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  2. Ok thanks I can't see any mistakes in the first chapter. Can you quote it please so I can edit it? Thanks I would like to hear your opinion on what Charlie's decision about Ruby's future as I had mentioned above at end of the first chapter.
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Thanks for reading Chapter 395 Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Alf looked up as the bell on the door indicated that someone was coming into the shop “Alright sis..ill take care of it…what’s his name….alright…no everything is fine….yeah they are doing fine…alright sis…ill let you know…righto…bye” Alf said then he put the phone down as Celia walked towards him “Who was that?” Celia said “Morag..shes rented Blaxland house to some doctor from the city and I’m suppose to meet with him on Monday and give him the keys” Alf said as he looked at the details that Morag just gave him “I was wondering what she was going to do with that place…did you tell her about you and Ailsa?” Celia said “No..there is no point going on about it until the divorce is final” Alf said “Nonsense…stop saying that” Celia said “Well its true…Ails told me to expect that her solicitor will be contacting me, so she definitely wants a divorce” Alf said “But that is not what you want…Alfred if you want your marriage back, you have to fight for it” Celia said “Sis what is the point, she doesn’t even want to talk to me..I went to Bobby’s and Grant wouldn’t even let me see her or my son” Alf said “You have to keep trying Alfred..you have to keep trying…you have to do whatever it takes” Celia said Alf sighed “Look, Ailsa is working at the diner today..go and see if she will talk to you” Celia said and Alf looked at her “Alfred if you really want your marriage back…don’t stop trying” Celia said and Alf nodded “Do you mind looking after the shop for a little while?” Alf said as an idea came to his mind “That’s fine, I can look after the shop” Celia said as she slowly walked to the other side of the counter “Thanks sis..I wont be long” Alf said as he rushed out of the shop and Celia smiled…. Sands Resort- Summer Bay “Come in” Bobby said without looking up from her desk “I hope I’m not disturbing you” Pippa said and looked up “No come in…hi Chris” Bobby said and she got up and hugged Pippa and gently stroked Christopher’s face “I tried the diner and Ailsa said you would probably be here” Pippa said “Yeah, there is usually so much to get through when I get back from the city” Bobby said and she went back to sit at her desk “Can I get you a drink…a coffee or anything? Bobby said “No..no…I wont be staying long” Pippa said and she picked up Christopher and put him on her lap. Bobby picked up a small toy on her desk and gave it Christopher who smiled Background music- Fletcher family theme “Chan-choo” Christopher said and Bobby smiled “Bobby, why did you go and pay the tuition for the nursing course” Pippa said and Bobby looked at her surprised “You wasn’t supposed to find out…it was supposed to be anonymous” Bobby said “Bobby, I told you I didn’t need you to help…you’ve already done so much with giving me money for the caravan park and paying for me to go and see Frank” Pippa said and sighed “Pippa that is nothing compared to what you and Tom gave me…you gave me a home…a family…and if it wasn’t because of you, I never wouldve met and married the man I dreamt about every day before I met him” Bobby said and she sighed “He asked about you..and I told him about how hard you're working and your business” Pippa said "Is he alright?" Bobby said "He's going to be just fine...I will pay you back” Pippa was interrupted “No…I don’t want you to do that…what I want is for you to be happy, and get your qualification. That’s all I want from you” Bobby said and she smiled “Thank you Bobby” Pippa said “You’re welcome” Bobby said and smiled “I also qualified for the grant so they gave me a cheque for $10,000 that covers all the text books and my uniform…and ill be able to use the rest for the caravan park” Pippa said and Bobby smiled “Good, im glad” Bobby said “Have you made up your mind about the job yet?” Pippa said “No, I’m still thinking about it” Bobby said and Pippa looked around the office “Why have you got all the buckets of paint in here” Pippa said “Well the general manager is trying to bribe me by saying I can redecorate this office any way I want” Bobby said and laughed “Oh before I forget, I spoke to the creche supervisor and they said from Monday there will be a spaced available for Christopher so if you want to sign him up, you should go for it” Bobby said “I don’t know Bobby…its probably going to be really expensive” Pippa said “No, don’t worry about it, ill take care of it” Bobby said “Bobby, you have been very generous..but I think I want to do this myself…its fine..I put the ad in the paper, ill get a good person” Pippa said “well the offer is still there if you want it” Bobby said “Thanks…well we better get going” Pippa said and stood up. Bobby walked around her desk and went up to Pippa and gave her a big hug and closed her eyes. “What was that for?” Pippa said “Oh nothing…just that I’m proud of you Nurse Pippa that’s all” Bobby said and smiled “Thanks…ill see you later” Pippa said “Bye bobo” Christopher said and waved with his toy in his hand. Bobby smiled and waved as she thought about the future and went back into her office and closed the door… Macklin Coperation- New York Background music- have you ever been alone Frank smiled as he continued to read the letter from Pippa So I should be starting the programme next week. I am excited and nervous but I am looking forward to everything. Please tell Samantha thank you for the encouragement. I really enjoyed our conversations and her talking to me about some of the basics that I needed to know. When I got home I was greated with lots of news. Carly got married to Ben, her boyfriend, or I should say husband. It was a bit of a shock, but shes really happy. They are staying in a van for a while until they save up enough money for a flat. Sometimes I wish you were all still young and living at home fighting over whose turn to do the washing up. Some other news, Bobby recently became a foster parent, shes currently looking after a little boy, shes really happy. Hopefully one day soon we will hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in New York. Anyway, I hope you are keeping well and doing your exercises. Please write back and let me know how you are getting on. I miss you all my love..Pippa Frank was shocked to read that Carly was married, but he was happy that she found someone. He knew she was down after the situation with Matt. He was also happy to read about Bobby. When they were married they both decided that when they had their baby, they would move to the city, and while Bobby was at uni, they were also going to be foster parents. Frank inhaled and exhaled. Even though it was bitter sweet, he was happy that Bobby was still doing what they dreamed Phone ringing Frank jumped when the phone rang. He looked at the phone. For the last few days, he had been getting silent phonecalls. He knew who it was but yet he had no money to give Mr James so he thought it would be best to just ignore the calls until he had put some money together. Frank watched the phone as it rang until it eventually stopped ringing. Frank exhaled and put the letter he was reading in his bag. Shortly after, there was a knock on the door “Frank, a call came through to the switchboard for you on line one” The receptionist said “Who is it?” Frank said immediately “Its your wife” The receptionist said “Ok, thanks” Frank said and he picked up the phone and pressed star 1 “Hello” Frank said “Hi Frank, its me…what's wrong with your phone I was directed to the switchboard” Roo said “Yeah, sorry about, I've been having problems all day” Frank said “I know I suggested we go to the movies tonight” Roo was interrupted “But you have to work?” Frank said “Yeah..sorry..its really short notice..maybe we can go after or something” Roo said “No, its alright, I have a lot of work to do here, so I might as well stay and get it done” Frank said “Oh, alright then..I’ll see you at home then” Roo said “Ok…bye” Frank said and he put the phone down. Uusally he would be annoyed when Roo told him she would be working late but for some reason it didn’t matter anymore..like he was used to her saying it. Frank sighed then he remembered how much trouble he was in and took a note pad from his desk draw and tried to figure out he would be able to pay all the money back…. Bayside diner- Summer Bay Ailsa picked up the rubbish and cleared the tables. She put them in the black bag that she was holding and put the bag on the floor. Shewiped down the tables with the damp clothe and fixed the chairs properly. She was happy that she had made the decision to come out today. She had