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  2. Haha, great chapter! I loved the banter between Casey and Kyle about Jade! A real brother-like relationship. And I loved the mix of older and more recent characters. I look forward to the next update.
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  4. Great chapter, I love all the brotherly banter! Can't wait to see how this all plays out!
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  6. Great chapter Ben playing mind games again with Marilyn and Carly. poor Carly trying to stand up to Ben for being mean about Bobby Brett asked Bobby to marry him didn’t see that coming. Update again soon
  7. Chapter 304 Six days later Chambers residence- Yabbie Creek- Marilyn folded her blouse and put it in the chest of draws. She looked around her room at some boxed on the floor. She was all finally moved into her small flat. It was one big room with a bed, small couch and a kitchen with a separate bathroom. Marilyn sat on the bed and smiled. Her arm was much better and she was able to work properly. Marillyns smile disappeared as she thought about work…as she thought about how much she wanted the salon job at the resort in summer bay. She couldn’t understand why Ben was opposed to the idea even though she would be earning much more money there. Marilyn sighed then smiled. Maybe Ben was getting ready to propose. She loved him so much and the thought of being his wife made her very happy but she really wanted the job at the resort and she was going to convince Ben that it was a really good idea. Marilyn got up from the bed, turned her radio up and began unpacking one of the boxes on the floor There is freedom within, there is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me Summer Bay “Im so glad youre here” Carly said as she leaned forward and kissed Ben's cheek as he drove. “Im going up to see my folks and wanted to swing by and see you first” Ben said as Carly smiled. She was so in love with him and even though he didnt say it, she knew it was a matter of time before he asked her to marry him, and she couldn't wait. “We could’ve just eaten at the diner” Carly said “I thought you would be sick of that place” Ben said “Why?” Carly said confused “Working for Bobby” Ben said “ I don’t really work for her, im the manager remember” Carly said “Cheap labour more like” Ben said “I get paid alright” Carly said “Yeah, while she has money coming out of her ears” Ben said “She works really hard” Carly said “Sure she does..every time I see her, she ordering you about’ Ben said “Its not like that” Carly said “Yes it is, shes probably jealous of you anyway” Ben said “Why would she be?” Carly said “Because you got the looks, the height and you got me…what does she have? From what you said, no bloke sticks around her long enough…not even her own kid” Ben said and he laughed as Carly looked out of the window and sighed….maybe Ben was right..maybe she did need to be respected and compensated for all the hard work she was doing, and all her ideas that had made the diner after dark a success…and she was going to get it… Hey now, hey now Don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win City University- The City Bobby looked at the top of the paper and smiled at the A grade she got. She worked really hard and wasn’t sure she was going to get a good mark but she did. She got into her car and closed the door and yawned. She was really tired because she hadn’t been sleeping much...wishing she had someone in her life. When she worked, she didn’t think about how lonely she was so she spent all her time working. Her catering business was going really well, Uni was going really well and the resort and diner were doing better than ever...but still, she was alone. Bobby sighed then she put the key in the engine, because she was going home to prepare the food Ailsa asked for Alfs party tomorrow. Bobby put the paper on the passenger seat and turned the engine on. She was just about to move her car when she heard a tap on the window, when she looked around, Brett was smiling at her... Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof In the paper today tales of war and of waste But you turn right over to the T.V. page Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa looked at the ingredients on the table. There was more than enough to make the food for Alfs party. Pippa walked int her pantry and looked around at how empty it was. She then put her hand in her pocket and took out the some money. She was supposed to use all of it to get the ingredients for Alfs party but she instead will be using some of the ingredients she had, so she could keep the money. She didn’t know how she was going to feed her family next week, but at least she had money for the phone bill. Pippa sighed then walked out of the pantry and into the kitchen to start preparing the food Hey now, hey now Don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Ailsa walked into the kitchen with the big box and carefully put it on the table. She opened the box and smiled. It was the cake for the party. Alf had been protesting all week that he didn’t want a party, but Ailsa insisted. Initially she was going to have it at their home but Bobby was able to get her a room at the resort for a good price. It had been a challenging year so far, with the court case and Alf having the heart attack, but Ailsa wanted Alf to know that she loved him and was proud to be his wife. Ailsa opened her bag and took out the list of things that she needed to take over to the resort later on. She didn’t want Alf to do anything, not while healing his shoulder. He had fallen and hurt his shoulder while trying to catch a possum that was frightening Duncan. Ailsa shook her head and smiled. Alf was so protective over their family and Ailsa felt safe because she knew that he wouldn’t do anything to ever hurt them… Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof Get to know the feeling of liberation and release Waldorf Creek Inn- Waldorf Creek “That feel great love” Alf said as Debra gently massaged his shoulder “What was you thinking of when you climbed out of the bathroom window” Debra said “I thought I heard one of the kids coming” Alf said as he remembered how he snuck into Debras house a few days ago and climbed out of the bathroom