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  4. This aired in Australia a month or two after Channel 5 started up again from mid-2000, but it didn't air in the UK for another whole year (summer holidays in 2002). I don't know if I saw the London episodes at the time, but the Fisher and Seb storyline happened just before that, and I distinctly remember seeing a flashback of Alan's death and of when Seb came off his surfboard and Nick had to rescue him, as well as something in the Guardian TV Guide about Nick meeting Atomic Kitten.
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  6. It's not entirely clear frankly, thanks to the show forgetting to write an ending to the "Sally comes back to sell the caravan park" storyline in 2013. Alf alluded to owning it a few weeks back, so probably.
  7. Thanks for reading Been a busy, but will have a chapter up by the end of the week
  8. To be fair to Rachel she doesn't have anyone else, apart from Christian, Jasmine, her physical therapist and other nurses. Naturally it's Christian who is the main person she's focused on and to her he is her 'saviour'. But Christian does need to beware and part of him realises that but Tori reacting the way she did could push him towards Rachel and maybe without intending to, she'll take advantage of it. OK Tori can't see things from Christian's viewpoint, as she explained she had her own near death experience, but she has been very dismissive of it, but as we have all said before she should respect it, everyone's must be different and for Christian being a surgeon may add more meaning. I was on her side though when she told new cop Cash Newman to go slowly with the paperwork so Justin had to spend the night in the cells. He can't keep expecting people eg Leah and Tori and to a certain extent Ziggy to make allowances for him - "oh he's on pain meds and it's making him act irrationally" and in effect letting him off. He keeps apologising but then goes and does the same thing again so a night in the cells may, though I doubt it, give him a jolt. She was straight with Cash about the limiting of his dosage, did she leave some with him? New Senior Constable Newman would have had to wait for Justin to 'sober up' anyway to be able to interview him. Justin sounded like a little whiney little kid "I want to go home". Just the one clue to Cash's background - a country cop - but of course there will be more to him, very rare for any newcomer to the bay to have had an ordinary background with absolutely no drama, family troubles etc. Did the cops gather up Justin's clothes as they would have had Stephen's blood on them apart from Justin's grazed knuckles? That's a quick addition to being a regular. To Stephen Justin's attack was without explanation as far as he was aware all he'd done was to stand up for Leah when Justin was having a go at her for ganging up with Ziggy, he didn't know Justin had seen him giving Leah a comforting hug - it didn't mean anything - it was just a hug, Justin's paranoia again. John and Dean acted well together, John doing the First Aid side and Dean ringing for the ambulance, John was taken aback when Stephen told him he knew who had attacked him and was lucky to get away with a crack on the head and bruised ribs. I did have to smile when John said Justin was one the best blokes in town - he's obviously forgotten he'd joined the flaming torches and pitchfork brigade when it came out the Morgan's had been in WIP and they were tracked down by The Syndicate bringing trouble to the bay. Tane may not be totally with Ziggy keeping the garage open seeing the way Justin has been treating her, but to her, it's a job, whether she's getting paid is another matter, and I guess she feels she owes him as he did take her back after the Tane trouble. Chloe was turned on by Mia, Ryder and Ari after her unkind remarks about Mac, OK she isn't her no.1 fan and since Mac has been gone, their business has been ticking over OK, but if Mia can be kind about her she could afford to. She and Ryder aren't making as much they did at first but that's the same with any new business, the novelty wears off and it reaches a certain level. I was thinking all that gear Ryder and Chloe was trying on and playing with was their free gifts from the party but it was all Nik's. John has been saying for a while Mac's continuing absences wouldn't be good for Salt and it seems his words have come true, people are jumping ship - no surprise if they aren't sure when or if they will get paid - they've got to look at alternatives. Can't be the only thing - paying suppliers, new orders to be signed off etc. Also losing customers which are hard to get back. Dean did guilt trip Ryder into stepping in, but he was one of them - staff member - so maybe feels he owes them more than he owes Mac. Why the hell was Leah apologising to Stephen for Justin's behaviour - he's an adult - supposedly - she's not responsible for his actions. Good set of lungs - like it. Leah's got hearing too. I was thinking didn't the fisherman have his own mobile or radio to contact the cops rather than yelling out to someone/anyone on the beach? A woman's body then and quite a way out, could it have drifted from further upstream, how long has it been there? Dean's first reaction would be that it is Mac. Cash is being thrown into the deep end - no watery pun intended.
