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  5. I guess we're just going to have to accept the fact that Bella's going to counselling without being able to talk about the fact that she knows exactly what happened to Ross and that he's not coming back.That whole business, and the way she's been encouraged to view it, certainly hasn't helped her mental state but I guess it still leaves plenty of scope.Roo has been a good influence on her for the most part after initial teething trouble, and her handling of Bella here demonstrated again that Bella really needs to spend more time out of the ghetto of Mangrove River ex-pats that she's normally stuck in.While her life with Ross probably wasn't the hellhole that Colby would like it to have been, he probably didn't tolerate her having an opinion different from his either.Patricia has been doing a fairly decent job giving the fairly thankless task she's been lumbered with (a less-than-willing patient being less-than-honest).It's been mentioned that Bella's missed too much school to go back into her old class, and she didn't want to drop down a year, so doing the work at home was her only option.I do think it's a shame she's missing out on the social side but I guess her only two friends aren't there anymore anyway. As Justin pointed out, on some level he's a very odd choice of confidante for Ziggy, but they seem to be able to put the awkward history aside and relate to each other.And Dean did take her decision well. I guess Colby found out about Willow moving away off screen.Dean seems to have dropped the attitude but only by ignoring the subject.In an ideal world, Willow would be sticking around and managing the gym for Jasmine, but Jasmine wouldn't want her missing out on a chance of happiness to stay and support her.
  6. What is it with people in SB inviting someone to move in without checking with others in the household first? Still, Ziggy is completely right not to rush into moving in with Dean and he was surprisingly ok with her decision and reasoning. I'm not Bella's biggest fan but I sympathise with her situation, being pushed into counselling (which she needs) but not being able to talk about 'the elephant in the room', which is probably the main reason she needs it in the first place. I'm not clear on why she isn't going back to school though. I think she went back after the assault and it seemed to do her good. Poor Jas. It's just one thing after another for her at the moment.
  7. Purple jumper, black skirt and leggings
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  10. Frank and Roo continue to drift apart...Why has Carly fired Grant, did Ben tell her to? I guess it's good that Marilyn's giving Adam another chance...
  11. The Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko
  12. Just As Long As We're Together by Judy Blume
  13. Great Chapter Nice that Frank was able to get some air. Oh Carly being a brat to Bobby Narelle could be in a world of trouble Update again soon
  14. Nice swap with Shane and Angel I don't know how you manage to remember this far back Only thing I remember about Shannon is that I fancied her haha but I think she will agree to go to Italy but then something will stop her going Alex is Leahs brother right?
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  16. I stopped watching Home and Away after Bobby died, so I am definitely interested in reading this. Looking forward to more.
  17. Chapter 356 Edison Agency- Manhattan Roo chewed her sandwich as fast as she could. She had only ten minutes to finish her lunch before she had to go into a meeting with Helen and a client It felt so good to be back.. Roo took another bite of her sandwich and chewed as she picked up a notepad and reviewed the to do list that she as half way through. Roo put the note pad down and picked up a pen and quickly made a note of something else that she needed to do. As she put the pen down, her eye glanced to the photo of Frank on her desk. Roo picked up the photo and stared at it. It wasn’t a new photo of Frank, it was taken when he was still working in Macklin’s in Australia. Roo smiled as she remembered how much she loved him…how much life was perfect when she moved to the city to be with him…Roo exhaled as some guilt came over her as she thought about Frank in the hospital still healing whole she was here working…and if she was honest, she hadn’t thought about Frank at all today until now. Most nights she got to the hospital really late as she spent a lot of time catching up on work she missed, and