window instead of her bedroom window when he thought he one of the kids opening their room door. “And now you are all sore” Debra said then she kissed Alfs shoulder “I feel much much better now that you kissed it” Alf said and Debra laughed then she rested her head on the Alfs shoulder “Alf…I don’t know if I am supposed to say this…but it feels just like it did all those years ago…between us” Debra said “Yeah, I know” Alf said. He really did know. He was back to living a double life again, but he felt so strong about Debra that he couldn’t be away from her “Alf we cant carry on like this….maybe we should end things before someone gets hurt” Debra said then Alf looked at her “It will be fine, I promise” Alf said then he leaned forward and kissed Debras cheek “The party, tomorrow..I dont think it’s a good idea that me and the children come” Debra said as Alf kissed her neck “Why not?” Alf said “I don’t know Alf…things were uncomfortable at dinner…” Debra said “Yeah…maybe it’s a good idea then I wont have to see Bob having around you like a love sick puppy” Alf said and Debra laughed “Someone sounds jealous” Debra said then Alf pushed her onto the bed and kissed her “So what if I am” Alf said “If that’s the case, I will come” Debra said and she put her arms around Alf “I know you can’t stay away from me’ Alf said and leaned forward and kissed Debra. She knew wht she was doing was wrong. Last time she didn’t know that Alf was married, this time she did…she felt guilty but they were a family…and nothing was going to stop them being together… Hey now, hey now Don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win Background music ends Macklin Office- The City “Thank you” Brett said as his secretary put his cappuccino on the table “You sure you don’t want anything?” Brett said as he looked at Bobby “No, I cant stay long, I have to get back home” Bobby said as she looked at Brett as the secretary walked out of the office and closed the door Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme “Ive missed you…I nearly sent out a search party to look for you in Summer Bay ” Brett said and he reached for Bobbys hand as they sat on the couch on his office “Ive just been really busy you know with Uni and work” Bobby said as she thought about how lonely she has been feeling “Come away with me next weekend, we can take the company boat out for a sail…just you…and me” Brett said and he leaned forward and kissed Bobbys neck then she pulled away. She didn’t like Brett as much as he liked her but that didn’t matter…it didn’t matter that he was in the newspaper with another woman…it didn’t matter how she felt “What is it going to take for you to realize how I feel about you…that I can make you happy” Brett said and Bobby sighed and looked down…maybe this was her chance to finally be with someone who could eventually replace the way she felt about Frank. Bobby looked up as Brett got up, walked over to his desk open and close his draw then he walked back over to Bobby and instead of sitting down, he knelt down in front of her “Roberta Simpson…I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you turned up to the investors dinner looking like my dream…Ive never felt this way about any other woman…you are everything I want…and need..I know you have been hurt….I can make you happy…I love you…and will you marry me?’ Brett said and he opened a box with a huge diamond ring as Bobby looked at him with a shocked look on her face Background music ends…
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  9. Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Friday for no appearance.(Oddly, Robbo wasn't credited despite having a pretty large role!) I actually think Irene was right not to do the Home and Away cliche and tell Jasmine they're her family now.I mean, it's probably how she views her, but trying to make out that it was okay that she had no-one who knew her in childhood or who could tell stories about her life before Summer Bay because a couple of people she'd known a year or so were coming would have just felt like platitudes.Jasmine about got there by her own in the end anyway.She and Robbo seemed to miss the point a bit by asking Tori to do the place names and then sneaking off for "alone time" without actually giving them to her, although she seemed to have time to finish them so I don't suppose it matters.Nice to get updates from Ava, and Leah and Justin provided some nice humour.I'm guessing Brody's old room is going to be a nursery then? Okay, that makes reallocating Raffy's room make a bit more sense. I'm guessing we were meant to recognise Tommy's ring from when we saw his hands the other week, although really, who else would it be? So, why didn't he approach Bella? Did Raffy scare him off? Or was this always strictly recon and he was planning all along to meet Bella during the wedding when it'd take time for anyone to miss her? Not sure why he didn't respond to her texts after going to all the trouble to exchange numbers. He might not want to leave a trail, but given the number of personal messages he's been sending her, it's a bit late for that.I'm guessing from Bella telling Irene she's got a headache that she's decided to do what Tommy wanted.Raffy, of course, was in the year group Bella's now in when she first came to Summer Bay so would probably be familiar with most of her classmates, although Bella might not know that.
  10. It comes down to either the terms or the cost of licensing the song. Whether it's Seven who were unable/chose not to pay for a worldwide licence when they picked the Taylor Swift song, or whether it's Channel 5's responsibility to license the songs for UK broadcasts themselves, I don't know. But it happens a fair bit with the more well known artists. The UK version was a Belgian artist named Alice on the Roof. Of course if they had had an underscore rather than relying on pop songs for big occasions, then they would avoid situations where people around the world see different versions of the episodes....
  11. Why does the UK use different songs than Australia. Especially for jasmine and robbos wedding when jasmine arrives in the car at the church and when walking down the aisle I prefer the Australian song choice than the UK version. I'm glad I watch both and watched the wedding back in July aus version.
