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  1. Remember the writers are writing dialogue for characters here. As regular people, they aren't supposed to know English in the way the the writers do. In fairness I do think the distinction between using 'I' or 'Me' in that sort of context can be quite difficult to grasp, I often get muddled too.
  2. An actual musical episode, with the characters singing would definitely be something haha! Though of all the non-US soaps, I think Home and Away used to be the only one with any chance of getting away with it! Especially back in the days of the orchestral underscores and zanier plots. When the repeats were first announced, I recall thinking 'how awesome would it be if they got all the way to 1993', never actually thinking it would happen! Massive thanks to SevenTwo!!
  3. Yeah I think the 1993-1996 titles definitely look more dated than the 88-92 style. I guess you can't go wrong with a simple black/ white colour scheme and a tidy script-ish font. The Pastel colours and the more grand, 'italic' font remind me of playing about with Paint/ Word on Windows 95, haha. I think the shots in general became a tad cheesier too, looking more and more staged until the 1995 set comes along. I still really like them though and despite the dated graphics, I stand by the 1995 titles being my all time favourite set, with the 96 'revamp' version a close second. Thanks fo
  4. I really think Irene will be one of the victims who we will see get rescued, then the next time we see her a few minutes later, she's wrapped in a towel in the hospital corridor (or equivalent), coffee in hand, insisting "I'm alright darl, I'm just worried about Bianca the poor love"... and that'll be that. She has no partner to break up with or child, so they probably won't see any potential in having her suffer lasting effects. It'll all be about Bianca and Ricky, I'd put money on it. Lynne did only say she was 'involved' in a big action storyline, which she has been, simply by being in
  5. Aha, exactly what I've been planning!... but Neighbours is first (nearly finished on that). I have tried doing a Home and Away theme in the past, as recently as last month even, but I always wind up dropping it before I finish. It will happen eventually though.... ;) I did post one on here like 2 years ago, but that was when I was 100% beginner, so it sounded completely awful!
  6. The visual style they have at the moment is perfect, and the best the titles have ever looked imo, so credit for that! Though ofcourse, I also think it would be nice to have a longer opening, with some group shots in that style. I used to be quite vocal about wanting a 50 second version of the theme (how it was 96-03) but now I kinda get that that is a bit too long in this day and age. I think it just depends on how the theme is produced. The versions used from 04-09 sounded very 'stop and start' and the general sound, terrible and flat. But if they started with "From the very first mom
  7. I don't remember anything about a grenade, but I do recall a scene from around that 95/96 era of someone's boat hitting a sea- mine (like the nasty horrible, scary things below) and causing an explosion out on the water. I'm sure Shannon and Alf were involved. I was only five/ six years old at the time, so my memory may be a bit dodgy, but I have such clear recall of the scene and asking my parents questions about what the thing in the water was.
  8. The people in those shot's could be random extra's for all we see of them. I don't think they're going for a "this week, it's Brax" (It's not him anyway) sort of thing.. more 'teens doing watersport', which is perfectly fine as an alternative to those rather lifeless aerial shots. The style is nice so I don't really care if it's only ever young people.
  9. It sure does! Staccato overload. Had to smirk at Casey's "It's gonna be the same old story, every week, for a year"... Oh really? I do like the new title card though, some nice warm colours... and the first few bars of the music is alright. I think I prefer something short and sweet than that awkward 2009 length.
  10. Bringing back past characters is the last thing they should be doing right now. Returnees only ever work when there is a strong 'modern' cast to support them (1995 & 2000 being prime examples). What they have at the at the moment is 20 or so 'pawns' in a never ending game of tragedy-chess. Likewise, bringing back the classic titles/ theme would only be like slathering icing on a very stale cake. They should divert their attention onto drastically improving all the modern elements of 'Home and Away', before bringing ANYTHING back.
  11. I doubt it. If the theme had changed, we'd probably hear about it first in the Aus closing credits. Luke and Tarryn are listed as 'vocals', and I'm sure the UK get a cut/paste of the same text. I do wonder if the UK will be stuck with the same closing theme forever? XD If I still watched the show I'd shudder at the thought, because it's one of the weakest arrangements, imo.
  12. I think with the exception of the 'strings' version mentioned above, the bars of the theme song have never worked effectively as a recap tune imo. It's neither dramatic, sad or 'funny', so it fails to compliment anything that is shown. They should just use an underscore that suits whatever is going on, the idea of even having daily recap music just seems like such a dated thing. The new one reminds me of the Neighbours recap tune from the early 00's (minus the sax). Again, it doesn't work. Great for when they recap of a fun filled turn of events, but yeah, that's not going to happen. That
  13. What happens to Dag Dog later down the line? Is he just forgotten about and disappears or does he die?
  14. Thanks for that! Great image quality too. I love the 1995 credits, they're the best of the 1988- (mid) 1996 bunch imo. I love how naturally sunny the bay looks, plus there are some great iconic pairings. I could be biased though since these are the first I ever remember seeing
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