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  1. It should be pretty obvious by now that Lewis really shouldn't be working in that department, and that's just what the characters know about. Using patients' deaths to score cheap points with Christian is bad enough, and now that ending and the promo imply he's actually willing to help them along to make Christian look bad.I know a couple of us speculated that Lewis was planning to do something to that patient that died before: Was he actually responsible, despite Jasmine seemingly interrupting him? (I again feel like asking about post-mortems, but I guess I'll go for that plot hole when it's
  2. I think the last definite news we got of the ownership of Leah's old house was that it was in VJ's name after Ralph Patterson bought it off Josh West. So, it would seem Martha's eccentric messages were going to the real Kieran after all: We saw enough of him from a neutral perspective that we can be fairly confident he is actually there. Alf and Roo make the mistake of treating absence of evidence as evidence:If Martha had been able to see Kieran when they couldn't, then that would prove she was imagining him, but if none of them can see him, that just proves he's not there then. Wel
  3. Alf's episode count this block:Four. Okay, so, Alf was foolish.The doctors argued against taking Martha home and he did it anyway.She might not quite be at the "threat to herself and others" level, but walking home barefoot from the hospital isn't exactly rational behaviour either.And she's clearly not comfortable with his attempt to act as though nothing's wrong.And of course, then Kieran appears.Another hallucination or the real thing this time? (The end of the episode doesn't make it clear, although the promo largely gives the game away.) It would be ironic if he actually returned righ
  4. Wow, okay, wasn't expecting that!
  5. Ah, I wondered if Martha and Hugo would be involved.Looking forward to seeing where you take this.
  6. Irene humouring Martha didn't really help the situation.Even when Martha was trying to get her to tell Alf and Roo what she saw, she was still trying to avoid the conversation, although she did get there in the end.I can see where Alf's coming from but I guess time will tell whether or not it's a sensible decision.At least he's waiting until they've seen the doctor, who would hopefully make Martha coming home be as smooth as possible. That phone call seemed to suggest Susie was up to something, although I guess it's just about possible that she's getting overly excited about her commissio
  7. Intriguing start, looking forward to seeing where you take it.
  8. I don't think any of us said otherwise? And I don't think we're meant to see Dean as a misogynist.Amber seems to think the same as him, and he didn't even know Mac was considering an abortion until the previous episode. From what we saw, it seemed like all the sniping was coming from Chloe's side, at least while Nikau and Bella were there, which was pretty insensitive given that Ari still isn't out of the woods.And then the mixed messages go into overdrive and Ryder doesn't have a clue what's going on while Chloe is obviously disappointed at the lack of reciprocation, although at least th
  9. Keeping Sophie at school is probably the best thing.
  10. Wow, after all that build-up, Paul turned out to be totally rubbish.It was like the show got bored and so decided to write him out in the dumbest way possible.How exactly did Tane find him in the space of a couple of scenes?Did he always know where Paul's secret hideout was, or did Paul actually send him an invitation?Because given Paul's complete lack of back-up, he was obviously going to come across second best in a physical confrontation, and he didn't even have the sense to run Tane down as well or just drive off, just sat in his car looking smug until he got beaten up.Apart from a plot de
  11. To be honest, Alf calling Susie a "floozy" bothered me greatly and seeing it repeated on here as something laudable bothers me even more. It came across as small-minded and borderline misogynistic, and was a side of Alf we haven't seen in a long time. Susie might be unpleasant and manipulative, but I don't see any reason for slut shaming just because she's living with a man who's technically still married but whose wife made it clear she didn't want to be with him. Today and, well, Jasmine managed to put a smile on Lewis' face for a bit at least.Otherwise, Tori's assessment of his attitud
  12. Alf's episode count this block: Five! (This is going to get confusing if Channel 5 don't get back in synch soon...) Fairly sparse for everyone else, with only Leah, Marilyn, Roo and Justin managing three episodes. I still have a hard time viewing Marilyn as any sort of victim.She's spent weeks disrespecting John, then as soon as the boot's on the other foot, she turns on the waterworks and gets Alf playing her knight in shining armour, then acts in her usual rude and childish manner when John turns up.I was glad that he refused to take her nonsense, although they seemed to clear the air l
  13. Glad you liked it and thank you! I did go back and skim the first couple of pages earlier and I was obviously enjoying writing Matt and Evie together, I'd forgotten how much there was of them! I look forward to seeing where you take them.
  14. Greg still struggling, and Sophie as well...
  15. No problem, these things take as long as they take, the important thing is to keep working at them. Been kind of holding off on the shameless plugging but did you ever read my fic Look to the Future, my attempt to get over my extreme dissatisfaction with this period? In some ways it's similar to this, in some ways it's nothing like it. (I had a very small role for Evelyn, for a start!) https://www.backtothebay.net/forum/topic/46838-look-to-the-future/
  16. To be honest, I think they're more likely to take it off for four days than squeeze another episode in. A shame we've just gone past Easter, but I guess there's a couple of bank holidays next month. It'd be a shame to fall a week further behind but it'd be nice to get the proper blocks back.
  17. While Susie's unpleasant and John really needs to stop letting her pull his strings, Marilyn isn't coming across any better with the way she's treating John just as badly as Susie's treating Alf, constantly belittling and disrespecting him and making baseless accusations.So I really can't feel sorry for her at all and those divorce papers are probably about due. Otherwise, not a lot that requires deep analysis.I'm not quite sure how I feel about Lewis and Jasmine, although she did seem relaxed around him.Leah and Justin were quite fun, and Jasmine and Willow had a nice scene together.Will
  18. Hopefully Bobby means what she says. Shane obviously has some ideas about staying.
  19. I didn't realise Ziggy had actually broken up with Tane. Don't see why she should play the concerned girlfriend to a guy that lied to her, she already knew on the grapevine that everyone was all right.Dean initially keeps his counsel with Mackenzie but has an opinion based on his own experiences and a fairly valid one too.Things rocky already with him and Amber, partly down to him not really knowing how to be a full-time parent.A shame that he and Bella are in different episodes for the second week running when we really need to see them talk things over. An increasing lack of logic in Ma
  20. Ah, time for Shane to turn up! Otherwise, still a lot of tension...
  21. Hmm. Very little sympathy for Ari and Mia having their reunion blow up in their face after jumping into the bed Mackenzie had only just vacated.In fact, I got a certain amount of satisfaction from it. Tane lying to Ziggy was a monumentally bad idea, it's not even like she wasn't likely to find out immediately.So, after all that, the Paratas beat more than two to one odds seemingly quite easily.Paul's still at large but if that was all the muscle he had, he's obviously pretty useless without them: Ryder took him down, for goodness sake! It's hard to see how this isn't going to leave the Paratas
  22. So, another reason to suspect this might have been the intended season cliffhanger: It's thematically similar to the 2019 finale, in that some two-dimensional villains whose storyline had already had an ending have suddenly turned up again for an unnecessary comeback tour. I'm not sure what the point was of Heath and Dean swooping in with the cavalry if the storyline's just going to be back to square one a few weeks later, although I guess they stopped Ari and Tane having to go through with the robbery. Despite the attempted misdirection of Ryder suggesting it might be to do with Colby, it's h
  23. Bobby playing a dangerous game here...
  24. Barbara and Donald don't exactly seem to be the world's greatest love story, so I can see her being prepared to keep Bobby and lose Donald. I'm not sure she'd be virtuous enough to help Donald raise his love child though, although she might have maintained some contact with her niece if she'd known. If Donald had known Bobby was his daughter, he'd probably have tried to do the decent thing, although he ended up being distant from Alan and Rebecca so who knows how that would have worked out.
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