nothing to be ashamed of because she wasn’t in the wrong “Ails” Ailsa turned around to see Alf standing behind her holding flowers. Ailsa began to walk back towards the diner entrance Background music- Stewart family theme “Please wait” Alf said and Ailsa stopped walking and turned around and looked at him “I know you don’t want to speak to me..but I wanted you to know that I decided to move into the flat above the shop so you can move back into the house…so that you Sandra and Duncan can be comfortable..I thought that would be easier for you” Alf said and Ailsa thought about it. Even though she liked living at Bobbys place she did miss the comfort of her own home..her own bed. It would also give her time to gather the things she really needed before she left. “When are you moving?” Ailsa said “Today” Alf said excited that he was making some headway “Right, we’ll be in the house tomorrow” Ailsa said and she was just about to turned around “One more thing” Alf said and she looked at him “Is it alright if I take Duncan for the weekend..I really miss him” Alf said and Ailsa looked at him. She was going to say no but Duncan had been asking for him “Ill have him ready on Friday” Ailsa said then she turned around and walked towards the diner Alf smiled to himself but what he didn’t see was Debra watching them together as she drove by… Three days later Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Ailsa opened her eyes. Being back in the house felt weird without Alf. Technically it wasn’t her house but it had been her home for the last few years. Ailsa turned to the side and looked at the empty space next to her..where Alf would be. Ailsa stretched out her arm and touched the empty space and a tear ran down her eye and onto her nose. She was so angry at Alf…how could he do this to her. She thought that she had finally stopped running when she met Alf…Anyway it didn’t matter now, her marriage was over. Ailsa got out of bed and walked into the living room. It was still really early and Sandra and Duncan were asleep. Ailsa walked over to the phone. She picks up the receiver and dials a number “Graham..its me…I hope I didn’t wake you up” Ailsa said and she sighed…. Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Alf drank his coffee. He didn’t know what time he woke up but he was fixing the spare room for Duncan. All the future he purchased was now assembled and the flat looked nice. Alf exhaled. He knew that giving up the house was the right thing to do, and it appeared to get him in good with Ailsa. Alf smiled to himself… Background music ends Caravan Park- Summer Bay Background music- Fletcher family theme Pippa put her cup of tea on the dining table and opened the file she got from the hospital. She woke early still excited that she was going to be starting her course in two weeks. She looked at her classes schedule again and the list of books that she had to get. She noticed that some would be available from the hospital but the others she would need to get from the city. She made a note to see if Bobby would be able to get them for her next week. She noticed that there was some pre class reading that she had to do and she would be taking a test which made her anxious. Pippa looked up from the folder when she heard the door open “You’re up early” Pippa said as Carly came in yawing “I wanted to go and look at a couple of flats today” Carly said “Sweetheart, there really isn’t any rush..you are welcome to stay in the van as long as you want” Pippa said “I know, but it doesn’t feel like im married if I still live at him” Carly said “I understand..what time will you be back? Im interviewing another potential nanny today” Pippa said “I thought you liked the one from yesterday?” Carly said confused “I did, but she lives in Waldorf Creek. I asked her if she would board and I didn’t get the impression that she wanted to, so ill see what the one today says” Pippa said “What time is she coming? Carly said “She should be here at 11am” Pippa said “Ok, ill try to be back by then” Carly said then she walked towards the stairs as Pippa smiled and looked at the pre class reading she had to do…. Background music ends Simpson Residence- Summer Bay “You sure you have enough stuff” grant said as he watched Bobby put a suitcase into the back of her car “Well you can never be too careful” Bobby said and she smiled “yeah but for a weekend it looks like you’ve packed the whole house up” Grant said looking at Bobby who laughed “anyway, we better get on the road. I have to go over to the resort first before we head off” Bobby said as she got into her car Bobby looked behind her to make sure that Sam was strapped in his booster seat “Do you have a number of a hotel I can call in case of emergencies?” Grant said “No, ill call when I get there” Bobby said and smiled as Grant looked at her “I better get to work before the boss fires me..have a good time mate” Grant said as he looked into the car. Sam smiled and waved at him “See you later” Bobby said and smiled then she drove off. Grant sighed as he watched Bobby drive away. Something didn’t feel right to him…something felt off Bobby smiled as she drove away. She looked in rear view mirror and smiled at Sam..the future was going to be amazing and she couldn’t wait…. Caravan Park- Summer Bay Pippa put the laundry in the washing machine as she tried to remember the physiology terms she was learning earlier when she heard a knock at the door. She walked towards the door “Hello can I help you?” Pippa said and a young woman turned around “Hello I’m looking for Mrs Fletcher please” She said “I’m Mrs Fletcher” Pippa said “Hi Mrs Fletcher, I’m Finlay, I’m here for the interview about the nanny position” Finlay said and smiled at Pippa Sands resort- Summer Bay Bobby walked out of the creche holding Sams hand. She had finished everything she needed to to, and now her and Sam were going. Bobby walked out of the resort and inhaled the air. It wasn’t too cold but not too warm either “Grant what are you doing here? Bobby said surprised to see Grant standing by her car. Grant looked at Bobby then he exhaled “I came to see you” Grant said “Is there something wrong? Bobby said as she looked at Grant confused “Bobby…I know what you’re doing” Grant said as Bobby opened the car door and Sam climbed in the back “Doing? I'm not doing anything” Bobby said. Just as she was about to reach for the driver door Grant stood in the way “The last few days you said a few things that didn’t add up..and today I noticed that you packed quite a lot of things” Grant said “So? Like I said I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed” Bobby said looking at Grant.. “You’re trying to run away…with Sam… because he has to go back to his mum” Grant said hoping that his hunch was right. Bobby looked up at him and sighed…. Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Here you go” Pippa said as she put a cup in front of Finlay. “So, tell mem about yourself” Pippa said “I'm 19 I finished high school in Townsville and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I most recently worked in the city for a year for a British family as a nanny, but they are relocating back to England next week. I was actually passing through Summer Bay and saw the ad in the paper just before I called you” Finlay said. Pippa noticed how pretty she was and how she was very engaging with Christopher “As I explained on the phone, I wont be able to pay much, but you can have one of the vans, and you are welcome to have free food as well” Pippa said “That sounds like a great offer Mrs Fletcher” Finlay said “The job will be Monday to Friday 8am- 5pm and the weekends are yours” Pippa said “Thanks….how far is the beach from here?” Finlay said “About a 10 minute walk” Pippa said “Do you have any questions for me?” Pippa said “Does Christopher have any special dietary requirements?” Finlay said which impressed Pippa “No he pretty much eats anything” Pippa said “Does he have any allergies?” Finlay said “No, not to my knowledge” Pippa said “I have all had all my vaccinations” Finlay said and she took out a small folder from her bag. Pippa opened it and saw that she was correct “Did you bring the details of your references?” Pippa said “Yes I did” Finlay said and she took out a piece of paper with two numbers on it “ I worked for two families in the city, The first number is the first family I worked for” Finlay said “Why did you leave there?” Pippa said “The little girl I was looking after started kindergarten” Finlay said and Pippa nodded “The second number is the family who are relocating to England” Finlay said “Ok..Do you have a contact number for yourself? Pippa said “I am staying with my cousin in the Yabbie Creek, but she just changed her number recently, and I don’t know the new number…can I call you in a couple of days if that’s enough time to contact the references?” Finlay said “Ok” Pippa said “Mrs Fletcher when