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  3. I love the subtle arc of Pippa through 97 to 98 (actually starting in 96 really) becoming fed up with: the Bay, being a mother (on and off), and life in general. Especially that scene where she tells Ian she doesn't even bother going to the beach any more and can't remember the last time she went there. I do think it was a realistic and slow-burn development to see her get more and more disillusioned with Summer Bay life and in effect that's what made her ending happier in contrast. It wasn't just that she was leaving for a new life with Ian. She was leaving an unhappy life for a new life with Ian. And that's what made us happy for her and made it ok that she was leaving. Quite clever really. Because the writers knew viewers didn't want Pippa to leave, so it was a good way of making us ok with it, because we cared about her and wanted her to be happy.
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  5. Yeah you inferred it was both Seven's and also this website's due to the wording, as demonstrated in the example I gave, and hence the question. It seems strange to word it in that ambiguous way when, outside of helping recruit members, it's actually got nothing at all to do with this site. I just hope my question hasn't inadvertently brought that fact to the forefront more than it probably would have had the original post not been worded that way in the first place. But thank you for the answer I wish it all the best! I will be intrigued to hear it. And I'm sure "back to the bay" will be a great help to Seven in helping them find the perfect people for it. Wouldn't it be great if they occasionally bring in guests too like writers, actors, past actors etc?
  6. Yeah I remember that. Frank agreed and responded along the lines of a relationship to work it has to be more than just physical. Funny how that came full circle for him. Speaking of Steve, do we know why he was written out? I mean he could’ve gone to Uni and come home regularly but he just disappeared with no contact. I get it, the whole idea of fostering is that it’s not a permanent arrangement, but the core fletcher family were really close that it would’ve been nice for those that left to come home for important gatherings.
  7. Ailsa was more cheerful and feisty in the early years. I think her being attacked in 1995 by a dirty sod was what changed her. 1995 was a kind of pre 2000 revamp for H&A. The show got a bit grittier and faster paced, seeing as 1994 was a snoozefest. 1995 was like 1988/1989, it mixed drama with light hearted stuff. 1988 and 1995 were 2 very similar years.
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  11. From the quick look I got at Dean's letter it seemed he was telling the police where to find Ross' body and he knew it was there because he put it there. I'm guessing he changed his mind because it would mean Colby lied when questioned about who was with him when Ross was caught up with. Seems he did do all that in his sleep, because he only remembered what he must have done was when he saw those letters in Willow's hands, probably explains why he didn't put a stamp on the envelope too. Amazing that he took an angle grinder to the post box in broad daylight and absolutely nobody was around. He did at least put the other letters back. I like he's kept Ziggy and Willow out of it, what they don't know they can't tell anyone about. Actually it wasn't until Tori mentioned the family history to Raffy that I remembered the fact the Morgan's dad had been a drug syndicate's accountant until he turned them in which in turn forced them into the WPP, so not just Brody being a drug addict, but other bad memories regarding drugs. I wondered that about Marilyn going behind the Morgan's back, especially with John's "no". It did seem to be clear the Morgan's were taking the lead on Raffy's treatment and John & Marilyn were just looking after Raffy. Felt a bit sorry for Ryder when Raffy said she wished Coco was there making him feel a bit redundant, he did try his best but biology is way out of his knowledge zone. If Raffy is 16, still not sure regards that, she can leave school, though it may depend on the rules in NSW, wonder what Marilyn's and John's alternative idea is? Raffy mentioning Simone being busy with Bella implied she has had time with her herself at least that is how I took it.
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  15. I don't know if she was fed up as such, she just had an opportunity for a fresh start elsewhere and took it. She had more than her fair share of tragedy there, losing two husbands, an infant son and a foster daughter, so I guess she wasn't going to hang around for the happy memories (even though there were quite a few of those too)!
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  17. The last time Andrew left was in 1990, when the school didn't renew his contract. Yes, Steve and Alyce only had one date, he realised next episode that it was just a physical thing and he preferred spending time with Sandra.
  18. Huh, so did Ben have a change of heart or was he always playing mind games with Carly? Looking forward to more!
  19. Great chapter Ben scaring Carly I feel for her. Al and Sophie staying in a caravan not a good idea. Update again soon.
