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  4. Initially I thought Alex was out of Mason's league but given this is a soap concluded anything can happen. Then when he tried his luck with her and she told him she was gay, I wondered whether she was trying to let him down gently. Then it struck me, she likes Willow. I did find it funny when Mason lied about Alex not being his type in order to save face with Justin the next day and Justin wasn't buying it. Not sure what to make of what happened in court. Undecided whether the judge should have allowed Bella to say what she thought Tommy would have done to her had Irene not interrupted them. But what happened afterwards could have influenced the jury. I have to admit, I haven't been paying as much attention to the storyline as other people here. I do think Channel 5 shouldn't have cut the scene with Irene and Tommy when she continued to bash him. If you factor this into the equation with moving him it's hard to justify the mitigating circumstances especially considering that Tommy said he was going to leave beforehand. Although this appears to have backfired on Irene anyway.
  5. I meant the damage to the Caravan Park and then them buying the Pier complex and wanting to resize the Diner & Bait Shop. Well we now know she’s gay (to use the label she used), but I refuse to class that as a secret and if the issue with her family is due to that then it doesn’t count, that’s back story.
  6. Don't worry, those of us who credited you with enough intelligence to think to ourselves, "since it burned down in 1989 then that's probably not what he means, its me who's interpreting it wrongly" as opposed to "Oooh I get to correct someone in a snide manner" got what you were saying. I see what you mean as well! It does have that similar layout. Just awful, cold, unfriendly..... Unnecessary, to sum it up.
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  9. It is the prosecution's job to paint the accused - this time Irene - in the worst possible light they can. The reason why she went beyond using reasonable force argument hasn't been revealed yet. I always thought Tommy had been left outside the hospital not as the prosecution said 'on a pathway'. Would they be allowed to bring in such a important witness like that without prior notice? Was that Irene's lawyer we saw or her barrister or do they double up? I'm supposing we are going to get proper medical documentation that Tommy actually has those injuries, neck brace and asthma or was that a condition he had pre attack. I know Irene protested when Tommy said Bella invited him in - true but then when onto say she was happy at first to get intimate, then changed her mind, we know she never did any such thing, but Irene wasn't there so can't say what went on. Bella wouldn't have been in court to see Tommy give his evidence as she is a witness, but in a separate room but if she had been there Leah could have warned her instead of her only finding out when she took the stand. I think any brother, father, mother would have reacted the way Colby did when he saw Tommy smirking and he did also hear for the first time what Bella actually went through. If it had been Willow who had returned home she would have reacted the same way Irene did by whacking him with the vase and I'm not being ageist but she is a lot younger and fitter than Irene and could have hurt him a lot more than Irene did, but I imagine her response to the 'our little secret' comment would have been different, but how what would she have done then? It seems Bella takes someone else to court instead of Colby, someone she trusts - I wonder who - Willow, Dean, Ryder? She will of course have to give her account of what happened in the living room. Natural reaction and despite their earlier promise but John, Marilyn, Mason and Justin were all mollycoddling Raffy, until she told them to back off. Nice that Ryder texted her. Justin did right by going with her whether she wanted him to or not, she could have had another one. I think Justin seemed a bit put out when he was talking to the others back at the Diner by the fact he'd be usurped by Alex, but no disrespect to Justin or any of them but none of them know what it is like to have epilepsy whereas Alex does. Raffy did let it slip Mason had tried her on the illegal cannabis trial which she mentioned to Mason later, could be possible that Mas may be going to NDH if Alex gets her way. Good friendship developing between Willow and Alex who btw did come across as a bit cagey - did you notice c120701 - regarding her family, Willow had opened up about hers - well her one with Colby, Dean and Bella.
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  11. Have to admit, Tommy played a blinder. Gave an Oscar winning performance. I did wonder whether he contemplated wearing the same clothes as did on the day this all happened or perhaps winking at Bella in court. And I found it funny that the guy prosecuting was deliberately portrayed as evil and perhaps on Tommy's payroll, just for doing his job. I thought all the actors/actresses involved did a really good job upon initially seeing Tommy and his very presence. I especially liked the part where Colby went for him in court. Please no. Please don't let Alex get together with Mason. Not him.
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  13. It makes sense as filming outside Ailsa’s store and even the High School exterior stopped around the same time. I wonder if perhaps they considered moving away from Palm Beach.
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  15. In 1994, (and a few times in 1992 and 1993) H&A did actually get 14 million viewers, so an increase on 12 in 1990. Not sure what was the highest ever figures for H&A. You could say 1990 was not as popular as 1994-1995 for H&A which is when the show was at its peak in the UK, and was probably a threat to Corrie. When you say 2 big soaps on ITV outside H&A, do you mean Corrie and Emmerdale? In fairness I do know Alf Stewart is a UK icon, even people who never watch H&A know of Alf, and hia flamin galah phrase. Also timing may be a factor. I suppose ITV had more soaps and drama than BBC and that weighed down H&A's success. In 1994-1995 you could even argue that H&A was more talked about than Neighbours.
  16. I couldn't say whether it would have affected the actual part of the beach they filmed on or not (given they were at the Northern end in the Pilot anyway), it was more their help with the logistics of filming in the area. It's just one possible explanation as to why it wasn't very beach-centric for a while anyway - I think they may have pulled out after the Pilot, but it could have been later (it was a conversation I had in-person over 12 years ago so it's a bit sketchy). Obviously the surf club itself didn't become a feature in the show until 1989 anyway. Wow. They are identical, got to be the same one surely... unless that particular table was very popular and a common sight in furniture stores for many years
  17. Amazing - I don’t know what that end looked like in 1987/1988, but if it looked like it did now it would have given Summer Bay a totally different feel. I’m only just up to the first appearance of Ailsa’s flat, so I’ll look out for that. I did wonder if Nico’s kitchen table was the table that ended up in the Palace, but it could have just been a new one. I meant the studio set, which could have survived and been given a lick of paint.
  18. I quite enjoyed the Robbo hypnosis scenes, (even though it was a little far-fetched). I'm glad that Raffy made up with Ryder and that they are friends again. I'm liking the Willow, Mason & Alex scenes.
  19. We sure do The frontage has changed quite considerably, but it's still the same house. https://www.backtothebay.net/locations/staceys-apartment/ (thanks to @QUIET ACHIEVER for the pics)
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