does the position start” Finlay said as she passed Pippa the paper “Well I start my programme Monday week but I would want you to start Wednesday so that Christopher can get used to you” Pippa said and Finlay smiled “Does that mean I got the job?” Finlay said excited? “Well I would need to speak to your references first….and if they are good..the job is your if you want it” Pippa said “Yes please Mrs Fletcher “ Finlay said and Pippa smiled…she knew that she was making the right choice… The Beach- Summer Bay Background music- Frank and Bobbys theme Bobby smiled as she watched Sam building a sand castle “I guess I wasn’t thinking straight” Bobby said as she put her head down and stared at the sand “Everything I’ve ever loved has always been taken away from me…my mum…Frank..Thomas” Bobby said and she looked up and into the ocean “I just didn’t want it to happen again” Bobby said and Grant sighed “When I got Sam…I thought that this was finally my chance to be happy….have someone of my own who needed me…who wanted to be with me…who wasn’t going to leave me” Bobby said as a tear ran down her cheek “But the deal with fostering…its temporary…you know that” Grant said “I know…I just thought that maybe….maybe Sam’s mum wouldn’t want him back…maybe her life was better without him and he could stay with me” Bobby said as she wiped a tear from her cheek “I was so lonely Grant…I just want someone of my own” Bobby said as more tears ran down her cheeks. Grant leaned forward and put his arm around Bobby to comfort her. He liked her a lot..she was like a little sister to him. When the town turned on him, she was the only one who was there for him…gave him a home and a job. He wished he could do more to help her. Bobby sighed then she wiped her face with the back of her jacket “Anyway..it was a stupid idea…I don’t know why I should ever expect a happily ever after…it’s never written in the stars for Bobby Simpson” Bobby said shaking her head and looking at Sam “It will happen for you Bobby…I promise…it really will happen for you” Grant said and Bobby shook her head “I learned a long time ago that promises are meant to be broken” Bobby said and she wiped her face again “Bobby look” Bobby turned around to see Sam pointing at what was supposed to be a sand castle “Great job Sam” Bobby said smiling…trying to hid from Sam the pain she was feeling…the pain of knowing that she was going to be alone again.. Background music ends
  5. Thanks for reading Chapter 394 Police Station- Summer Bay “Ok, well can you please tell her that I called…she can call me back tomorrow or something” Nick said “Thanks…bye” Nick said and he put the phone down. He was surprised that Julie had gone to bed early according to her dad. He really wanted to speak to her tonight…tell her how much he missed her but it didn’t matter..they were going to have a nice weekend away…and he couldn’t wait.. Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobbby smiled as she looked at Sam who was fast asleep. For some reason she never got to the end of the story before he fell asleep. Bobby gently kissed the top of his head, put the book on the shelf and closed the door quietly behind her as she left the room. As she walked past the bedroom she could hear Viv and Sandra quietly giggling and she smiled to herself. She was about to go into her room but felt like having some tea and walked downstairs to see Grant standing in the kitchen “The kettle is still hot” Grant said “Thanks. How was the movie?” Bobby said “Well..the girls enjoyed it” Grant said and Bobby laughed “Thanks for taking them..at least it keeps all their minds off what is going on right now” Bobby said “Yeah I know…Sam asleep?” Grant said “Yeah, for some reason he nods off just before we get to the end of the story..i’m going to need some more recommendations since they appear to do the trick” Bobby said and she put some hot water into a cup and put a tea bag in it “He probably has some favourites at his home..it was really nice having the little guy here” Grant said as he drank some of his tea “Yeah…don’t forget I’m away this weekend” Bobby said and smiled “Hey, were up the coast are you going? I know some great places to visit” Grant said “Thanks…but we’re just going to figure it out when we get there..you know start at the zoo and go from there” Bobby said “Well you’re only going for two days…you really should have a plan” Grant said “Yeah, I got a plan and a few places were I want to go” Bobby said “Right…well if you need any recommendations” Grant was interrupted “Thanks..ill think we’ll be fine…anyway I better get to bed…got a long day tomorrow..night” Bobby said and she walked up the stairs “alright…night” Grant said. Something about the conversation he had with Bobby felt a bit odd but he couldn’t figure it out. Grant sighed then he turned off the light, walked into his room and closed the door Wilson Residence- The City Matt yawned as he closed his bedroom door. The day had been really long and he was tired. He made a note to call Narelle tomorrow because she had missed another day of work. What he really wanted was to make sure she would be working at the weekend, because he was burnt out and was going to do what his mum said about going to Waldorf Creek to see his grandparents, then he would stop in Summer Bay to catch a few waves. Matt smiled, he hadn’t surfed in a long time and he really missed the beach…he missed Summer Bay…but most of all..he missed Carly… Caravan Park- Summer Bay Carly and Ben kissed. “Pippa offered for us to stay in the house” Carly said “I’m not staying in there” Ben said as he kissed Carly’s “Yeah I don’t want to be in their either, so Pippa said we can stay in the van rent free, but I said no we will pay our way” Carly said and Ben stopped and looked at her “What did you say that for?” Ben said “I told you that the caravan park was having some financial issues…its only going to be for a little while until we get our own place” Carly said “So you make the decisions in this marriage?” Ben said “No, I just feel bad taking money from the caravan park when Pippa needs it” Carly said “She can use that grant money for the nursing thing shes going to do…she doesn’t look like shes going to be any good at it anyway” Ben said “I know that you are having trouble getting your money from your boss..its fine, ill continuing paying for this van” Carly said “You don’t think I can pay my own way?” Ben said “Im not saying that. We are a married couple now..we are supposed to share the financial responsibilities” Carly said as she put her arms around Ben and caressed his neck as he stared at her. “Oh before I forget, the money you wanted to fix your car is on the table” Carly said and smiled “I love you” Ben said and Carly smiled “I love you too” Carly said and she hugged Ben as he smiled to himself Diner- Summer Bay “Ailsa…I wasn’t expecting to see you here…how are you love” Colleen said as Ailsa walked through the door “Fine Colleen” Ailsa said as she walked into the kitchen “Hello boss” Grant said as he took out the rubbish and Ailsa smiled “How are you coping love…we’re all on your side” Colleen said “I’m fine” Ailsa said as she washed her hands “Well if you need anyone to talk to..you know I’ve been where you are” Colleen was interrupted “There is a customer” Ailsa said and she pointed and Colleen smiled and walked out of the kitchen “Nice to see you here” Grant said “I didn’t want to be couped up in the hosue all day…I think I’ve done enough of that” Ailsa said “So do I assume you have made a decision to stay?” Grant said and Ailsa sighed and shook her head no “Well you did promise Bobby that you would think about it” Grant said “Ive done nothing but think about it” Ailsa said “I think you should think about it some more…I would hate to see you leave your home and life, but I would understand if you go…I better take the rubbish out” Grant said and smiled. Ailsa smiled back as she watched him walk out of the kitchen and sighed…. Caravan Park “Good morning Mrs Fletcher” Ben said as he watched Pippa put Christopher into his car seat “Hello Ben” Pippa said and smiled “I just wanted to say thanks, Carly said you offered us a place in the house” Ben said “You are more than welcome to stay, there is enough space” Pippa said “I appreciate the offer..but we really want to make it on own.. I’m happy that Carly said we would pay our own way in a van” Ben said “You really don’t need to pay me anything” Pippa said “Well Carly said you are having some financial difficulties, so we want to do what we can to help out” Ben said and Pippa looked surprised that Carly would tell him that “Oh..Im sorry…I didn’t know that it was a secret..i promise I wont mention it to anyone else” Ben said “Thanks…and as my wedding present to you and Carly, you can stay in the van free of charge” Pippa said “No Mrs Fletcher we cant do that..we cant put you out like that” Ben said “I insist” Pippa said “What about Carly?” Ben said “You leave Carly to me..as long as you don’t tell her we had this conversation” Pippa said “My lips are sealed” Ben said and he ran his fingers along his mouth as Pippa smiled “Ok…well ill see you later” Pippa said and she got into the car “Bye” Ben said as he waved and laughed to himself as Pippa drove away City University- The City Bobby looked out of the window as her study group members discussed the project they just finished to figure out if they needed to add anything else. “Bobby, what do you think…Bobby” Brett said and Bobby turned around “Sorry, did you say something?” Bobby said “Youre miles away…do you think we need to add anything else before we hand this in?” Brett said “I think its fine, but if you lot want to add something, its fine by me” Bobby said and smiled “Well I think its fine..the sooner we get it in, we can get it back on Monday?” Brett said “Whatever is fine with me” Bobby said and smiled…what she really wanted to say was it didn’t matter what was added because she wouldn’t be here on Monday to find out what mark they got anyway. Bobby smiled and she turned and looked out of the window thinking about how great life will be… General Hospital- Summer Bay “Ok, ill just need your signature here…and here” The administrator said Pippa picked up the pen on the table and signed in the places that she was instructed to do. She had just finished filling out the application to start the course in two weeks. She was both nervous and excited. It had been a long time, but she was hoping that when she started the course, things would become familiar again. “That’s great, ill just run the application through to the head of the department. If you would like to take a seat outside…hopefully I should get a decision for you shortly” The administrator said “Thanks” Pippa said and got up from the chair and pushed a sleeping Christopher in his pushchair outside. “I wont be long’ The administrator said as Pippa sat down in the waiting area “Ok thank you” Pippa said as she watched the administrator walk away. Pippa exhaled. She felt butterflies in her stomach. When she gave up nursing she never knew that she would ever return. At first she didn’t even want to consider it when Tom suggested the idea but raising a family had become her priority to her that for a long time she didn’t miss nursing until she went to see Frank. Pippa crossed her fingers, she really needed this grant money for the course then once she requalified, she would be in a better financial position to take care of her family and the caravan park... Macklin Cooperation- New York Frank bit into his sandwich and put it down. He picked up the report he was working on and read it to make sure there were no mistakes then the phone began to ring “Frank Morgan” Frank said when he picked up the phone receiver. He didn’t hear anyone at first but he smiled and waited…maybe it was Sally or Steve calling him. “Hello” Frank said with a smile on his face then he looked up at the clock and his smile disappeared. Steve and Sally would be in school by now. Frank froze…he knew who it was. His heart began to beat fast then he heard the person on the other end of the line put the phone down. Frank sighed and put the phone down. He had to figure out this problem before he got himself inro trouble again….. General Hospital- Summer Bay Pippa looked at her watch, the administrator had been gone for a while. Pippa walked around the waiting room looking at all the photos of happy patients and the cards and letters they wrote to the nursing staff. Pippa smiled as it made her feel excited then she started to feel a little bit sad because if the grant application didn’t go through, there was no way she was going to be able to afford the tuition, and she didn’t want to rely on handouts. Pippa sighed and she continued looking at the cards pinned to the wall. One card stood out and she opened it and read it out loud “Thank you for making me happy nurse, from Tom” Pippa said and smiled as she felt an unusual feeling of calm come over her “Pippa Fletcher” Pippa turned around to see the administrator at her office door “Would you like to come in?” The administrator said and immediately Pippa’s heart sank…she knew it was not good news. Pippa pushed a sleeping Christopher into the office and sat down and waited “Well first of all, you have been accepted into the programme so congratulations” The administrator said “And your grant application of $10,000 was approved” The administrator said and Pippa put her hand on her chest smiled and slowly exhaled in relief “Thank you” Pippa said and smiled So I will give you a list of the materials you will need which include your text books and uniform” The administrator said and Pippas heart sank “Oh..I thought the grant would cover all of that? Pippa said disappointed. She didn’t have the money to buy any books…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all “No, the grant only covers the tuition” The administrator said “How much will the materials cost?” Pippa said “Let me just check….the total will be $2000” The administrator said “Right…I’m not sure if I can afford that..I think I need to postpone starting until I can afford it…Im really sorry to have wasted your time” Pippa said and she began to get up “Please wait…something interesting just happened” The administrator said “What is it?” Pippa said dejected and sat down. She didn’t want to hear any more good news “As I was leaving the finance office, my colleague double checked something and noticed that your tuition has already been paid” The administrator said as Pippa looked at her confused “There must be a mistake, I cam here yesterday and didn’t fill out any forms” Pippa said confused “No..no mistake” The administrator said “I don’t understand..what does that mean?” Pippa said “Well it means that your tuition for the programme has been paid, and you still get to keep the $10,000 grant money” The administrator said and Pippa looked at her in shock “I don’t understand…first of all, I don’t know how the tuition wouldve been paid…I just came here yesterday” Pippa said “The finance department gave me a name..let me just tell you” The administrator said and she opened Pippa’s file and looked through her notes “Yes, we have a Ms Roberta Simpson….she came in this morning and paid the tuition in full” The administrator said and Pippa closed her eyes and exhaled “Is that a relative or something?” The administrator said and Pippa nodded “Yes…my daughter” Pippa said “You have a wonderful daughter” The administrator said and Pippa smiled “Thank you” Pippa said “Well here is all the information you need, your classes, the materials you will need” The administrator said and she handed Pippa a big file “Thank you” Pippa said. She was still shocked that Bobby paid the tuition “Oh before I forget, here is your cheque” The administrator said and handed Pippa the check “Thank you” Pippa said “If there is nothing else, we will see you in two weeks” The administrator said and smiled “Thank you…have a good day” Pippa said still in shock as she put the big file under her arm, and pushed Christopher out of the office “Oh sorry” Pippa looked up when she noticed she had bumped into someone “That’s ok, it was my fault for not looking where I was going” the man said and smiled as Pippa walked away. He looked behind him and realized that he had seen her before…he always remembered an attractive face “Dawn, do I have any messages?” The man said as he walked into the office “Yes doctor” The administrator said and handed the doctor some notes and letters “By the way, who was that lady?” the doctor said “She is one of the new students on the accelerated nursing programme…Philippa Fletcher..she will be in your physiology class” The administrator said “Right…by the way, can you please have the department correct my details on the listing, for some reason they have my name spelt wrong it should be Dr Ian Routledge…Ian with and I not an E..also I will be moving soon, so here is my new address.. 128 Blaxland house…Summer Bay” Dr Routledge said and smiled “ill get that taken care of straight away doctor” The administrator said and Dr Ian Routledge smiled and walked out of the office Background music Fletcher family theme Pippa rushed to put Christopher in his seat as it was going to rain soon. She strapped him in and closed the car door and exhaled. She felt so overwhelmed by what she happened. She couldn’t believe that Bobby would pay the tuition and she also got money for the materials she needed and some left over to take care of the bills at the caravan park. She would have to find a away to pay Bobby back as soon as she started nursing. Pippa closed her eyes and exhaled then she felt a single raindrop on her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky “Thank you Tom” Pippa said and smiled and got into her car and drove away… Background music ends….
