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  2. I reckon Debra only existed to keep viewers guessing one Barbara was ruled out as Bobby’s Mum, although I bet most of them had forgotten about her by then.
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  4. 1. Probably figured (wrongly) "Eh, what's one time?" (like a lotta stupid teens/not-much-more-mature 20-somethings) 2. Writers wanted to probably cook up drama and Long-term consequences. 3. Brett pretty much tried to enforce one on her (in those days it was called "an operation") but she legged it into that taxi back to the bay. However, said Baby in equation would grow up to have one of her own damn near 20yrs later during a self destructive spell where she called out a certain great aunt for giving away her own child to save her marriage/career...
  5. Just how many HSC papers has Roo got to mark, she been at it for at least a couple of weeks. She does get the odd mention so I do hope we see her soon. Alf & Martha hadn't been kept up to date on what had been happening in their absence so Leah had to fill them in on the whole Robbo/Jasmine/Tori and baby saga. The news rather took the excitement out of Alf & Martha's announcement that Martha was moving in. Can't see any problem with Ryder being against it, he likes Martha as she makes Grumps happy. No real reason for that to be the catalyst for Leah to move out they'd all lived in the same house before, but it turns out Justin really could do with the company before Leah asked Justin if it would be OK. Was very sudden Ava going back to Nina, wondered why he was so down and where she was. Obviously something happened off screen stopping the actress who plays Ava returning. He'd got used to having her round the place, Buddy will miss her too seeing as she was the only one feeding him. Oh Red - you forgot Mason and he didn't get to say goodbye to Ava. Were Alf & Martha filled in on Ben's latest news? Wise words from Maggie when she and Ben were having their picnic maybe a slow return in business is the way rather than have him rushed off his feet then lo and behold he got an enquiry about a board! Don't be mean Red let them celebrate any way they want. Wasn't only Colby who thought Bella was swinging the lead Dean did too which given her past track record they couldn't be blamed for. Hardly surprising Ross never bothered keeping Bella's jabs up to date, partly he couldn't be bothered and partly make it awkward giving details of past inoculations and medical history. The antibiotics soon kicked in she was very lucky. Mac really is on a hiding to nothing with Bella she is never going to like her and Colby will put her first. We may have missed Bella getting the all clear over the muscle relaxant allergy as it maybe Colby inherited it from his dad which makes Bella clear of it. Leah and Justin said the L word to each other.
  6. If you had to choose just ONE year as the standout best ever year for H&A, which year would it be?
  7. 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005 to me are all revamp years for H&A. Oddly enough, all are 5 years apart exactly.
  8. Alex is absolutely right to have reservations about Willow and I thought her 'experiment' remark was bang on. The fact that Willow was pushing to jump into bed so quickly given that she likes guys should set the alarm bells off. And I think Alex is probably making a mistake getting involved with her. I did smirk when Alex questioned Willow coming to see her at work (Irony alert) and I found Mason's raised eyebrows when they were talking initially quite amusing. I did wonder if had actually figured it out yet until I saw the promo on Friday's episode. I'm glad Robbo and Jasmine have sorted things out and he's going to let her help with Grace. I don't normally like Irene sticking her nose into things but it did help this time. Looking at the new girl taking surfing lessons in her swimming costume, I can see why Ziggy would have a problem with Dean teaching her. She's not exactly what you would call shy. Dean hasn't wasted too much time making it clear he's not interested. I did think initially Ryder was wasting his time trying it on with her but I dunno given that he's pretty isolated at the moment perhaps things might change. Bella is another person who I feel is isolated (They need to have maybe 2-3 characters around the same age she and Ryder can interact with on a regular basis). I don't blame Mackenzie for being sceptical about her illness given Bella's resistance to the relationship. But despite the promo, I'm glad Colby didn't blame Mackenzie too much. It's a shame the same can't be said for Bella.
  9. I wish the actres didn’t play her bc I would of loved the actres to have a regular role
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  14. Bobby's accident. A tiny log causing an accident that big? Seriously? The dramatic music during the two clips of the log bobbing about was just hilarious.
  15. Now that's an idea! Quite liked Miles, despite my teasing of him because "Milco".
  16. Would love to see Glenda Linscott or Val Lehman play Debra, she could be Alf's female counterpart.
  17. Just watched the episode where Ailsa died and it definitely does feel revamped. Definitely Home and Away's Barnhurst 5 era, you could even compare Ailsa's death and Donald's departure to Myra Desmond's death and Judy Bryant's departure.
