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  2. Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

    Moar actors and actresses! - Kate Hood - Julia Blake - Rosanne Hull-Brown (Remember Merle from Prisoner? "I'll bam you!") - Philip Hyde - Michael Winchester - Dorothy Cutts - Desiree Smith
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  4. Brax seemed very unlikable in his last year on the show and come come across very arrogant in 2014-2015.
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  6. But bear in mind that the often ignorantly used statement encompasses a whole range of higher ups, but as Dan says, in the context it’s used here is in reference to the producers/writers
  7. Sorry if I sound really stupid but I keep seeing TPTB everywhere and I don't know what it means. What does it mean?
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    Mostly Sunny 29°c
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    Lovely icons Jen
  11. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    So, Robbo's back in the community; and said community's reaction was so galling that I found myself siding with Robbo over the entire sorry lot of them immediately. It feels like I've missed or glazed over during the Beckett Reid Explanatory Memo, so now not at all sure whether Robbo is supposed to be him or not, or indeed whether to care. But whatever he has or hasn't done in the past, I just found the attitudes towards him of Alf, Irene, Leah, John, Marilyn and pretty much anyone else you might care to mention - none of whom actually know anything about him - to be so comprehensively sickening, that he could have murdered all their firstborns and I'd still be paid-up Team Robbo. None of them have whiter-than-white pasts, although Palmer in particular ought to know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a lynchmob, and to have duly shut his obnoxious trap. As for Ash turning up at the flat and goading Robbo into attacking him, I just have less and less sympathy for Ash by the day - and it means that once more I'm finding myself siding with Tori, Robbo's only in-universe cheerleader, despite reservations over her recent behaviour. Oh, and also Colby, perhaps. I was thinking that maybe I judged Colby and Dean as uninteresting too quickly in my last post; we've had a lot more fleshing-out in the last fortnight, and Colby was the only one who was actually prepared to give Robbo a home - so fair play to him. Oh, and Professor Juliet, who was fantastic and seemed to be channelling Lady Penelope from the 2004 live action adaptation of Thunderbirds (but not the same actor, surely?) As for Dean: I was super-sure I noticed him checking out Ash on the beach in one episode - but then he ended up in Willow's bed, so the jury's still out. I enjoyed a lot of the back-and-forth between him, Willow and Justin, and even found myself grudgingly liking him a little. There appear to be hidden depths to Dean which we're not yet entirely party to, and I must admit I'm intrigued to know more about his background with Colby, and whether Colby's betrayal of him is more than just joining the cops (and/or breaking his heart ). Enjoyed seeing more of Willow's relationship with her dad too, after he took the car - it really adds a fun, human dimension to her character. As far as Roo and Alf are concerned - it's difficult to see how Alf's refusal to help find Martha is in any way justified. Surely when he decided to blurt the truth to Roo in the sinkhole, he must have known that she would then want to try and find her mother, and also that he should have given her the opportunity long ago - or else he wouldn't have said it. Roo seemed to be doing a lot of burying her head in the sand/padding out the storyline through inaction, but then perhaps that's not an unrealistic reaction to something so shocking. I sometimes just go into hibernation when something upsetting happens even if it ought to prompt action, so I wonder if I'd behave in much the same way in that situation. Anyway, I'm glad they moved past it and seem to be getting back on track now. Wonder if we'll actually see any of Roo's adventures in Merimbula. The whole "David takes Leah, Jasmine and Ryder hostage" debacle was quite a spectacle, but David himself was pretty one-note, and I didn't understand why the three of them weren't trying to overpower him or escape - he hadn't really threatened them physically and I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to take all three of them at once. Clever move by Leah writing a call for help into the pizza order, although I'm not sure most of the takeaway establishments I deal with would have noticed if I'd written similar in the comments, seeing as 3 times out of 4 they **** up the order itself. Ryder's health issues seemed to come slightly to the fore as he got a bit panicky and breathy during the 'pizza siege' - wondering if that gives us any clue as to what his condition might be. Aside from her stalky ex, Jasmine doesn't seem to be adding a great deal to the table other than potential romantic interest for Mason, and I'm not really feeling that either. You get the feeling Jennifer is far more into Hunter than vice versa, so that can probably only end in tears - although it's a shame, because Olivia was lurching between being inappropriately chummy with Hunter and revoltingly unpleasant, so I've no desire to see her succeed in her transparent efforts to win him back. I'm interested as to why the writers have suddenly decided to drop Olivia's character down the pan in such an extreme way; she was always moderately annoying but has never been as out-and-out nasty as she has been at times in the last fortnight. Glad to see that Ryder's pretensions to womanising from his early days have proven to be nothing but bluster after all - the poor boy was clearly terrified that Coco didn't really like him, and looked as if he'd never been on a date before. We still seem to be getting the odd longing look in his direction from Raffy, so who knows if/when that will resurface. The Maggie storyline is definitely causing a bit of a turnaround in my feelings for Ben, who contrary to my earlier posts has already out-depthed Brad from Neighbours several times over since the storyline began. It's nice to see the family rallying around and their deciding to be more open and honest about the potential consequences of Maggie's illness, even if Raffy - who suggested that idea in the first place - never got her deserved apology from Ben.
