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  2. So it looks like John has suffered a stroke! It's awful, and I can see Marilyn not coping well here, she's been seeing herself as on her own and the marriage over recently, even confiding in Alf and Martha about it. Is this about to change that I wonder??The Paratas seem to have settled in really well and the party confirmed this.Warning, love triangle inbound with MacI mean, Mac and Tane will be hot and I'm sure but Ari doesn't deserve a brother who doesn't give a rat's behind for his feelings.Jasmine, from one day to the next seems to be up and down. Really unstable. She's going to let Tori down for sure
  3. I love Georgie parkers social media. Such a great idea for a thread!
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  5. Paddy posted a cute bday post to Sophie:
  6. I hope John will be ok. Well, it didn't take Ari & Tane long to square up to each other. Tane is a player and isn't used to being told "no" but Mac isn't really helping. She should look like she means it if she says she's not interested. The cultural start to the hangi was a nice touch. Nik didn't seem to like Gemma being friendly with Ben. I really respect Justin for putting aside his feelings to let Jasmine be a part of Grace's life. I don't think there's any suggestion that Jasmine would ever hurt her but my skin is starting to crawl whenever they are on screen together now.
  7. Actors who auditioned for H&A but never got the part or any other outside Jackie Woodburne are Kevin Summers, Dan Falzon and Rob Mills AFAIK. Apparently another unknown actress applied for the role of Pippa in 1990.
  8. Don't forget Dean, he would know all about absent dads remember. Would be a bit insensitive for Ryder moaning about his 'long lost' dad turning up to Nik when he has lost his. Wow that was one serious meltdown from Jasmine, a real nose to nose confrontation with Willow who I could easily see would have been ready to thump her. Agree it was a total overaction on Jas' part when Colby let slip he'd been talking to Willow. As has been said everyone isn't gossiping about her, they are worried as friends, she'd be the same if someone was in the situation she is, wonder how she'll behave when she knows Irene has been in on the 'gossip'? Be a bit tricky her, Jasmine, and Willow staying out of each others way seeing as they live together. Justin and Leah had just seen that blow up so understandably he worried when he found Jasmine alone with Grace, Leah did keep switching from one side of the argument to the other which confused me. Was Justin afraid Jasmine would have sneaked out of the house with Grace while Tori was asleep? He could have been more discreet the way he talked but that isn't Justin's thing, speaks first, thinks later. Leah can absolutely can understand Tori being so tired, she was a single mum herself and wanting to do everything. I've noticed Jasmine has been doing what Robbo always did when he had things on his mind, goes for a Iong hard run. I found the fact she had bought that album titled My Family and was sticking photos of her, Robbo and Grace in it, including the last one rather disturbing. Isn't the baby/babies who play Grace are gorgeous, she's got a lovely smile. Leah did look stunning in that dress, sadly Leah and Justin didn't get to get to dessert. Where did that 'you stay in your part of town and I'll stay in mine' challenge from Maggie come from? No why could that have worked. Did like Ben's quick "I work here" when she came into the juice bar. He probably thought he was being helpful when he offered to come and mow the lawn, but if she really needed help she could call on Ziggy, Dean, Alf or John. Will Roo be stepping up as substitute head while Maggie is away? I guess we are all meant to assume Bella is doing OK, has been quite without her. I may be being a tad critical/picky here, but the Roo we knew back then blonde so why was Roo dark haired in that drawing?
  9. When Marilyn had amnesia in 2015 she made a comment of how Irene looks different or something but it was said in a way that seemed more of reference to the recasting. I remember someone pointed out Marilyn had made similar comments before it regards to recasting -Pippa and Roo, maybe? I can't remember but this was like the third time it happened. Maybe just a coincidence.
  10. Great chapter glad Shane and Shannon talked things out and agreed to be together now. liked Shane telling Shannon she would be a great mother Update again soon
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  12. Cor, Red. You're going in two-footed here!
  13. I bet Sam will win for Jasmine's storyline, good acting there.
  14. He becomes the captain of the speedboats then cool story haha
  15. Ironically when Flynn died 10 years after, Pippa was the one to tell Sally the same thing. She eventually did later when watching Flynn's video for her.
  16. Hey that’s an insult to Nikau who is his friend and he could talk to him (granted Nikau is kind of busy with his own stuff though).
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  18. Yesterday
  19. Yes it was to abseil down it was it not? I believe that was actually the first time the show had made the trek up there. Other than that the only times I can think of off the top of my head are when Indi and Romeo spent the night up there on the eve of his unexpected departure, and the climax of the Robbo/Ash chase in the opening week of 2018. Up until around seven years ago the access trail wasn't suitable for any sort of vehicle, so access for filming would have been tricky. I remember they were doing some renovation work on one of my visits and the building supplies were being ferried up by helicopter.
  20. Just stating the facts, ma'am.(And hey, it was sort of his fault!) Jasmine did indeed overreact with Willow and was quite paranoid in the way she behaved, but, genuinely this time, I do think she knows it.So I kind of do and don't get why Justin's behaving the way he is.I can understand why seeing Jasmine like that was a bit scary, but she was just behaving normally at the house.Sure, take over looking after Grace now he's there, but stage-whispering "Get rid of her" to Tori, which she clearly heard, just felt cruel and unkind and is unlikely to do her any good.She is getting a bit too attached to Grace, as if seeing her as a substitute for the child she thought she was going to have, but just cutting her off is not a solution. Ben and Maggie were both being ridiculous.Ben can't leave Maggie and then come back once a week to mow the lawn, and Maggie can't insist Ben stay in a different half of the Bay to her.Anyway, Maggie going to see Coco for a bit might help. Bella...I must admit, whilst I was disappointed at the lack of follow-through on her therapy, I haven't missed her much either, and I think that's partly down to the fact that I don't tend to enjoy her scenes.I think I miss Mason and Coco more because I think the family dynamic would be better if they were still around.I'm not really missing yet more scenes of Colby being a bad brother.I guess it'd be nice if Ryder had someone that wasn't Roo to talk to though...
  21. Off the top of my head, I seem to remember Shane and short-lived Ross foster child Kevin breaking into it for a dare around 1993!
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  24. I thought I'd start this thread, as I like checking out some of the cast Instagram accounts. I'll be posting only H&A related content. Starting with Georgie, who always posts nice photos.
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