  20. I jumped ahead a little bit with the song choice...enjoy Chapter 245 Stewart Residence- Summer Bay “Thanks Pip you are a lifesaver..I didn’t realize that I put so much weight on during my pregnancy” Ailsa said as she looked at the alterations that Pippa made to the dress “Oh come on, you look great” Pippa said and smiled “What do I owe you?” Ailsa said as she reached for her purse “Oh nothing, I don’t mind, it was an easy job” Pippa said. She lied. She wished that she could tell Ailsa that every penny counted but she didn’t “Here” Ailsa said and put $20 in Pippas hand “I cant take this, I told you its ok” Pippa protested “I wont take no for an answer” Ailsa said and Pippa sighed “Thank you… I have to go, Steve and Viv are on their way out “ Pippa said as she walked to the door “So…when is Alex coming into town” Ailsa said “Well I am not sure. After what happened the community isn’t fully welcoming him so he is trying to spend more time there..why?” Pippa said “I was just thinking that it would be nice for us to go out to dinner somewhere…maybe a couples night out” Ailsa said and raised her eyebrows “Ailsa….we are not a couple…just friends” Pippa said “It must be contagious” Ailsa said “What is?” Pippa said “The just friends syndrome…Bobby has a touch of it too” Ailsa said “Yes, I agree” Pippa said “I think her and Grant would make a nice couple” Ailsa said and Pippa nodded and smiled “Just like you and Alex” then Pippa stopped smiling and sighed “Good night” Pippa said and she hugged Ailsa and left the house as Ailsa smiled and shook her head Waldorf Creek “Carly its me” Carly turned around to see Ben standing behind her “WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR” Carly said as she struggled to catch her breath “It was just a joke…look I am sorry for telling you to get out. I realized how wrong I was and how late it is and I just wanted to come and get you…I really am sorry. Ben said as he held Carlys face in his hands as she shivered "Hey,a re you ok?" Ben said as Carly nodded..she didn't want to tell him “Yeah, I am sorry too. I know I keep making you get mad..i just cant help it..I don’t know why I always try and ruin a good thing” Carly said as Ben hugged her. Her heart was still beating fast, it brought back the memories of that night…. “Come on, lets go” Ben said as he put his arm around Carly and then began to walk back to his car Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Here is your receipt…ill just get some sheet and Ill show you to the van” Viv said “Thanks” Al said then he looked around as Viv went to get some sheets. Sophie stared at Sally and Tammy sitting at the table colouring while Christopher played with his toys. Sophie loved the big house “Thanks” Al said as she returned to the living room “Ill show you to the van” Viv said proudly as she directed Al out of the house. She loved that she was a part of the family Sally looked up at Sophie and smiled. Sophie smiled and quickly followed behind A. Steve came down the stairs and into the living room. He looked at his watch he was expecting Pippa at any time then he heard the car door close. “Sorry, I took a little long” Pippa said as she walked into the house and put her keys on the table “Its ok, Viv just went to show a guest to a van” Steve said “Oh good” Pippa said as Viv came back in. Pippa picked up the money and counted it “I guess we are going to Craigs now, we wont be late” Steve said as Pippa picked up the receipt book “Pippa?” Steve said as he noticed that Pippa had a strange look on her face “Viv, the man who just booked in, did he have a little girl with him?” Pippa said “Yeah” Viv said and Pippa sighed “Did I do something wrong?” Viv said in a panic “No no no, its not your fault sweetheart” Pippa said “Whats the matter?” Steve said “Nothing, you go and enjoy the movie” Pippa said and smiled as Steve and Viv left the house. Bayside diner at night- Summer Bay Background music- jukebox There used to be a greying tower alone on the seaYou became the light on the dark side of meLove remained a drug that's the high and not the pillBut did you know that when it snowsMy eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen? “Oops sorry” Bobby said as she bumped into Grant in the kitchen “I guess ill live” Grant said he pretended to be hurt then he smiled and walked over to the sink to wash the dishes. Bobby walked over to the table and put the two plates she had down then walked back to the counter. Bobby still couldn’t believe it that her idea worked, they had been busy nonstop. Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah Now that your rose is in bloom A light hits the gloom on the grey “Ill just get that” Grant said as he leaned around Bobby to pick up a plate. He brushed his arm on hers which made Bobby feel even more confused There is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain Baby, to me, you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny Won't you tell me, is that healthy, baby? But did you know that when it snows My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen? “Its always so busy in the evenings and the tips are great too” Lucinda said as she put some coins in her pocket. She noticed that Bobby didn’t really talk to her much…she couldn’t figure out why “Hey Bobby, I was wondering if you want to go to a movie or something” Lucinda said “Thanks but I am really busy and uni is starting soon” Bobby said and she walked into the kitchen and then into her office Lucinda watched her go into the office and close the door. She walked into the kitchen “Did I do something wrong?” Lucinda said to Grant “ What do you mean?” Grant said confused “She is my cousin and I have made an effort to get to know her but she is very distant” Lucinda said “She is very busy, that’s probably what it is” Grant said “Yeah hopefully” Lucinda said and rasied her eyebrows then she went back to the counter Phone ringing “Good evening bayside diner at night…oh hello Mrs Fletcher…Ill just get her for you” Lucinda said and she put the receiver down Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah Now that your rose is in bloom A light hits the gloom on the grey Bobby sighed, she knew that she wasn’t making an effort with Lucinda but she couldn’t “Bobby you have a phonecall” Bobby looked up then she exhaled and opened the door and walked to the phone “Hello….what??? are you joking?...who booked him in the van…I suppose…ok..bye” Bobby said and she put the phone down and sighed “Hey, I have to go out for a bit..ill be back soon” Bobby