesting way of introducing Finlay! That wasn't what Ben was after... Ailsa is at least letting Alf see Duncan but possibly not for long... Shock for Bobby!
  12. Alf's episode count this week: Three. Someone obviously decided this was an important week, as Colby and Dean appear in every episode and Willow, Bella and Nikau all appear in four. Halfway through the episode, as we were treated to the cringe-inducing sight of Bella and Nikau dancing on a clifftop in slow motion, I found myself going "Oh good grief, this isn't supposed to be a romantic moment, is it?" My opinion of the pairing has gone from mild discomfort to utterly detesting them together, yet on this evidence it seems the show seems to think they're some sort of long-term power couple. And Nikau is almost as high as Colby on my hate list at the moment. The first sight of him grinning like a loon was so utterly out of keeping with the situation that even Bella called him out for enjoying it, although sadly that didn't last. She had enough bad influences in her life as it was: She needed an adult, not an irresponsible sleazy man-child. If the show wants us to forget him stealing Tori's car to get away from the police and endangering Grace, then having him steal Tane's money to get away from the police and arguably endanger Bella a few weeks later doesn't really help. He's been throwing tantrums and threatening to run out on his family pretty much as long as we've known him, but from his response to that list of messages, he may be about to realise the reality of actually doing it, as he suddenly notices that he's agreed to run off into the bush and live on nuts and berries for the next seventy years just to keep hold of Bella. Dammit, why did Willow and Ziggy have to stop Dean punching Colby in the face? (Are punches allowed at the moment? It seems every other sort of physical contact is!) No wonder he gets punched as much as he does, he's got one of those faces. Ziggy did annoy me a bit with the way she kept interrupting and storming off when Dean tried to tell her anything (although to be fair to her, him choosing to confide in Willow first probably stung).Amber and Dean's son would have been conceived after Dean got out of jail: I'm not sure if we've been told how long he was in there for? Not sure you need passports to cross state lines in Australia, but Currawong is in New South Wales anyway. (So Ari's "Could they have gone any further?" last episode was a bit odd, and may be a relic from an old script before it got moved nearer because of travel restrictions.) Mackenzie gets one moment of awesome with her "Do I look unsure?" Nice to get some reaction from Marilyn and Roo to Angelo being back, and finally get an answer to the question of whether or not he's with Nicole: Presumably Angelo filled Irene in on one of his trips to the Diner. I'm not too disappointed: I was happy Nicole got a happy ending after a year of near-constant misery (a lot of it down to Marilyn!) but never really saw them as endgame. I am more concerned that apparently no-one in the Bay stayed in touch with her if they had to wait for Angelo to turn up to find out (I hope Miles still has her number at least), but thinking about it, Angelo was worried about retribution from the Braxtons when they left and didn't want anyone to know where they were. I love that they credited a character as "Dale the Camp Manager". It's just begging for someone to read the cast list in TV Week and go "Is that the manager of a camp or a manager who is camp?"
  13. Huh.Carly getting it from all angles now. Can Nick actually manage a date with Julie this time?
  14. Well, there is a certain satisfaction to seeing Colby constantly on the back foot.He's spent weeks acting like he's better than the Paratas, and now he's finding that very hard as it's obvious to everyone involved that they've all got something to hide.What's more, it turns out he needs them to clear up his mess as he can't go after Bella himself without looking even more suspicious.The fact that Angelo is treating him like he treated Ari, only a lot more effectively (no aggression and wild accusations, just keeping the pressure on), just adds to it. Did Mackenzie and Amber actually have something approaching a civil conversation? John being the biggest gossip in town actually came in useful for once. Justin's headaches and memory lapses could indicate a brain tumour, I'm not sure if the back aches and stiffness fit in though.No-one really seems to have noticed anything wrong yet, he seems to be just laughing it off. It's almost easy to ignore the big reveal: It might save Dean from Ziggy prying into his other secret, but given he was insisting he was never going to have children, it's a bit of a jolt for him that he already has, once the penny dropped.I recall Willow mentioned Amber's parents suddenly took her away and she never contacted anyone: I'm guessing that's because she was pregnant, and presumably her parents are still on the scene since someone must be looking after her son while she's having sleepovers and all-night raves. (Conversely, I suspect this may be the reason for her sometimes disappearing on John.) Her behaviour seemed OTT at first but the final scene suggests that, despite their truce, she still doesn't trust Colby: Her brother died fighting his battles for him and she doesn't want Dean doing the same.
  15. Carly may have read Ben wrong again, living there rent free seems like it would suit him fine. Ooh, Bobby's going to do something stupid, isn't she..?