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  7. Hi Brilliant start to the rewrite but just one thing is to watch. When you are closing speech it's a, not a . before the ".
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  9. Swimming For Gold (its got Martin Dingle Wall in it) its a very Disney channel tween type movie
  10. **checks to see if someone has asked what the name of the song is that Bella and Nik danced to on the mountain in slow Mo**
  11. I really enjoyed the first chapter of this story looking forward to reading more. I think that Charlie should keep Ruby and look after her.
  12. Hey guys! I am back! I wanted to apologise for what happened with my previous fanfiction; 'Life At Summer Bay' and I had it deleted because I wasn't happy with the direction I had taken it in really. I had decided to rewrite my FIRST Home and Away fanfiction 'The Beginning' about Charlie and Ruby's mother-daughter relationship and their lives in Summer Bay, etc.... I had written it in January 2010 and completed it in December 2012 with 57 chapters on my other BTTB account when I was ~JarlieFanEver~ So I decided to rewrite it but it will be kinda of different and etc...from my previous fanfiction. Yeah I had written 12 fanfictions from 2010 to 2017, hehe, and I must be rewriting a few of them as well Reposting my ad for my first Home and Away fanfiction I had written in 2010... Title of story: The Beginning Type of Fic: Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Charlie and Ruby, other characters involved Genre: Tragedy, Drama and Family, Teen and Romance, Friendship, Betrayal Does it contains spoilers: Nah Warnings: Adult Content, Violence/Death, Language and Sexual Content Story beginning read-proofed?: No Summary: This is about the mother-daughter relationship between Charlie and Ruby including their lives in Summer Bay. And of course, it involves their family and friends, their lives in Summer Bay. CHAPTER ONE Charlie Buckton was born on the 1st of January 1980 in a sleepy little coastal town named Summer Bay. Her parents-Ross Buckton and Elise Daniella-wanted her to be raised there because they had been living in Summer Bay all their lives since they were born as Ross and Elise were childhood best friends and sweethearts. They got married a year before Charlie was born. Ross was a detective at Yabbie Creek Police Station and Elise worked at a charity store in Yabbie Creek Ross’s parents both died in a car accident when he was 18 years old and he was their only child. Elise was the only child of her parents too. Elise’s mother died from terminal cancer when Elise was eight years old and then Elise’s father died of a heart attack a couple months after witnessing his daughter’s wedding to his son-in-law. Ross and Elise would always do anything to make sure that their daughter had a happy and stable life in Summer Bay surrounded by their friends and neighbours, everyone whom they knew and got on with very well. Charlie loved living in Summer Bay and she never wanted to leave the Bay neither wanted to move away because Summer Bay had been always her home where she was born and raised all her life. She loved all her family and friends including everyone whom she got on with very well... When Charlie was twelve years old, she was raped by a local boy-named Grant Bledoce who was four years older than her-in the bushes because she rejected his advances when he tried to ask her out on dates several times but she refused. Left reeling with humiliation and anger after beginning rejected by her, Grant confronted Charlie that day down the pathway where the bushes. And then it was where he dragged her into the bushes when she fought and struggled against him. Charlie cried and pleaded with him to stop but he laughed in her face and called her a little sooky kid when he raped her. The rape had left Charlie terrified and traumatized, alone, scared and lost so she never told her parents neither anyone about what Grant did to her until it was all revealed five months later after she found out she was five months pregnant and it was too late for her to have a termination. With the support of her parents and friends, Charlie told the police everything from the beginning to the end about what Grant did to her in the bushes. But Grant denied everything when the police questioned him. Later on, when Charlie walked into the Diner when she saw Grant sitting there at a table so she scowled in both anger and disgust at the sight of the boy who had robbed her of her innocence so she decided to confront her rapist and face her demons... Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Charlie stormed over to Grant's table-finally revealing her anger and emoticons as she went off at Grant telling him what she thought of him and how she hated him for what he did to her five months ago in the bushes. The whole Diner were staring at the scene and listening to the little girl's outburst. "You know what?! I would never let you be a part of my baby's life and you don't deserve to be its father at all! Because of what you did! You took my innocence away when you raped me in the bushes! I pleaded and cried for you to stop but you laughed in my face and called me a little sooky kid when you were doing this to me! i am going to make sure one day that my baby would know everything about you and what you did to me, and that you are nothing but a little pathetic piece of ****! I will never, never forgive you for what you did to me! Never! Gosh I was so afraid of you! I was scared and defenceless, powerless, alone and lost! I had been carrying this secret for the last five months because I never fought back! Now I am not scared anymore and I am going to fight back because there's no way I am going to stand back and let a pathetic and disgusting pervert like you win! I will make sure you would hurt anyone again ever! And i am going to testify against you in court! I am going to make sure the world will know about you and what you are capable of! You stole my innocence and ruined my life! "Charlie, whatever I did to you, I am so sorry! We were just having fun! Come on!" stammered Grant. "Rape is not fun, you pathetic son of a bitch! It's a crime! Interesting that you must know something. Do you know what happens to child molesters and rapists in jail, eh?! Dad had told me stories about what happens to them in prison. Oh you are so scared, aren't you, eh? Who is now a little sooky kid, eh? I hope the inmates will call you that when they are looking forwards to get you alone in prison after they hear why you are in for! I hope you have fun in jail with your new friends and it's where your little pathetic perverted ass belongs, Sooky!" said Charlie smiling smugly when Grant's face went while shaking with fear after hearing what happens to child molesters and rapists in jail... Grant sat there whimpering and shaking with fear when he felt everyone's eyes on him so he can sense the mutterings and whispers echoing around him. And then he got up and ran out of the Diner without looking back. Charlie stood here so she exhaled deeply feeling relieved that she had finally stood up and fought back by facing her demons and confronting her rapist. Grant went back to the police and changed his statement about what he did to Charlie so he was found guilty and sentenced to jail for the rest of his life. He was a loner with no friends neither family as he didn't have a happy childhood growing up considering his parents were alcoholics and addicted to drugs as they lived at Yabbie Creek. Grant's parents died in a car accident in January 1992. With the support and love she had received from her family and close friends at school, Charlie went to counselling sessions to deal with what had happened to her which helped her come to terms with everything that had happened in the last five months-finally placing her demons behind her and moving from the past to the future. 