  12. Jasmine, Robbo, Tori, Leah, Justin. Yawn. Bore off.
  13. Raffy had nothing to apologise to Bella for. Like she said, she was just worried about her and realised something suss was going on. Speaking of suss, why didn't 'Tommy' make himself known to the girls? Well, I think we all know why. Dodgy. It was funny Justin and Robbo both saying that the two colours looked the same I'm not a massive fan of Jasmine & Robbo but their wedding morning encounter was quite sweet.
  14. I'd completely forgotten about that Dean, it's been a while thanks Red. Guess then Dean did inherit something from Rick - the talent for playing footie. Jasmine was in an induced coma for a time, she panicked when she woke up, wanting to get away, worried David her ex would find her. It is odd she has no old friends she could call on, has she moved around a lot that would explain it. Lance isn't a Fed for nothing, we didn't see too much of his off duty side last time, but he seems an OK guy. Irene dropped hints too but of course when he asked Jasmine she played it down, he wore her down in the end though which I'm glad he did. I suppose aside from Lance and Robbo's parents the rest of the guests will have to be split between them. Was Irene really not in contact with anyone while she was away and only found out Bella had been at the beach house all the time when she came back? They do have these relative modern things called phones and pc's/laptops that allow you to communicate with people even if they are in a different country though you may have to allow for time differences. She nearly caught Bella out on her laptop and Bella neatly got round the ' a friend' suggested it'd be better if I stayed here question. Bella nearly got away with the school excursion fib, but unluckily for her Irene ran into Maggie at the Diner, it may be splitting hairs but Irene did assume it was a school trip. At least that invite came by post, made it look more official. Then Oh Bella - despite the fact she looked doubtful about giving him her number she did it anyway. Seemed she did have his number as she texted him asking where he was. Why couldn't she have gone by bus and met him in the city, but I suppose then it would have been pointless Raffy being there to see him pull up in his car. Was there any significance in us seeing his signet ring? If Salt is still a restaurant I'm guessing there are still tables and they were just pushed to one side for the party? Ryder did overreact with Raffy, she has been there plenty of times to have meals with John & Marilyn and her family and as long as she is isn't drinking no problem, she had her 16th Birthday party there! Maybe it was because no meals were being served so not classed as a restaurant for the night? I'd like to think it was because he seemed to be alone and it was his first time that he told her to leave, but why didn't Marilyn step in? I guess it's still the school holidays which is why Roo didn't kick off as it was a late turn for him and left him feeling tired the next day. He is bound to be over eager, but it's like whenever anyone starts a new job that they really want, he'll settle down. Raffy was hoping to spend the day with him but seeing how tired he was sent him off home to catch up on his sleep which is why she managed to bump into Bella at the bus stop. TPTB did a good job in letting us think Willow and Mason were having fun, they appeared to be very flirty at Salt, then sniggering away in the gym, shutting themselves in Robbo's office, carrying on the way they were when Jasmine & Robbo came upon them. Been a while since we've seen Willow happy drunk, all that 'I love you guys' before Bella dragged her upstairs. Oh those heads on Mason & Willow next day. Robbo did do a good show of not being too impressed by their surprise, but we caught his smile when he turned away from them.
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  16. In her very first episodes, following the car accident that killed Kat. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/jasmine-delaney/
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  18. She also had some storylines in earlier years like being accused of killing Lou and losing Belle in 2009. That's when I first saw her relapse.
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  20. When was Jasmine in a coma? Speaking of, it was sweet when Willow's dad came to see and sing to her when Willow was in a coma.
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  23. We were told that very early on, it was one of the reasons Willow was angry with Colby when he first showed up. I guess there's that lounge area there now but otherwise the bar, balcony and alcoves on the far wall seem unchanged. Given that it's apparently still a restaurant, I'm not sure what the point of that is, it doesn't seem like a very effective eating area.For relaxed drinkers, I guess? Well, Robbo cottoned on to Jasmine's upset eventually with a bit of nudging from Lance.It felt like the episode was trying to trick us into thinking Mason and Willow had got intimate (which I think would be the first action either of them's had all year!) but it was obvious they were playing a practical joke on Robbo, with all that checking he'd be at work the next day.Ryder was a bit overzealous turning Raffy away from the bar (as she said, John and Marilyn were right there) but I guess he's getting used to it and didn't want to mess up.(Did Mackenzie ever come back?)Not sure why John was suddenly begging Ryder to come back one day after giving him hardly any shifts.Was it just a moment's panic because he couldn't rearrange again or does he rely on Ryder doing extra shifts? Bella has gone screaming across the safety line by now, giving Tommy her address and telephone number (although it seems she did at least get his number in return this time?) and arranging to meet him, sort-of in public but without any real safety net if he turns nasty.Irene's kind of busy at the moment, and seems to have only just found out Bella's still living with her, so really didn't pick up on the right things...
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