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1993 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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A nice shiny new thread for the 1993 season which starts on 7TWO on Monday.

It's a huge season for the show with arguably some of the most memorable and emotional episodes of all time. Below is a guide to when you can expect key episodes to air over the coming season (these dates presume that 7TWO will continue showing episodes over Christmas).

There's also an in-depth preview for the year available on the main site - http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2014/06/06/early-years-1993.shtml

1146 - Mon 9th Jun 2014 - 1993 Season Opener
1147 - Tue 10th Jun 2014 - Lynne McGranger's first episode as Irene / Luke Cunningham's first episode
1157 - Tue 24th Jun 2014 - Sarah Thompson's first episode
1158 - Wed 25th Jun 2014 - Sophie's final episode

1164 - Thu 3rd Jul 2014 - Karen Dean returns
1176 - Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Pippa gives birth to Dale
1178 - Wed 23rd Jul 2014 - Blake's final episode

1202 - Tue 26th Aug 2014 - Angel's first episode

1207 - Tue 2nd Sep 2014 - Irene returns to the city
1222 - Tue 23rd Sep 2014 - Dale's death

1230 - Fri 3rd Oct 2014 - Dale's funeral

1251 - Mon 3rd Nov 2014 - The Summer Bay Musical
1259 - Thu 13th Nov 2014 - Greg starts an affair with Fiona

1273 - Tue 3rd Dec 2014 - Bobby tells Greg their marriage is over

1295 - Fri 2nd Jan 2015 - Bobby & Greg reunite
1298 - Wed 7th Jan 2015 - Bobby's accident
1304 - Thu 15th Jan 2015 - Bobby's death
1307 - Tue 20th Jan 2015 - Morag returns
1309 - Thu 22nd Jan 2015 - Bobby's funeral

1323 - Wed 11th Feb 2015 - Greg's final episode

1339 - Thu 5th Mar 2015 - Irene returns to the bay permanently
1346 - Mon 16th Mar 2015 - Nathan Roberts' first episode
1348 - Wed 18th Mar 2015 - Morag leaves (final appearance for 8 years)

1370 - Fri 17th Apr 2015 - James Healey's (Simon Baker) first episode
1375 - Fri 24th Apr 2015 - 1993 Season finale - Shane confronts Angel about Dylan

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Does Irene make the 1993 credits?

Irene must be the longest running guest to become a regular!

No she doesn't, but when she arrives as a regular it's only 7 weeks to the end of the season anyway, and of course there was another complete overhaul of the titles at the beginning of 1994.

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Irene must be the longest running guest to become a regular!

Quite possibly. I'm trying to think of other characters who made guest appearances for a long time before eventually becoming regular and the only other one I can think of is Peter Baker.

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It was just under a year before Vinnie got to the credits but still not as long as Peter and Irene.

Actually maybe you could say Colleen. What with her making guestie appearances through out 88 and 89. Then the one in 97. Return in 99, but not in credit until 2000.

And then there Duncan, if you can include him.

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Looking forward to this season!

And there was a musical episode?? Don't remember this one, then again I was only Sally's age in 1993! :P

Haha, not quite but that would make interesting viewing! It's just a performance that some characters take part in at the surf club. Bit more info on it in the article on the main site which might jog your memory.

Though saying that a real life Home and Away Musical with some of the cast did make it's way to UK stages in 1989!

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An actual musical episode, with the characters singing would definitely be something haha! Though of all the non-US soaps, I think Home and Away used to be the only one with any chance of getting away with it! Especially back in the days of the orchestral underscores and zanier plots.

When the repeats were first announced, I recall thinking 'how awesome would it be if they got all the way to 1993', never actually thinking it would happen! Massive thanks to SevenTwo!!

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Fantastic to see that we've reached 1993 now. I never thought we'd get this far after the Early Years commenced in November 2009 as I thought in all honesty we'd be lucky just to get through 1988.

This is a huge year for the show no doubt and this year probably marks an end of an era for the true 'Early Years' and a new era of the show begins which is the period of 1994 to 1997.

I'm hanging out for 1995 as well, but anyway looking forward to these upcoming episodes nevertheless. Well done to Channel 7 for airing these episodes, it's been fantastic to relive these old episodes.

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