1st March 1993, Monday, at Northern Districts Hospital... Charlie-who is now thirteen years old-is sleeping in her hospital bed as she stirred sleepily and as she opened her eyes she saw her parents sitting beside her hospital bed. "Hey sweetie. How are you feeling?" asked Elise brushing her daughter's brown hair away from her face. "Groggy." muttered Charlie as she rubbed her eyes. She'd had a emergency Caesarean section to deliver her baby because of a condition named placenta praevia she had. "You have a little baby daughter. They said she is healthy and perfect. And beautiful like her mum. Here's a photo of her." said Ross handing a photo over to Charlie who stared at the photo of her baby daughter for the first time. She was silent not knowing what to say. Charlie had been traumatized by the rape now the birth of her baby daughter because it was such a shock for her as she realised she was now a young mother of 13 years old. After a half hour, the door opened so there walked in a nurse-who is pushing a crib into the room and there laid inside the crib is a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket with a beanie on her small head and it seemed to be making some squeaking sounds. "Hello. I thought I would bring her in to meet her mum." said the nurse when she placed the crib nearby the bed. "Thank you." said Elise so the nurse left the room. Charlie sat up in bed leaning against her pillows when her mother lifted up the tiny baby from the crib into her arms. "She's so beautiful, isn't she?" said Elise when she and Ross stared down at their baby granddaughter. "Can I hold her please?" said Charlie. "Sure. Here you go." said Elise placing the tiny baby into Charlie's arms. Charlie felt its tiny warm body squirm against her body so she looked down at her baby daughter who looked perfect and beautiful in every way; green eyes, rosebud lips and locks of brown hair, tiny cute button and ten fingers, ten toes. "Is it alright if I can have sometime alone with her please?" Charlie asked her parents who nodded at her in reply. "Sure, darling. We will be going down to the cafeteria to get something to eat but we will be back soon, alright?" said Ross pecking his daughter on her brown head gently before he and his wife left the room. Charlie started into the baby's beautiful dark green eyes that looked down so she ran a finger across a tiny chubby cheek; it was so soft. And the baby began to cry flailing her fists so Charlie put a finger allowing a tiny hand to grasp it. A smile crept across the girl's face when a tear rolled down her cheek as she felt a special connection with her little baby daughter. She began to feel maternal feelings and emotions tugging away at her as a mother-daughter bond began to develop between them slowly as motherly love began to swell in her heart... Holding her little baby in her arms, Charlie realised her baby daughter was the light of her life and that she had a burning desire in her heart; she wanted to be a good mother to her baby daughter. "I think I may name you Ruby," said Charlie and the baby made some cute sounds in reply if to agree with her new name. "Yes that's right. You like that name, don't you? Ruby is a good name, isn't it? It does suit you. Welcome to the world, Ruby Tuesday Buckton." said Charlie stroking her baby daughter's tiny button nose gently. She spoke to her daughter softly; "Hey, darling Rubes. I will promise you something. That I will do anything to keep you safe and protected from danger and harm. By making you always feel loved and wanted, cared for. Because it's not your fault, the way you were conceived. you are my little baby girl. Born of my flesh and blood, and no one else's. You are the light of my life. Because I know you will heal my broken soul and scars. You have made me smile again. What happened to me last year, it wasn't your fault. I will never take out my resentment and anger, hurt and grief on you because of what happened to me. None of it was your fault, ok? No one will ever take you away from me. You are the best thing that has come out of it. I love you so much, Ruby. I will never have anything to live for if anything happens to you. I will put your name on the birth certificate and place 'father unknown' on it. I don't ever want you to be known as a Bledcoe and carry your creepy father's surname for the rest of your life. Because I wanted you to be known as a true Buckton daughter always." whispered Charlie placing a gentle kiss on her baby daughter's forehead. At the hospital cafeteria... Ross and Elise are eating their lunch in solemn silence until it was broken a few seconds later. “Elise, I had been thinking. Well I thought it’s the right choice for everyone, if we can raise our granddaughter instead of her mother. Because we have full parenting skills, don’t we? Look at Charlie. She’s too young and it will be a heavy burden on her shoulders looking after a tiny baby at such a young age. She is just a kid who has the right to live her childhood and focus on her education. We can give our granddaughter the proper and happy, stable and loving childhood deserved to her by proper parents like we had done with Charlie.” said Ross. “You meant we will be raising our granddaughter and becoming parents to her instead of our daughter?” said Elise staring at her husband in surprise. “Well yeah something like that. I know it’s not a easy decision for everyone but I feel it must be right because like I said earlier, Charlie is just a kid herself and she has the right to focus on her education and live her childhood instead of looking after a little baby.” said Ross. Elise sighed quietly when she took a sip of her tea and stared out of the window in silence. “You know what? Why can’t we let Charlie have sometime with her daughter first and then we can tell her what you had told me and see how she takes it, yeah. But I am sure it’s up to her to make a decision if she wants to keep her baby daughter or let us raise her instead of her. Whatever decision she makes is right for her baby, we will support her no matter what.” said Elise. “Fair enough. I think you are right.” said Ross taking a bite of his sandwich. After a half hour, Ross and Elise returned to their daughter’s hospital room so Charlie told them that she had named her baby daughter Ruby Tuesday Buckton. “Aw such a lovely name! I think it does suit her. Don’t you agree, Ross?” smiled Elise. “Yeah I agree. Ruby is such a lovely name.” said Ross. “Um...Charlie, I and your father had been talking earlier in the cafeteria. It’s about your future and of course Ruby’s.” said Elise quietly. “Oh ok.” said Charlie staring at her parents wondering where that conversation is going. “Well it was my idea. Ok I was thinking if it would be best for everyone if I and your mother can raise Ruby and becoming parents to her instead of you. We both thought she deserved to be raised by proper parents like us. We can give her a happy and stable, proper and loving childhood like we did with you. You are just a kid who deserves the right to live her childhood and focus on her education. Looking after a little baby at a young age is such huge responsibility and it will be a heavy burden on your shoulders.” said Ross. “Darling, look you don’t have to decide right now. We both agreed we would give you a week to think about it. Whatever decision you make is right for Ruby, we will do anything to support you no matter whatever happens. It’s up to you if you want to keep Ruby or let us raise her instead of you.” said Elise. Charlie stared at her parents in silence struggling to take in what they had told her when she looked down at her baby daughter who is still slumbering in her mother’s arms but deep down, she knew her parents were right to tell her and that she has to make a decision about her baby daughter's future... AUTHOR'S NOTE; So here you go! First chapter of my rewritten fanfiction 'The Beginning' Hope you enjoy reading it so looking forwards to hear your feedback on it. What will be Charlie's decision about Ruby's future? Choose which opinion is best below... 1) Keep Ruby and be a mother to her?? OR... 2) Let her parents raise Ruby instead of her??