Frank was usually almost asleep, or there wasn’t much to talk about so she left to go home. With Pippa there, they couldn’t really talk…or maybe they didn’t have anything to talk about. Roo put the photo down on the desk and exhaled and she pushed the last bite of the sandwich into her mouth and wiped her face with the napkin. Things will get better she thought to herself…when Frank gets home…things will get better Roo thought again to herself..besides, Frank encouraged her to come back to work. Roo then she picked up her note pad and file and walked towards Helen's office for the meeting. Presbyterian hospital- New York Pippa smiled as she helped Frank go from the bed to the wheel chair. His ribs were healing and the swelling on his face had gone down even though his jaw was still wired to help the healing. He was starting to look like his old self even with some bruising still. His arm and leg were still in a plaster cast, but the doctors said that would be able to go home and finish his healing at home. “I'm very proud of you” Pippa said “Thanks, it feels like a holiday to finally get off from that bed” Frank said and tried to smile. Now that he was getting better he knew what that meant. It meant he was going to go back to face the consequences of what his gambling did to him..face the consequences of trying to figure out how to pay back money he doesn’t have. “The nurse said not to over do it” Pippa said “Yeah I know, I know” Frank said and smiled. Pippa walked behind Frank and pushed the wheelchair to the open door. She pushed him over to the elevator and they got in. Frank looked at the numbers going down then finally the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Pippa pushed Frank to the doors which automatically opened into a garden. Frank inhaled deeply and exhaled. It felt good to finally be outside after spending so long in the hospital bed. Pippa pushed him near to a bench. She put the break on the wheelchair and sat on the bench next to Frank. “It feels really good to be out here” Frank said as he looked at the sky. It was hot outside, but Frank didn’t care, he was just happy to be outside. Pippa smiled then she opened her bag and took out some leaflets “Whats that?” Frank said “Well, since you are going home soon, I thought I better find a hotel nearby to stay in for a few days before I head back home” Pippa said “You don’t have to do that..you can stay with us” Frank said immediately as she looked at Frank “Sweetheart, I know you and Roo don’t have much space and I don’t want to cause any trouble” Pippa said “It wont be any trouble at all …it will be fine..no arguments” Frank said and Pippa forced a smiled Simpson Residence- Summer Bay Bobby zipped the overnight bag and looked around the empty bedroom. She sat down on the bed and sighed. She didn’t realize how much seeing that Brett had moved on had affected her. She regretted turning down his proposal, but not because she was in love with him..she felt lonely and seeing everyone she knew in a relationship, or in love made her feel worse. Maybe they could’ve worked out, but it was too late to find out. Phone ringing Bobby got up from the bed and rushed down the stairs towards the phone “Hello” Bobby said when she picked up the receiver then she smiled when she heard the voice on the other end of the phone “Im so glad you called Reverend Jones..yeah, Im ok, its just been a long day..Im glad you caught me, I just came home to get a few things, I was on my way back to the caravan park” Bobby said and smiled. Just as she was about to sit down, Grant came through the door which confused Bobby as he was supposed to be at the diner. Grant sat down on the couch and exhaled as he ran his hands through his hair “Reverend Jones, if you don’t mind, can I call you back…ok…thanks” Bobby said looking at Grant then she put the receiver down “Hey…whats wrong?” Bobby said as she walked towards the couch “Carly just fired me” Grant said “She did what?’ Bobby said both shocked and annoyed as Grant looked at her and shook his head.. Cameron Residence- Summer Bay Adam stared at the ceiling of the boathouse. He didn’t know how long he had been staring at it but all he had been doing was trying to figure out what he did to Marilyn that would make her say she didn’t want to see him again. In fact that was all he was doing since he got home from their date Knock on the door Adam wasn’t expecting anyone..he didn’t really have any friends in Summer Bay to be getting any vistors Knock on the door Adam sighed then he got up from the bed opened the door to see Marilyn “Sorry to bother you” Marilyn was interrupted “Come in” Adam said surprised, happy and anxious as he moved out of the way for Marilyn to come in “No, I cant..I wont stay long” Marilyn said “Oh..ok” Adam said then there was an awkward pause “Grant said you came to the house” Marilyn said “Yeah I did..I went to the salon first and the woman there said you didn’t go to work today” Adam said “Do you mind if we go for a walk…the sun is still setting and the weather is nice tonight” Marilyn said “Yeah sure…let me just get my key” Adam said as he went inside the boat. Marilyn exhaled. She didn’t know if he would be happy to see her but Grant was right, maybe he did like her if he was going to all the effort, and it wasn’t fair to blame him for what Ben did. “Right lets go” Adam said and Marilyn turned to look at him and smile and they slowly began to walk away from the marina towards the beach… Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay Bobby walked into the diner, it was busy as it usually was on a Saturday night. Bobby sighed as she noticed that the floor was messy and as she walked over to the counter, she picked up two empty plates that were on the edge of a table “Its lucky that I didn’t go to the yabbie creek tonight, otherwise I don’t know how Carly and Lucinda were going to manage” Collen said as she walked toward the booth with two plates. Bobby exhaled and walked into the kitchen “Why did you fire Grant?” Bobby said as she put the dishes into the sink then she folded her arms and waited. “Ill just take these to the customer” Lucinda said and walked out of the kitchen “Not now ok, we are busy” Carly said as she walked over to the oven and stirred the pasta sauce “Yes now” Bobby said “Hes a drop kick and I don’t want him working here that’s all” Carly said annoyed “Don’t you think you should’ve spoken to me before making that decision?” Bobby said “I thought you said I was the manager of the diner after dark” Carly said “You are..” Bobby was interrupted “and managers make managerial decisions and I had to make a decision and I did it…since youre here, you might as well help out since we are busy” Carly said and she poured the sauce onto the plate next to the pasta, and walked out of the kitchen as Bobby watched her walk away.. Smart Residence- The City Narelle looked over towards the other side of the bed, Jeff was fast asleep. Narelle slowly got out of the bed and reached for her dressing gown to cover her naked body. She slowly tiptoed out of the bedroom and closed the door. Narelle walked into the bathroom, turned the light on and closed and locked the door. She stood in front of the sink and turned the tap on. She let it run for a while the she bent her head over and put some of the cold water on her face. Narelle exhaled as she splashed more water on her face then she reached for a towel hanging on the rail and dried her face. As Narelle removed the towel from her face she couldn’t recognize herself. She was back to where she swore she wouldn’t go again…the last time she said this, she did good..she managed to stay away from the cocaine..she even got Jeff to promise but somehow they were both back to doing it again. Narelle put the towel back on the rail and turned the bathroom light off and closed the door. She headed towards the kitchen when she heard a loud bang on the door which startled her. Narelle looked at the clock on the wall, it was late and she wasn’t expecting any visitors Dramatic background music “OPEN THE DOOR, IT’S THE POLICE” Narelle inhaled in shock as she head that the police were at the front door. Narelle walked towards the front door and opened it “Are you Narelle smart” The office said “Yeah, what can I do for ya” Narelle said “We have a warrant to search this flat” The officer said and three more offices followed behind him “Search it for what?” Narelle said confused “Drugs” The office said and he gave Narelle a copy of the warrant as another police office entered the flat with a dog. Narelle read the paper the office just gave to her. She didn’t understand any of it…she didn’t understand why any of this was happening… Background music ends
  18. @H&Alover You've just done it again - a lot of that post refers to the episode that isn't airing on C5 until tomorrow (including the part you insist isn't a spoiler, which would have been in the promo at the end of the 5STAR ep). As you're evidently watching at 5STAR pace now, I would encourage you to please use the dedicated thread to share your thoughts.
