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1993 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I'm loving this season so far and my favourite character is Irene (as she always will be right up until now) and I love how she's helping out while Pippa is away. She's fitted in with that household. Now she just to interact with more of the characters.

Can't wait til Sophie leaves!!!

And Alf's never changed over the years, he's gotten even more grumpier now these days.

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It's weird. Although I am re watching these episodes and now a good ten years older then the 1993 teen group is. When I watch it I still perceive them as being older then me.

Have to say though I'm really enjoying watching them. Finding my love for the show again through these 93 episodes

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1993 has had a good start tbh.

I am really liking the new teen group but I do feel for Fin being stuck between the groups now. Or Maybe I'm enjoying it more because Sophie is leaving soon (lets be honest we did need a break from the character).

But the main reason I'm enjoying these episodes at the moment is that I know

How dark the show is going to go in the next few months with Dale's death and Bobby being killed off and the consequences of that

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I was convinced this was Sophie's last week so I was a bit thrown that she was still there at the end, especially when we've already had the farewell between her and Pippa.Several of them in fact, although the bedroom scene where Pippa talks about your children leaving home was the best and genuinely emotional.(I almost wonder if Debra's maternity leave crept up on them and they had to announce Sophie was leaving well in advance of her last episode to have a farewell between them.)Her exit storyline feels like a bit of a curveball, as if her story arc's not so much been resolved as it's being moved off screen:Are we meant to assume that Mary and presumably her husband(although unless I've missed something, I don't think he's been mentioned once during the storyline)are going to have more free time and less parallel pregnancies to help Sophie out with Tamara than Michael and Pippa do?Or are we just meant to think that giving up Tamara was something Sophie had to get out of her system and now she has done she'll be able to cope better?

I kind of agree with beau_t's comments on Irene.I can buy Michael and Pippa, who have been close to the situation and possibly know about her off screen contact with Fin and Damian, treating her like a reformed character but it seemed like Ailsa and Bobby were way too quick to accept her as a comic relief character and embrace her like an old friend.Still, it seems someone else realised this and so this last week has peddled back on that and emphasised that even though Irene's not doing anything wrong at the moment people still don't quite trust her, which as I recall is hammered home even more the next time she comes back and perhaps never truly goes away while Fin and Damian are there.

Ah, Blake and Fin.Alf's reaction was in character, Ailsa perhaps slightly less so, and it seems like they're forgetting that Blake's already gone there with Meg.(Hmm, that's a thought, they may have known her time was limited but no-one expected her to go downhill as rapidly as she did afterwards:Did they bother being "careful"?)Michael handled it the way you'd expect, giving Fin The Talk and then leaving her to make up her own mind.Again, knowing their time's limited, and we knew it at the time thanks to the opening credits, it's just a case of enjoying it while it lasts.

The timescale towards the end of the week seemed massively messed up.Michael's meant to be staying overnight at Coral's but he comes back on what appears to be the same day, then Irene claims that stuff that happened that morning was "yesterday" even though there's been no night-time scenes and everyone's wearing the same clothes...

I have to say I've kind of got the opposite problem as Blaxland above, in that I'm watching this through my now-approaching-middle-age eyes and looking at teens who were older than me at the time in a kind of parental or at least olden brother way and having a hard time getting into the mindset I was in at the time.Mind you, I think I tended to have a bit of that attitude towards them at the time:Shane and Damian may have been a couple of years older than me but I tended to align myself more with the adults' viewpoint of them.

Incidentally, Luke Cunningham is of course John Adam's second role in HA, after his turn as Ben's mate Dave, so it's not like this is his first acting role.(Or his last, given his turn as a dodgy swimming coach in Neighbours last year.)Bobby manipulating Don and Luke was crossing the line somewhat so I was glad that it backfired on her.

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