  13. Well I had a hire car in NSW that had VIC plates on it... As I said, sometimes we just have to turn a blind eye - like the (rare) occasions where we see a reference to North Palm Beach surf club on-screen... or a wheelie bin with the Pittwater council logo on it.
  14. But on car that Ari was driving the number plate said NSW if memory serves correctly?. .
  15. There's Currawong Beach, which is directly opposite Palm Beach on the other side of Pittwater - but the one in the show is a fictional place named Mount Currawong All the Blue Mountain location scenes were actually filmed three months after the rest of the scenes in these episodes, the result being that the Mt Currawong we're seeing is still meant to be in the Northern Territory as per the original plan for the shoot... evidenced by the itinerary Colby printed off, which showed Nik & Bella's route north via Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. I think with the circumstances we have to just let them have that one, the tropics were just have a cold snap Behind the scenes info/pics for these episodes for anyone interested - https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2020/08/20/behind-the-scenes-as-home-and-away-heads-to-the-blue-mountains/
  16. Last week
  17. Alf's episode count this week: Three. Someone obviously decided this was an important week, as Colby and Dean appear in every episode and Willow, Bella and Nikau all appear in four. Halfway through the episode, as we were treated to the cringe-inducing sight of Bella and Nikau dancing on a clifftop in slow motion, I found myself going "Oh good grief, this isn't supposed to be a romantic moment, is it?" My opinion of the pairing has gone from mild discomfort to utterly detesting them together, yet on this evidence it seems the show seems to think they're some sort of long-term power couple. And Nikau is almost as high as Colby on my hate list at the moment. The first sight of him grinning like a loon was so utterly out of keeping with the situation that even Bella called him out for enjoying it, although sadly that didn't last. She had enough bad influences in her life as it was: She needed an adult, not an irresponsible sleazy man-child. If the show wants us to forget him stealing Tori's car to get away from the police and endangering Grace, then having him steal Tane's money to get away from the police and arguably endanger Bella a few weeks later doesn't really help. He's been throwing tantrums and threatening to run out on his family pretty much as long as we've known him, but from his response to that list of messages, he may be about to realise the reality of actually doing it, as he suddenly notices that he's agreed to run off into the bush and live on nuts and berries for the next seventy years just to keep hold of Bella. Dammit, why did Willow and Ziggy have to stop Dean punching Colby in the face? (Are punches allowed at the moment? It seems every other sort of physical contact is!) No wonder he gets punched as much as he does, he's got one of those faces. Ziggy did annoy me a bit with the way she kept interrupting and storming off when Dean tried to tell her anything (although to be fair to her, him choosing to confide in Willow first probably stung).Amber and Dean's son would have been conceived after Dean got out of jail: I'm not sure if we've been told how long he was in there for? Not sure you need passports to cross state lines in Australia, but Currawong is in New South Wales anyway. (So Ari's "Could they have gone any further?" last episode was a bit odd, and may be a relic from an old script before it got moved nearer because of travel restrictions.) Mackenzie gets one moment of awesome with her "Do I look unsure?" Nice to get some reaction from Marilyn and Roo to Angelo being back, and finally get an answer to the question of whether or not he's with Nicole: Presumably Angelo filled Irene in on one of his trips to the Diner. I'm not too disappointed: I was happy Nicole got a happy ending after a year of near-constant misery (a lot of it down to Marilyn!) but never really saw them as endgame. I am more concerned that apparently no-one in the Bay stayed in touch with her if they had to wait for Angelo to turn up to find out (I hope Miles still has her number at least), but thinking about it, Angelo was worried about retribution from the Braxtons when they left and didn't want anyone to know where they were. I love that they credited a character as "Dale the Camp Manager". It's just begging for someone to read the cast list in TV Week and go "Is that the manager of a camp or a manager who is camp?"
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  19. Characters John The Braxton Family Couples Ziggy and Brody Brax and Charlie Brax and Ricky Casey and Ruby Kyle and Phoebe Heath and Bianca (Urg) Bianca and Liam Ben and Maggie John and Marilyn John and Gina Olivia and Hunter Romeo and Indi Dexter and April Spencer and Maddy
  20. Angelo's being remarkably generous with the time he's given them to bring Bella in, guess her young age and the fact she is 'seeing a therapist' is part of it. Angelo is a detective and also he isn't personally involved with anyone. Guess as Ryder had done his three days he couldn't be seen on screen being asked about Bella, Nik, of course, has already left town with Bella. Neat way that all the info was gathered, Tane being asked if Bella had been round, then the discovery Nik was missing, Ari also getting quizzed. John wondering why Dean's car was at the Parata's, then filling Amber/Willow in that he'd seen Bella there earlier and noting she'd looked upset, then she'd come back, then later seeing Nik leaving with a rucksack. Not that he was spying on them of course. The discovery Nik had stolen Tane's money put a whole new perspective on it. Good bit of deducing that they would have to pay with cash to get a flight anywhere and Colby was able to use the fact he was a cop to get the information as where they be going. Apart from all the accusations being flung around by Dean, Colby, Tane and Ari it was agreed it was better Nik was with Bella so she wasn't alone. Dean isn't keeping Ziggy in the dark to 'protect' her, he's dong it so she isn't another innocent being dragged into the whole mess. This place Nik and Bella are heading for seems to be out of state so has Colby relaxed Tane and Ari's ban to leave? I was puzzled as to why Amber has waited until now to reveal Dean has a son! The fact he is 'helping' Colby again and Bella is involved - again, could be the reason why. Her look once she'd announced her news made it very clear as to who the daddy was. Would we be right to assume he is about 10 or so? Hope it is family and not the odd babysitter looking after him seeing the state she is some mornings. Justin had a memory lapse again, he'd forgotten he'd ordered spag bog just an hour earlier. So far, nothing to worry about, but suppose he has one while looking after Grace. Was Roo's distraction when chatting to Alf "I'm fine", due to what/who see she saw later connected?