  12. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Ahh, that makes sense, I did wonder why her Dad was happy for her to stay over at Hunter’s house but it’s because he knows Leah.
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  15. What's The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Right now. Rain, thunder and lightning. I’m staying in doors tonight.
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  17. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Yup—it is the same actor as last time (Jacob Allan), he's just got a very different hairstyle and is clean shaven this time around
  18. What's The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Blue skies and sun in London. 83 degrees
  19. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Didn't we already see Jennifer's father last year when she was bullying Coco? . He was the guy who asked Leah out at the diner and she turned him down because she still wasn't over her divorce with Zach It wasn't the guy who was on screen yesterday
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  22. Jen's Artwork

    In other news Bob Morley is letting his hair grow and it is so floofy AND I'M. HERE. FOR. IT.
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  24. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Alf's episode count this week:Three, and he was credited on Tuesday and Friday for no appearance. Olivia made quite a few good points about Hunter, but there was no way he was going to listen to them so she'd have been better off keeping her distance.Suddenly we get a reference to Jennifer's mum, even though Nick was asking Leah out when we first met him so presumably single.Is her mother around but not living with them or something?I did like the interaction between Olivia and Mason, and also between Mason and Jasmine.Him needing a placement at Northern Districts to complete his medical training seems to be leading up to a contrived way for him to go back there.Good that he's going back to medicine but does that mean Willow's have free rein at the gym or is he going to add yet another part-time job to his repertoire?It was a nice touch that Justin was mainly concerned about that while Brody was teasing Mason about Jasmine, even though Justin was again left looking like a gooseberry. The Astonis' long distance breakfast was a nice idea, making Ben part of it without him breathing on Maggie.I'm not all that bothered about whether Coco and Ryder are a couple or not but they did both come across as likable while Raffy continued to be a good foil.I'd assumed Ben's assault charge had been dropped given how long it's been, I guess the local judiciary have retained their ability for only calling cases to trial at dramatically appropriate moments.
  25. As it happens I am bit behind having been away and am catching up. I watched Jasmine's first episodes today - she spoke about being surprised In the car park at work, no mention of the type of work or the sort of place it was.
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  27. I think that while the show did have a good deal of younger characters in its first year, such as the foster children, I do feel the show did cater for all ages at the same time. When it begun, Tom, Don and Alf were all over 40, and Ailsa and Pippa acted older than they were. We had Floss and Neville and then Celia and (a couple/few months in we had Colleen and Morag) as well as youngsters like Carly, Lyn, Roo, Sally, Stevo, Frank, Bobby, Matt and Lance and Martin. Many of the recurring characters such as Walter Bertram, Mervin Baldivis, Doris Peters and Bob Barnett were older. The only younger recurring character was Alison Patterson I think, who had stories with the regular youngsters. And the older characters acted as surrogates to the younger ones and mentored them. They got as much screentime as the youngsters. In 1989 Des Monaghan must have wanted to make it purely a younger persons show. In early 1989 TPTB felt that Floss and Neville were dead wood so were surplus to requirements.
  28. 2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Maybe by the time Alf got the ring he was past looking for Martha? Good for John tackling him about it and expressing Roo's doubts about following it up. He put up a very good argument as to why she should go for it. His journey to find about about his dad maybe have been different, he knew he was dead, but Roo may find out the truth or she may not, but if she doesn't go she will always wonder. I could see why Alf initially was wary of letting her go, but he'll be there for her when she gets back whichever way it goes. What happened though to her ringing the jewellers first? So yes, Jasmine is a nurse, I can't remember if it was mentioned before either, but how long before she's got herself a job at NDH? She was spot on though about Ben staying away from Maggie be it hay fever or a common cold, her immune system is compromised, then she got the news her white blood cell count was down so even more reason for him to stay elsewhere. Sad about the aborted hot air balloon ride, but maybe as it's sickness and if the hot air balloon company has a heart they will give a refund. Hunter was deluding himself that he wouldn't run into Liv at uni, I suppose normally they wouldn't as they are doing completely different classes, even though there was quite a big crowd for their open day - is that what it is called(?) and so of course they have to run into each other though Mas didn't help pushing them together. I guess now she is back to designing for herself there is no pressure to meet deadlines, no-one else to run them past for their approval. For a little while Liv and Hunter seemed comfortable in each others company chatting at uni. Nick hasn't changed at all has he, still comes across as a bully and slightly bigoted. I'm remembering how he was with Leah when she wouldn't play ball with him over the sale of the pier and its surrounds. How did he get the skewed idea because his name was Hunter he must be a heavily tattooed biker? Didn't look at all embarrassed when Leah put him straight either. In fact Dean is a perfectly respectable name yet there just happens to be a River Boy called that. And while we're at it Nick, that usually 'belongs' to unsavoury characters too. Red, I may be being thick but I don't understand your comment about he reacted how Irene should have done? Nick was coming across as an ultra protective parent - single I note from his profile - widower - divorcee. He did go totally OTT with Jennifer and Hunter, dragging off like she was six! Hunter had been perfectly sensible and not brought her an alcoholic drink, despite her trying to persuade him to do so. There is a lot more to their backstory than we know and she turns up at Hunter's asking to stay the night! Mason seemed to have and admitted he did, missed being at uni.
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