sais to Grant then she picked up her keys and rushed out of the diner Background music ends Barnett Residence- Summer Bay Emma yawned loudly as the others watched the movie. She didn’t want to be here…she knew she was only invited because her Aunt asked. Sandra turned to look at her then just as she was about to turn back to the tv, she noticed that Criag was looking at Emma. “Craig how come youre not working tonight” Emma said “I only work when the resort are having events..its not permanent” Craig said as he looked at Emma. He lied…he called and said he was ill today. He didn’t want to go to work. Criag sighed “Im going” Emma said and she got up “The movie hasn’t finished yet” Viv said “Who cares…its boring anyway” Emma said and she got up “Where are you going, its getting late” Sandra said “None of your business, just don’t dob on me” Emma said “Ill walk you out” Craig said and got up to follow Emma. “Where are you going?” Criag said as they got outside “Just going to meet some mates” Emma said as she looked at Craog. She thought he was good looking for a dag “Ill see you later then” Craig said then he leaned in and kissed Emma. Emma was shocked and moved away “Sorry…I …just…see you later” Craig said and he rushed inside the house. Emma sighed then she began to walk. She didn’t know where she was going, but she just wanted to get out of there… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Which one is he in?” Bobby said “Bobby, don’t get yourself upset about it” Pippa said “Im not upset I just want to know why he is here..he has no right to come here and stay in my home” Bobby said “Im sorry. First thing in the morning, I am gong to tell them to leave” Pippa said and Bobby sighed then she sat down “No, don’t do that…I don’t want to take money away from your business” Bobby said and Pippa sat down “Its not about the money…if you don’t want him here, Ill tell him to go” Pippa said and Bobby shook her head no “What van is he in?” Bobby said “Number 3…what are you going to do?” Pippa said “Just telling him to stay away from me and leave as soon as possible” Bobby said then she hugged Pippa “I better get back to the diner” Bobby sid and she got up “Why….are you meeting Grant?” Pippa said “Nooooo Carly called me to say Ben turned up and she needed me to fill in” Bobby sid “At least you get to spend some time with Grant “ Pippa said and smiled then Bobby shook her head and left the house. As she walked to the van she passed number 2…she stopped and touched the van then she exhaled and walked further to the next van and knocked at the door “A bit late to visit” Al said as Bobby barged her way into the van “I told you that I am not giving you anything so if that is what you are hanging around for, you better leave” Bobby said “Relax…Im just here for a holiday…to shoe Sophie around” Al said “Just stay away from me” Bobby said then she looked at Sophie and walked out of the van as Al smiled and thought about how his plan was going to work.
  21. It'd be nice if she got a storyline again soon. She's just sort of there to the point where I forget where she's gone, because there was not much going on with her to be invested in. I feel she's become a bit nosey like Leah, wanting to know all the gossip.
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  24. Possibly...but he cared about her a lot though and that was very obvious with some of the things he did and the comments he made. I cant remember the episode, but he did say that he wanted to be with her even though it took him a long time to figure it out. but when he wanted a change, she was it. I wouldn't say that is fair. He couldve pursued Narelle since she was interested in him, and he was very attracted to her. I just think he finally realized that what he needed was right in front of him. Why did Andrew Foley leave the second time, and did he ever come back? Did Steve and Alyce Davis only go on one date? I must be the only one who just realized that she was in Neighbours too
  25. I think Maggie's brain tumour storyline alone makes Maggie the strongest character. Maggie is the first mother character to get a proper storyline. Characters like Gina/Shelley/Beth and even Pippa, except for Dale's death. Even then that was a family type storyline. All never had a proper storyline that didn't involved family issues except their exit storyline.
  26. Dean's thin ice is getting thinner by the moment, the only reason Ben has for still keeping him around is that he must feel sorry for him.Whilst it's small potatoes compared to some things he's in the frame for, interfering with the post isn't exactly "legit", and then he leaves the post box hanging open just to make it obvious.He's now confided a bit in Ziggy without mentioning any of the illegal stuff. My sympathy for Tori's point of view nosedived again with her ridiculous justification to Raffy: Is she seriously going to stop Raffy ever using any medication that might be addictive because family history? I get that she was being flippant, but Raffy's already had a DNA test.(Did they ever tell her about that?)I was worried Marilyn was going to sign up Raffy for the trial behind the Morgans' back, so her intervention was at least slightly less of a bad idea.Interesting that John was being more diplomatic with Tori.Why did Raffy say Simone's busy with Bella, has she forgotten Bella isn't in town at the moment?Leah's suggestion of asking Mason for help was a good one but unfortunately he's not in the episode and Raffy wasn't interested in Tori as a substitute.I kind of wish we'd got more of a reaction from her to Tori's pregnancy than the throwaway remark here. Given that Mason's been in Summer Bay nearly three years and was already a medical student then, he did his HSC a bit more than "a couple of years ago".So Raffy's back to wanting to leave school:Can she do that? As for Leah and Jasmine, I've no idea if Jasmine knows or not, but she probably wouldn't hold it against her too much, given she did much the same thing herself and seems to accept that Leah's still friends with both of them.
  27. Well, that's true of Bobby as well. He wasn't really interested in her while things were good with Roo, but when he wanted a change, she was it. No-one.It was just the then-current cast there.
  28. To my surprise, I have to say Ben's my current favourite, which is something I didn't think I'd ever say in 2017 but he's grown on me a lot. I went for Ziggy as least favourite but even then I don't really dislike her.
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