  16. Oh gosh! There's always a possibility and I have a few vague ideas, although there's also the concern that fitting in the writing of this nearly killed me at times! Maybe one day.
  17. Thank you for the comments, Chair, Kristen, CaptainHulk, Summer's Bay, pembie and Sunny Girl! I wasn't sure how many people would be willing to come along on this trip into Home and Away's past so I'm glad you all told me you liked it.
  18. That's another one of those episodes which leaves me disgusted at Colby and what he's done to that girl. The fact Bella thinks she can't manage without him shows how abusive their relationship is, and her spiel about how Colby saved her from living in fear shows how much she's been brainwashed by him: She's spent the last year living in fear precisely because of what Colby did, as this episode shows.And yes, now there's yet another person for Colby to drag down with him as Nikau is let in on the least secret murder in the Bay.Colby goes from trying to bully Bella into covering for him to making cloying reassurances about how it's okay for her to drop him in it, and he wonders why she's so messed up she has to run away.Nikau looks way older than her, and yet he's acting like a stupid little kid again: Took him less than two weeks to break his promise to not be stupid and irresponsible and put Bella in danger. This is why I think she needed someone better than him: She's already got Colby, Dean and to a point Willow teaching her a screwed up sense of right and wrong, she needed someone who'd provide a different perspective, not an enabler who encourages her to go against the law. A real friend would have stopped her. Not much else going on, except for Marilyn seemingly getting her feet under the table, Alf deciding to trust Nikau at exactly the wrong moment and even more worrying behaviour from Justin.Was he really okay while he was away, or just hiding it well? I liked Ava's present for Grace, it's easy to forget that Robbo made her Grace's honorary big sister last year.
  19. So, more of Colby being Ross 2.0 and demonstrating that he definitely isn't innocent or a victim.The conflict seems to be between the person Colby wants to be (and probably think he is) and the person he actually is, and between the person he wants Bella to be and the person he needs her to be.I say it a lot, but if he was as noble as he pretends he is, then instead of making empty promises about keeping Dean out of it, he'd be confessing now instead of letting Dean, Willow and Bella get into more trouble covering for him.I'm not even sure why he's trying to achieve: Angelo is more likely to be suspicious of people mechanically reeling off scripted responses than of people being emotional, but maybe Colby's more worried about Bella letting something slip.It's like he's given up trying to convince Angelo he's innocent and has adopted a policy of "It doesn't matter if he suspects us, so long as he can't prove anything." (I think he said Chelsea used to be his wife, by the way.) In contrast to the previous episode, Bella seemed a lot more happy and relaxed around her friends than with her dysfunctional family. Another episode where it seemed like Jasmine was getting it from all sides. Tori's mixed messages are beyond a joke: Weeks of practically stalking Jasmine and insisting she spend time with her, then she starts treating her like the plague, then she reverts to treating her like her surrogate sister. No wonder she's lost track of whether she's allowed near Grace or not.Willow giving her the cold shoulder didn't help, but at least she made up for it. Alf, Marilyn and Roo all lived with Nicole at various points, Irene never did.Not sure their connection went much beyond Nicole being on-and-off with Geoff for a bit and occasionally helping out in the Diner.
  20. For a police officer, Colby is really bad at not being suspicious: Rehearsed answers are never going to cut it because they always sound rehearsed.I loved seeing Angelo slowly chipping away at him until his mask slipped and he angrily tried to make out that his victim wasn't a victim.(Angelo being a lot more successful than when he tried that one with Aden all those years ago...)As ever with post-2011 Home and Away, there's that odd feeling that we're meant to be siding with the criminals: Was that scene of Colby taking a shower while sad music played actually meant to make us feel sorry for him? Nice to see Bella, Ryder and Nikau all hanging out, although for some reason I'm still uncomfortable with seeing Nikau fondling Bella, whilst poor Ryder doesn't even get his $10. Bella still can't be honest about her father of course: That's another one that Colby's turned into an accessory out of cowardice. And I'm back to thinking Jasmine's hard done by.It's not so long ago that Willow sacked some poor woman who forget to open up precisely because it put more work on Jasmine, yet hypocritically she thinks it's perfectly fine for her to leave Jasmine in the lurch to check up on whether her friend's still getting away with murder or not.And Irene decides to side with Willow in a way that seemed to have more to do with still resenting Jasmine for ghosting her than actually thinking about how badly Willow's behaving.
