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  2. I just watched through episode 3989 and Chloe didn't say anything. I then had a look at the episode summaries on this site and it says it was mentioned in episode 3990 but I can't find a clip to watch to confirm it. I don't think Selina was mentioned at all when Steven, Carly, etc. came back in 2008 for Sally's departure.
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  4. I assume are only transmitting six episodes per week for the short term - possibly to compensate for episodes not shown last year? Knowing their track record for scheduling, anything could happen in the coming months!
  5. So as it stands we're only 3 weeks behind, however with Australia getting six episodes a week that gap is expected to increase.
  6. Most of the stuff going on now is boring I can't stand Tori and Christian together for them getting married is beyond silly hopefully that is tieing into the Lewis story and won't happen or won't stick But I'm interested if Lewis is somehow right about Christian doesn't look good for Justin if that is the case Yeah Tim I don't think put much passion into the character
  7. Tom Nash and Tom Fletcher Jack Holden and Jack Wilson, technically Justin Morgan/Jack Lee as well Josh West and Josh Barret Casey Braxton and Casey Mitchell Liam Tanner and Liam Murphy Alex Poulos and Alex Bennett Brodie Hanson and Brody Morgan Maybe more but we've had long term guest characters share the same name as a regular.
  8. I'm almost tempted to suggest that Lewis might have done something to that patient himself to make Christian look bad.I don't think he's quite as obsessive as that but he did seem to be only hearing what he wanted to when eavesdropping on Christian and Tori.Presumably there'll be a post-mortem that might given them some answers.So, Leah and Justin sorted things after a quick chat and after Leah actually listened to Justin instead of putting words in his mouth.Hopefully that sticks. John trying to brag to a clearly uninterested Dean about his date with Susie was quite amusing.I know she's
  9. Leah and Zac handled things as well as they could. I really thought Evelyn was going to attempt suicide for a moment there. Time will tell if therapy will help her...
  10. I didnt like that Dean ended up having to apologize to Bella. He was trying to tell her what to expect but she kept ignoring him and trying to push all these heavy handed moves. Ari once again browbeating him into relenting just boosted my annoyance at how everyone might be pushing Dean into submitting to her entitlement issues. I dont know why everyone was so surprised by Dean calling in the River Boys. From what Ive read about them, the River Boys are more about the sense of family/brotherhood than about commiting crimes. I figured this is why every character from that group (that I kno
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  12. Yep it was a long chapter and a lot going on. I’m glad your enjoying it. Should be updating tonight.
  13. Neville McPhee, he may have been scary if he blew his top. He was usually placid and cheerful.
  14. Great chapters Tori getting interrupting by Lance Poor Christian. Update again soon
  15. Great chapter lots happening. Ziggy telling Coco about Dean and Colby being involved in Ross death. Rhyder going to get Raffy back. Update again soon
  16. Warnings: Descriptions of self-harm, unhealthy coping methods and suicidal thoughts, please do whatever you have to do to be safe, and stay strong and positive. Please be careful when reading this. Also on another note: I want to establish the timeline here. I made a mistake: After further research, Billie was suppose to be 7 months pregnant at this point, so while the story has been occurring for more than three weeks now Evie had been dealing with depression for more than a month now. Just wanted to straighten that out. Chapter 11 (Also, I passed 10 chapters! I've gotten farther
  17. Chloe mentioned to Jesse that Selina and Steven were working things out. Either in Episode 3989 or 3990. Then Sally mentioned it to Pippa as well before Episode 4000 Not sure of the episodes. I'll try and find out and get back to you.
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  22. Adding Oscar to the list. He was probably about the most placid character but it would take something BIG to get him steamed.
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