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  1. She's friends with Terri Garner so it was easier for her to do it this way.
  2. I wish I didn't know that now
  3. I know the scene you're talking about. I'm sure it was just the side window but would love to proved wrong.
  4. Yeah, I can't un-see that now
  5. Wow, I'd never have suspected that. Was it the case with the original house (pre-fire) too? I feel cheated!
  6. Thanks for the info Dan. You mean it's not a real balcony that you can stand on or access from the house? Just decorative? The bedroom looks really nice now with the big window and the wooden floor. I don't really like the brown/milk chocolate coloured wood in the hallway or the red wallpaper. All white woodwork would probably look nicer. Not sure if it belongs here but just found this cute pic from the 90s
  7. What episode was this? (I'm curious to see what the upstairs of SBH looks like these days... I'm surprised it still exists). They sometimes get the upstairs windows wrong, maybe deliberately to fit with filming practicalities. For example there's a scene in the early 2000s where Kristy is watching Kane from her bedroom window (the "boys" bedroom) but from the outside we see her looking out the "girls" window. As for the upstairs enclosed verandah/balcony. Have we ever had a scene there or seen the characters on it? It's a shame if we haven't. Also have they shown what the land behind the house (where the caravan park used to be) looks like now? Have they explained why the caravans moved elsewhere?
  8. I have vague memories of when we first see Don's new place and he acts like it's brand new - for example, he makes people take their shoes off.
  9. It reminds me of 1988 when we never saw inside his house (until the very end of the year).
  10. As far as I know (I could be wrong), Selina lives with Irene by permission of her mother, therefore Irene doesn't need to pass any official fostering criteria. She's not an official foster mother it's more of an agreement between Irene, Selina's mother, and Selina. Chloe is a boarder and Irene has no legal parental rights - I have vague memories of a scene where Chloe tells Irene she is only a boarder not a foster daughter and Irene therefore has no right to tell her what to do. The difference between this and official foster parents (like Pippa) is that legal guardianship of the children is removed from the real parents by the state and granted (temporarily) to foster parents, which means Pippa has the legal right to make decisions for the children in her care. That's how I see it but I'm sure someone else could explain better.
  11. I'd like to know this too. Probably.
  12. What episode does Jack speak to Nelson after the fire? Also, when Alf first tells Pippa and Michael about setting up the development 300 yards from Summer Bay House, he says his father originally owned all that land and subdivided it to set up the caravan park. Does this tie-in or contradict any other continuity?
  13. Well, she IS the same character, lol. Doesn't mean she's an original cast member. It really depends what Project90 means in his question. (As for Steven, I'm not sure how leaving and coming back stops you from being an original).
  14. Yes although it depends if you are talking about original cast members or characters. If it's cast members, then wouldn't it be Steven rather than Bobby?
  15. I know what you mean. His voice becomes very... distinctive, with the way he pronounces a lot of words. It's even more noticeable when he returns again in 2000. I'm not sure what the reason for it is.
  16. Oooooh, oops. There is something mysterious that I find fascinating about the Beacon Store (Hogan's Store). I don't know why. Maybe it's because I can imagine so much Summer Bay history taking place there prior to 1988 (probably encouraged by the flashback episodes), coupled with the fact there is so little information about it online. I think the fact it looked so old fashioned too, you could imagine it being the centre of the community (as general stores were in tiny towns) in the days before the Fletchers.
  17. Why is it an area of interest? Thanks for the location info!
  18. I liked this location a lot, I thought it suited the revamped interior school set and it was believable as a new school that had been rebuilt. Then in 2002-ish (I remember seeing it a lot around the Angie era) they changed to a much dirtier, grimier looking location that I didn't find believable as a relatively new school. Of course then in 2008 we moved back to the original buildings that were supposedly destroyed in 1996 . But 2008 was filled with tributes to the past so I just saw this as another one... it was good to see the original school again, even if it made no sense!
  19. This is a long shot but any idea where Andrew and Donna's apartment (briefly) was? It seemed to be on a great location right in front of the water, I always thought they should have re-used this in future instead of always bringing in a new set of apartment blocks every time (and ruining the idea of it being a tiny town).
  20. Good question, I don't think so.
  21. Yet strangely a particular poster never picked up on or questioned this one!
  22. She was adopted by Tom and Pippa so legally her surname became Fletcher. She was never adopted by Michael.
  23. I remember at the time of Pippa's 2nd pregnancy, listening out for any mentions of her health issue (and even posting on here about the lack of), but I can't remember what the throwaway comment was?
  24. ^I always assumed she dyed it to look more like the original but I guess not. To answer the other questions - I remember it being Kelly who told Irene she had to stop bleaching her hair because it could harm the baby. It's possible Marilyn was in the room at the time but it was definitely Kelly who said it. It's also possible Marilyn is the one who coloured Irene's hair for her and helped her choose the colour (although it was more brown than red at first).
  25. Why did they decide to get rid of Fisher's first house? I thought being next to the caravan park sometimes provided a good dynamic, and the house was kind of old and musty looking, and full of bookcases filled with books. It really suited his character I felt.
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