  21. Alf's episode count this week:Four. There is a definite pleasure in seeing Colby do his whole confident thing and then be quite clearly bricking it as soon as there's no-one looking. Angelo's acting as though he's suspicious of him already: I wonder if he's learned his techniques from Robertson, who tried similar tactics on him at times? Kudos for us getting the conversation between Ryder and Bella, which had at least one nice moment when he rescued her from Irene's well-meaning smothering, but she obviously wasn't in the mood to pretend to be sad, or at least surprised, about Ross' death. I'm not sure why the Oz-pace fans are saying Angelo hasn't had scenes with anyone: It seemed like the show made a point of having his first scene with Alf and his second with Irene and Leah, the people who've known him longest. So, yes, today we actually had Irene and Bella talk to each other and still no mention of the letter. Part of me thinks it's been forgotten, but with the promo suggesting Bella runs away (again?) I'm left wondering if someone searches her room and finds it. If it says what I hope it does, that she doesn't need Irene making her a project, then the conversation here was a nice set-up. As was Irene's involvement in the other storyline. It's bad enough that Jasmine is still making comments like "I'll do whatever I can to see Grace", but people like Irene and Tori are saying much the same thing to her and it's really not helping. There are times when Jasmine seems like the most level-headed one. Handing over the photo album was a bit of a dramatic gesture but perhaps what she needed. As Alf and Roo found out, John being back to his old self is both a good thing and a bad thing. Ryder certainly found being his chauffeur a less than rewarding experience. Nice scenes between John and Bella, possibly the most civil conversation they've ever had!
  22. Nope, just a wedding! Glad you liked.
  23. Jasmine's counselling didn't seem to be very promising at first, with her still treating it as something she has to go through to see Grace rather than something she needed for herself.But her counsellor was obviously good at the job, as she managed to get her to open up and realise there's a lot of things she hasn't dealt with, and it was perhaps an important moment when she acknowledged that Grace would probably be fine without her.I thought it was a positive step when she initially turned down the chance to spend time with Tori and Grace...so of course Tori tracks her down and makes the offer a second time and she accepts.Justin has a headache.In real life, it would just be a headache.If you're on television, it hardly ever is. It would have been nice if the show had actually followed through on Marilyn, another one who apparently isn't allowed time to herself without her self-appointed support network tracking her down and telling her what's best for her, noting that she's a grown woman who should be able to stand on her own two feet.But instead we get Alf tracking her down and giving her the same "This house is there for anyone that needs help" speech that he's been giving since at least 2008.We know Alf looks on her as a daughter.We know Roo looks on her as a sister.This is not some big revelation that solves everything. And the return of Angelo, for about two minutes.Given that when he was in the Bay before he was forced to resign over his latest questionable decision, I hope we get a better explanation for him being a police officer again than "They let you back in then?" It's a bit of a disappointment, since he's about the only officer who resigned and stayed gone.
  24. It's been interesting seeing how close Ari and Nikau have become since Gemma left. Not too long ago, Nikau was seeing Tane as the cool uncle and Ari as the loser. Here, he'd almost flipped round although to be fair to Tane I don't think he meant to leave for good, just get a bit of space.So, after all his worries, Ari finds that being himself worked out just fine with Mackenzie.I did love his increasingly bewildered reaction to her tales of her father's boat. Ryder doesn't even get to catch up with Bella off screen! I don't know whether to hope that means we'll see the reunion on screen or anticipating them both disappearing and by next week the conversations will have already happened.He did at least get to hang out with Nikau, who pointed that they've now all (officially) got dead fathers. (Bella's actually died first, but she couldn't tell them until now.) I'm not expecting it to happen and maybe I'm being harsh but it feels like it might be best for Alf to help Marilyn to help herself rather than continuing to treat her like a stray he's taken in.(And he should also know from past experience not to let her do the food shopping.)
  25. This is possibly going to be a bit negative at times because I often find myself at odds with the majority but: John definitely. He made his debut more than a decade ago, although technically he didn't become a regular until 2011, but I'm going to mention him here anyway.It's not just the longevity but the fact he has a colourful personality which makes him stand out. Love them or loathe them, definitely the Braxtons, specifically the original three. (Sorry, but as much as I like Kyle I don't think he reached the same stature.) They've pretty much become the model for a lot of characters introduced since, from the Barretts to the Willow/Dean/Colby trio to the Paratas and even the Morgans to a degree, especially at the beginning. Potentially controversial and I might be proved wrong but I'm going to list Billie and her relationship with VJ here.She was on the show a relatively short space of time but she was at the forefront throughout and got a memorable exit. I've ummed and ahhed a bit over Zac, given how prominent he was at one point basically take over as the father figure of the caravan park house but really I don't think he's distinctive enough to qualify. In terms of relationships, I have to say Dexter and April. I think it was to their detriment as individuals, but ultimately the show and many of the audience do seem to treat them as intrinsically linked.
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