  21. Great chapters whoa at the endings. what has Carly got in to with Ben being miss snotty? Update again soon
  22. Huh.Carly getting it from all angles now. Can Nick actually manage a date with Julie this time?
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  24. Thanks for reading Chapter 393 High School- Summer Bay Donald signed the report that he was writing then he heard the knock at the door “yes come in” Donald said without looking up “The attendance records you requested Mr Fisher” Debra said and Donald lifted his head up and looked at her “Just leave them over there” Donald said and pointed to the end of the desk and continued reading the report he was signing. He noticed that Debra was still standing in his office so he looked up “Is there something else that you wanted?” Donald said “I just wanted to inform you that Karen’s trial is being held next week” Debra said “So I assume you want to take some time off” Donald said without looking up “Yes, I do have some holiday dates, I would like to use those please” Debra said “Fine, submit your form and I will approve it” Donald said again without looking up “Right..thank you” Debra said and she walked out of the office and closed the door. Donald signed and he threw the pen on the desk. He shook his head and started laughing. He had some nerve to be angry at Alf and Debra, when he did the same thing. He had no right to judge either of them for what they did. Donald sighed then he picked up the phone and began to dial “Barba Stewart please..thank you” Donald said and smiled to himself Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Nick yawned as buttoned his shirt. He walked into the kitchen and was trying to figure out if he wanted to get something to eat at home or get something at the diner when he heard his uncle closing the front door. Bob walked into the kitchen and took off his hat “Now you haven’t forgotten that im off for the entire weekend” Nick said “Yes..i think you’ve told me a thousand times” Bob said and he rolled is eyes and smiled “Its good to see you smiling again” Nick said “well…life goes on” Bob said “Karen Lawrence trial is set for next week” Bob said “That was quick” Nick said “Well she confessed so there wasn’t much to investigate…I realy hope they throw the book at her” Bob said “Five years..it isn’t much” Nick said “Well its better than nothing. Shes going to feel what its like to have her life taken away from her” Bob said and he sighed “Do me a favor, please make sure Sandra Barlow is still testifying next week” Bob said “Yeah, ill go around there when I start my shift” Nick said “Thanks…oh by the way, when do I get to meet your new lady friend?” Bob said “This weekend if your lucky” Nick said and he winked and walked out of the kitchen as Bob smiled at him and shook his head Caravan Park- Summer Bay “That is wonderful Bobby” Pippa said as Bobby made a salad “I know I cant believe it” Bobby said “So when do you start?” Pippa said “Well I said I would give my answer on Monday” Bobby said “Why Monday?” Pippa said confused “I just want to think about it..its a huge responsibility..and ive got the diner, my business and Sam to think about” Bobby said “But you said Sam is going on Monday…so you will have a bit more time…it’s a great opportunity sweetheart…Sal, tell go and tell Steven to come down and set the table”Pippa said “Ok” Sally said and she ran up the stairs “I can start setting the table?” Ben said as he walked into the kitchen “Thank you but that’s Steven’s chore” Pippa said “After yesterday, I want to make it up to him…please allow me” Ben said and Pippa smiled “Ok, thank you” Pippa said and Ben walked out towards the dining table as Bobby rolled her eyes “Oi you..behave” Pippa said “I cant help it, he’s a creep” Bobby said “Come on, be nice, he is Carly’s husband and part of this family” Pippa said as Bobby rolled her eyes again and Pippa shook her head Background music- Fletcher family theme “Pippa can you sign my school trip form” Steve said when he came downstairs “School trips used to be my favourite” Ben said and he smiled at Steve who ignored him. Pippa walked out of the kitchen “Since you are all here…I wanted to have a quick family meeting and talk to you about something” Pippa said and Bobby walked out of the kitchen “What is it? Carly said from the couch then she got up and walked towards the dining table. She decided to take another day off since things didnt go to well last night, she was hoping that tonight her and Ben can have a mini honeymoon..even though her head still hurt and she had a headache “I can leave” Ben said “No Ben its alright, you are part of this family now” Pippa said as Steve stared at Ben “Pippa whats going on?” Bobby said “Well…when I went to visit Frank…I spent the first few weeks in the hospital with him..and being around the staff..well I did some thinking and decided that I want to go back to nursing” Pippa said “That’s great Pippa” Bobby said “You don’t need a family meeting for that” Carly said “Well I just wanted to find out what you all thought about it” Pippa said “Can you just go back like that..I mean you haven’t worked as a nurse for a long time” Steve said “Well today I went to the hospital, and there is actually a program..its about six months long and its for people like me who want to get back in to nursing without having to do a degree again” Pippa said “Nurse Pippa Fletcher, that’s really nice” Sally said “I think so too Sal” Pippa said and smiled “Something else I wanted to talk about..since you are all busy.and the program is Monday to Friday full time, I want to hire a full time nanny for Christopher” Pippa said “Why don’t you put him in the hospital creche?” Bobby said “Its really expensive. I thought I would offer a free van and meals along with a small salary” Pippa said “Pippa, I can help out if you want to put Chris in the creche..or I can find out if there is space at the resort creche” Bobby said as Ben looked at her. He really didnt like her she was so up herself trying to be miss goodie two shoes and save the day “No..its ok…you have already done more than enough...i think this way works out better” Pippa said “So when do you start?” Steve said “in two weeks..” Pippa said “How can you afford it?” Carly said and Bobby gave her a mean look “Carly!” Bobby said “Its alright, they offer grants so i’ll apply and see if I qualify” Pippa said “And what if you don’t?” Carly said “Is there something wrong with you?” Bobby said “Im just saying…maybe don’t get your hopes up that’s all” Carly said “Pippa I think you should do it..whatever you want to do, you have my support” Bobby said “Me too” Steve said “And me” Sally said “I think it’s a great idea” Ben said “You don’t get to vote” Steve said and Ben looked at him “Carly?” Pippa said “Yeah I suppose” Carly said and Ben tried to stop himself from laughing “Thank you. I will go to the hospital and get enrolled. Im also going to put an ad in the paper..hopefully ill get someone soon to look after Mr Christopher” Pippa said and smiled Carly sighed and she walked into the kitchen as Bobby walked behind her and grabbed her arm “What the matter with you” Bobby whispered “You're hurting my arm get off me” Carly whispered “Why are you trying to ruin Pippa's day?” Bobby whispered “Im not..she can hardly afford this place why go and spend money on a stupid course” Carly whispered “Shut up..say one more word to Pippa and ill stick your head under the tap..got it” Bobby said in a whisper “Ok ok ok just let go of my arm” Carly said and pulled her arm away from Bobby “Is everything alright?” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen “Fine…im sorry about what I said earlier Pippa..I was just a bit concerned that’s all…I really am happy for you” Carly said “Thanks sweetheart” Pippa said and Carly hugged her. Over Pippas shoulder Bobby stared at Carly and pointed to the tap in the kitchen sink. Carly closed her eyes as Bobby walked out of the kitchen.. Background music ends
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