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  1. A short, but memorable one from 1995. The Horror music used for Bobby emerging from the fridge, Shannon finding a body after the bushfire, and probably a few more scenes.
  2. I've had too much free time recently, so I decided to to edit the 1996 earthquake to appear slightly more end-of-the-world than it actually was. I originally intended to have voices echoing over the places being destroyed; e.g. Shane talking about how good the house will be for them, students telling Don how much he's helped them, etc, but the disaster sequences are so quick that I couldn't pace them to fit. I've always wondered... how did the Australian public respond to the earthquake story? Because as far as I know, earthquakes in Aus are not too much stronger, nor more common than here in the UK. So did it appear as quite outlandish/ bonkers to have one so destructive hit the bay?
  3. Thank you There is another on the way, currently in the annoyingly frustrating editing process. The music is definitely very special and you can tell Mike Perjanik really put his soul into it, he wasn't just churning out 'anything to fit the scene' but creating these grand masterpieces, some that would be used only the once. He was instrumental to creating a feel of Summer Bay that most casual viewers probably took for granted.
  4. Since one of my favourite underscores popped up in one of the last episodes shown of the Early Years (so far), I thought I would have a go at remaking it. I tried to be as faithful to the original as possible, with the exception of the ending, where I tried to make the lead out a little less sinister, and a bit more emotive, adding a few extra seconds than was heard on the shown. Enjoy! Comments/ feedback appreciated
  5. Remember the writers are writing dialogue for characters here. As regular people, they aren't supposed to know English in the way the the writers do. In fairness I do think the distinction between using 'I' or 'Me' in that sort of context can be quite difficult to grasp, I often get muddled too.
  6. An actual musical episode, with the characters singing would definitely be something haha! Though of all the non-US soaps, I think Home and Away used to be the only one with any chance of getting away with it! Especially back in the days of the orchestral underscores and zanier plots. When the repeats were first announced, I recall thinking 'how awesome would it be if they got all the way to 1993', never actually thinking it would happen! Massive thanks to SevenTwo!!
  7. Yeah I think the 1993-1996 titles definitely look more dated than the 88-92 style. I guess you can't go wrong with a simple black/ white colour scheme and a tidy script-ish font. The Pastel colours and the more grand, 'italic' font remind me of playing about with Paint/ Word on Windows 95, haha. I think the shots in general became a tad cheesier too, looking more and more staged until the 1995 set comes along. I still really like them though and despite the dated graphics, I stand by the 1995 titles being my all time favourite set, with the 96 'revamp' version a close second. Thanks for the update ;)
  8. Thanks, I tried to replicate it as closely as I could and nice idea! Though use this soundcloud link instead of the youtube one, because it offers the mp3 download too ;)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcZozNYEkYs Okay after 4 days of stress, I have finally managed to learn the 'sad theme' that was used from 89-94, mainly for the deaths in the Fletcher household. I tried to make it as 'full' as possible, having a piano only section (as used in Tom's funeral) , then moving to the one used in 93 for Dales death and then back to the one used for the famous Sally/ Pippa breakdown cliffhanger.
  10. I was relatively new to H&A in 2002 and I didn't really pay much attention to the music, but when 2004 came along with the new music style I really liked it. 2005-6-7 was quite hit and miss where music was concerned, there was some great stuff, like the flute composition used during the scattering of Flynn's ashes (and most of the cancer storyline really) but a lot of it was quite drab and almost 'made up on the spot', contrasting the more complex melodies Mike Perjanik would create. I do think late 2007 saw some improvement though, I can't quite put my finger on what changed, but something did and I loved the music all through the final months of 07 and all of 08. 2009/ 2010/ 2011 had some nice pieces too and I'd say the standard of music was better than it was 05-07. I especially disliked the 'dramatic music' used from 05-08, where almost every disaster event would be accompanied by a fast paced digital- percussion-driven piece. They've kept that sort of sound since, but they tend to add dramatic strings/ piano crashes and more authentic sounding drums, which is pretty efffective. I haven't seen enough of the show since the style changed in 2012, but from what I've heard it sounds like all traces of the 'old style' is gone. It sounds more akin to an american drama now, and whilst some of the music can be effective (I've liked some of the piano work and dramatic scores) it is a shame to lose touch with all those old melodies, which don't really 'fit in' anymore.
  11. I think it would work well for any scene that involves Alf reminiscing about Ailsa really, it would be such a nice touch. That theme is one of my favourites and it's a shame it wasn't in use for very long! I think along with the 'general sad theme' (heard when Pippa and Sally cry in bed over Tom) an updated 'Alf/ Ailsa' theme would sit well in the current show, because both pieces were rather simplistic, but very effective! My friend and I have set up a Facebook group dedicated to the music of H&A and Neighbours, where we will post a few 'cover versions' of themes soon, so feel free to join ;)
  12. I really think Irene will be one of the victims who we will see get rescued, then the next time we see her a few minutes later, she's wrapped in a towel in the hospital corridor (or equivalent), coffee in hand, insisting "I'm alright darl, I'm just worried about Bianca the poor love"... and that'll be that. She has no partner to break up with or child, so they probably won't see any potential in having her suffer lasting effects. It'll all be about Bianca and Ricky, I'd put money on it. Lynne did only say she was 'involved' in a big action storyline, which she has been, simply by being in the hall when the bomb exploded, she didn't necessarily say that Irene would having her own personal story strand as a result. Argh, I have such massive long term plans for Irene stuck in my head, from inception to conclusion (can't share, because the writers will never be able to do it then!)... now if I only I was on the damn writing team
  13. I wouldn't say they 'lied' as such, plans are only plans, they don't always come to fruition and I'm sure at the time they did mean for it to go ahead... That said, I do think it's a shame they seem to have put the idea to rest now. From what I understand H&A the only non-american soap that doesn't have a purpose built exterior set/ plot of land to use how and when they want. If they rebuilt the Summer Bay House and caravan park (the sandy, non-council looking one!) it would bring so much back to the show. It's not like they'd be building the exterior for the sake of just one family either, the caravan park can (and used to) facilitate so many, aswell as serving as a general chatting ground. Would definitely be nice to not have every single deep and meaningful on that beach...
  14. Aha, exactly what I've been planning!... but Neighbours is first (nearly finished on that). I have tried doing a Home and Away theme in the past, as recently as last month even, but I always wind up dropping it before I finish. It will happen eventually though.... ;) I did post one on here like 2 years ago, but that was when I was 100% beginner, so it sounded completely awful!
  15. The visual style they have at the moment is perfect, and the best the titles have ever looked imo, so credit for that! Though ofcourse, I also think it would be nice to have a longer opening, with some group shots in that style. I used to be quite vocal about wanting a 50 second version of the theme (how it was 96-03) but now I kinda get that that is a bit too long in this day and age. I think it just depends on how the theme is produced. The versions used from 04-09 sounded very 'stop and start' and the general sound, terrible and flat. But if they started with "From the very first moment I saw you" with a smooth, emotional tone, with the instrumental building gradually with big flourishing bursts as the chorus kicks in, I'd love it.... I can just hear it in my head now XD.
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