  18. Michael should have been a character prior to Tom's death, they could have even been "mates from way back".
  19. If one more person says cuppacino, I’m going to scream.
  20. I've recently started from the beginning again. I can't find the "1988 episode discussion" thread, and not sure if it belongs in the Amazon Prime thread, but I have a nagging question about this Frank and Roo affair. Roo is sent away to Boarding School because Alf couldn't control her (she is angry at him for having an affair and later marrying Alsa). To rebel against being treated like a kid, she decides to do something "adult" and sleep with Brett. The first we hear that the sex was unsafe and led to pregnancy was when she saw this doctor (under a false name), and she told her she is definitely pregnant. 1. Why did she and Brett not take any precautions? 2. Why didn't Roo take the morning-after pill? 3. Why did she not seek an abortion, why did she insist she would keep the baby even though she was obviously not ready?
  21. Alf's episode count this week:Two. Roo was MIA for the fourth week running.That HSC marking is obviously really time-consuming. So it looks like Martha might be around full-time now.Well, good for her and Alf, I guess.And it's resulted in Leah making a permanent move out of there, which is probably sensible: Trying to turn her into the new Sally didn't work long term, since her large extended family were mostly gone within a year or two and she's basically been lodging with Alf's family since.That was a rather abrupt off screen departure for Ava, which almost leaves me wondering if plans changed last minute.Hard on Justin, who seems to be getting it every way at the moment, but at least he's got Leah.And Buddy. I am slightly worried at Ben and Maggie resuming certain activities: Not that they did it in itself, but that they thought that was a sign things were fine once before and it turned out to just be papering over the cracks. Hopefully they'll keep things in perspective this time. I forgot to mention yesterday that Mackenzie's now a regular.But if she has many more days like this, she'll probably wish she wasn't.Another consequence of Bella's time off the grid which no-one really thought about. It was touch and go but she's soon back fighting fit and dreaming up another reason to hate Mackenzie, and of course Colby doesn't do anything to put Bella straight about the fact he thought she might be faking before he even spoke to Mackenzie.I guess he apologised for blaming her, but he was still pretty insensitive to her at the end and didn't seem to think that she was on the outside.Again, I'm left wondering why Mackenzie is going through all this for the sake of the occasional grope with him. Hilarious lack of continuity:Despite saying she's never been in hospital before and has no medical records, Colby confidently states Bella has no allergies...even though a major plot point last season was Colby being allergic to a muscle relaxant and wondering if Bella could have inherited it as well. And then the doctors even give Bella a muscle relaxant! I guess that's one way of finding out...
  22. In a fanscript, Bella probably would have bleurghed all over Mac Exorcist-style half out of-spite, half-genuine!
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  24. Easy for someone else to say to Ziggy Dean isn't Brody and you can't put your last experience on him. She knows Dean isn't Brody but there'll still be that little niggle of doubt. Dean has been very upfront with Ziggy about her and he did try and tell her Jade was staying. Shows how much Ziggy has matured resisting the urge to send him that text and actually talking to Dean about it than going off on one. The one difference between the two is Ziggy was never really into Brody's world of cooking whereas Simone was, this time both Ziggy and Dean are into surfing and cars so Jade won't have leverage there. Jade did put Dean in his place when he said he knew she was interested in him, but was very happy with Ziggy and she didn't stand a chance. I'd like to think she isn't a threat just a flirty type with everyone. Ryder does seem to have it bad, making too much of an effort., loved his asking Dean for advice. Jade did say she started off taking a gap year and just never went back so maybe early 20's? I'd forgotten about Ben's accounts being frozen so now he can give Dean his money back not that he's bothered and afford to buy things for the shop, another big load off his mind. Did we ever find out who bought the pier complex, Diner and flat? His new meds seem to be kicking in so far, muttering away to himself - in a good way. Liked Dean's little joke about him doing that will chase the customers away. Yes Bella's previous antics would point to her being 'ill' as fake. It's known she has a real downer on Mac so not surprising she suspected she was putting it on. Bella's renewed interest in photography I must have missed as it being one of those conversations that was being mumbled. From what we saw though Bella wasn't faking it and is really ill. Alf and Martha are back, he congratulated Ryder on finishing his HSC's who neatly ducked the question 'anything else happen?' Have Alf and Martha been kept up to date about Tori, Robbo, Jasmine and Grace? Big announcement time eh?
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  26. To be honest at first when it was roumered that Emily Eskell would be cast in the bay I initially thought that she might of been introduced to return as the charecter of Sanda Barlow lol. One can only hope!
  27. More of Mason being single and happily dating and meeting the one. He is so lovely and we need more of Mason. He needs more happiness to reward his wonderful, loyal and honest, caring character. Maybe a wedding and a child eventually
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