  19. Agnetha is 70 today!! Happy Birthday
  20. Great Chapter Liked how it was other way around and Shane was struggling Wow Alex asking Shannon to move to Italy. Update again soon
  21. I have no idea if there's a market for this and spent an awful lot of time thinking about whether or not I should write and post it.But sometimes a story keeps nagging away at you and I figure there must be at least a few 90s fans on here.Hope you enjoy! Story Title: Silver Couple Type of story: Long Fic Main Characters: Shane, Shannon, Selina, Sally, Curtis, Michael, Pippa, Donald and others BTTB rating: T/A Genre: Romance/Family Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Moderate sexual content Summary: We all know the story of how Shane died on his and Angel's first wedding anniversary.But what if it was the other way round?Now Shane is a widowed single father struggling to rebuild his life and finding it going in unexpected directions. CHAPTER ONE Shane gazed down at his daughter, who was nestling in her bassinet in the front room.One of the few good things in his life.A few months ago, he seemed to have everything.A beautiful wife that he loved more than anything in the world.A stepson that adored him and that he adored.A child on the way.And then, in the space of a few short hours, he had lost it all.It should have been the happiest day of their lives.Their daughter had just been born.Angel had held her in her arms for just a few moments, then complained about a headache and handed the child to him.And then a moment later… The doctors had explained that she’d had an aneurysm that had suddenly burst, perhaps as a result of the stress of labour.The details didn’t matter.All that mattered was that after a year of marriage he was suddenly a widower and a single father.He had named their suddenly motherless daughter Angel after her mother.If the positions had been reversed, he suspected she would have done the same thing. His reverie was broken by a sound behind him.Three people came through from the back garden.One was his lodger, Alex.With Alex was his girlfriend, Shannon.And walking between them was Dylan. Shane hadn’t been certain if he would be allowed to keep Dylan after Angel’s death.The fact that Dylan’s father Paul had stalked Angel and held her prisoner was at least a point in his favour.In the end, he had handled the situation by saying and doing nothing, and the favour had been returned.The idea of Dylan being taken away hadn’t even been suggested. “Someone was missing his sister,”Alex explained. Shane managed to paint a smile on his face.It was completely fake of course, but he was willing to fake it in the hope one day it would become real.“Well, here she is.” Dylan inched forward and stared down into the bassinet.“How long until she’s big enough to play with me?” Shane wished he could come up with a quick, clever and cute answer.But somehow, over the past few months, that ability had been drained from him.Seeming to sense his discomfort, Shannon sidled forward and crouched by Dylan.“Not for a long while yet,”she told him,“She’s still small so you have to be the big brother and look after her.Can you do that?” Dylan nodded.Shane was grateful to Shannon but couldn’t muster the energy to smile at her.Instead, he just held her gaze for a moment, hoping that conveyed the message. “We were just going to the Diner,”Alex explained,“Do you want us to bring you back anything?” “No, you’re all right,”Shane replied, still trying to appear happier than he was,“I’ll make us something. Guess I have to get used to that.” *** “Poor guy,”Shannon noted as she and Alex took a booth in the Diner. Alex nodded.“Yeah, it’s rough on him.” “We should do everything we can to help him.”Shannon looked across at Alex expecting him to be nodding in agreement but instead he looked somewhat ambivalent.“What, you don’t agree?” “I feel for him, of course I do,”Alex confirmed,“But we’ve got our own lives to lead.” “And helping friends isn’t part of that?” “Yeah, of course it is.”Alex hesitated before adding,“If we’re here.” Shannon looked confused.“Is there a reason why we wouldn’t be?” “I heard back from that art placement in Italy.” Shannon was even more confused.“I thought you turned that down.” “I did but they asked me again.And with what’s happened to Angel and everything…I feel like I can’t turn it down a second time.Sometimes you only get so many chances to do what you really want to do. So…would you come with me?” Shannon gaped.“Me?There’s so much here though:There’s school, and Michael and Pippa, and all my friends…” “Yeah, I know it’s a big ask.Look, Red, I’d like you to come but if it’s not for you then, that’s fine too. No pressure.”He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.“I’ll see how they’re getting on with our order.” Shannon’s mind was left awhirl in thoughts, so at first she didn’t notice that her best friend was standing next to her.“You look like you’ve just been asked to find the solution to world peace,”Selina observed. Shannon glanced across at the counter, making sure Alex wasn’t too close.“Alex just asked me to go to Italy with him.” Selina gaped.“Wow, there’s a sentence you don’t hear every day.Are you going to go?” “I don’t know.There’s so much I’d miss if I went.” “Including me, right?”Selina checked. Shannon smiled at her.“Yes, including you.” “Because I’m a bit short of girlfriends at the moment, what with Chloe going to boarding school.She wasn’t there long but the house feels empty without her around.” Shannon nodded.“Same with Jack going off to the navy.He drove me mad when he was here but he’s left a big hole.Could I do that to Michael and Pippa, have them lose me to?” “Well, you can’t let them or me decide it,”Selina pointed out,“You need to work out what’s best for you.” “Yeah,”Shannon agreed, her gaze wandering over to Alex again,“If only I knew what that was.”
  22. ^ That's how BBC used to show Neighbours before moving the repeat to 5.35. Originally it'd be on about 1.20 then be repeated the next day at 9-10ish.
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