  9. Remember the show came to London when the show returned, including a cameo from Atomic Kitten.
  10. Thanks Red, though I can't claim credit for all of it, especially when I got most of my information from extremely helpful websites and watched shows such as the West Wing (it's really good by the way) to help construct my writing. I felt now was the good time for encouraging dialogue, especially to make Evie actually think about the situation. I always want to be careful when using dialogue and descriptions like that, because I have no intention of glorifying or romanticising mental health, but rather use stuff to give a good description of what goes on in the head of a person who experiences these difficulties and to make the reader think about it- at least that's what I was hoping for anyway. And sometimes we don't need a dramatic revelation for someone to break free of these dark thoughts- sometimes all that is needed are simple questioning and prompting. Of course the struggle isn't over for Evie yet, she still hasn't let those thoughts go either, because to her just the fact that she survived and Oscar didn't makes it all seem worthless anyway, and it's never as easy as convincing someone that it wasn't their fault (hence why there's more focus on trying to get Evie to try and see point in her life and forgive herself in order for her to see it wasn't her fault) and Nadia doesn't know even now the full extent of what's going on. I didn't want to have all the issues exposed and talked about in a single chapter, because trying to do that would just be overwhelming for both the characters and myself, and each issue needs to be taken one at a time, but, hey, it's a start!
  11. Coco had a crush on VJ but he rejected her. Raffy was with Ty first even though he turned out to be gay. Billie had a Friends with benefits relationship with Kyle. Also she kissed Chris. And had a crush on Nate but he rejected her. VJ kissed Lily (Gypsy and Will’s daughter?). VJ kissed Syke when they “faked dated” too. Vj also liked Olivia but got rejected. Yes they kissed. Yes and he won’t either. Christian was brought in to be Tori’s love interest after all. Jett? Only remember him with Nina.
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  14. VJ and Lily? Also they were born on the same day and episode
  15. I wish Robbo was here too we all miss him. Tori and Jasmine need to stick together.
  16. Great chapter Tori visiting Robbo Jas and Tori having a moment Update again soon
  17. Chapter 19 Tori didn't know what led her to graveyard the next morning all her troubles or the talks about the past and Robbo. She walked to the grave and put flowers beside it before looking at the grave and speaking "Hey Robbo it me I know it been a while but I'm been busy. I miss you so much, Grace does too. She so much like you Robbo you would be so proud of her. I'm been thinking about you allot recently and how much I wish you were here to see your daughter grow up and for me to be honest I miss my friend I miss you Robbo" Tori stands at the grave for a hour or so before leaving Tori arrives at work to see Jasmine and Christian waiting for her "We have been so worried your never late" Tori looked at her ex "I'm fine I just had to do something and i lost track of time" Jasmine looks at her "You ok" Tori nods "I'm better now I will fill you in later" Jasmine nods as Tori walks away and Christian looks at Jasmine "Your thinking something" Jasmine nods "I think I know where she went" Christian is curious "Where?" Jasmine looks at Christian "It not my place to say" Jasmine walks away Jasmine knocks on Tori's office door "Come in" Jasmine opens the door walks in and then shuts it "So my guess is you went to see Mason or my husband that why you were so late" Tori nods "I went to see Robbo" Jasmine looks at Tori "All this talk about the past have made me think about him" Tori nods "Same I miss him Jas" Jasmine smiles "Me too" Tori looks at Jasmine "I wish he was here to be honest I need him now more then ever" Tori cries as she speaks and Jasmine pulls her into a hug
  18. Great chapter i agree yes they are Update again soon
  19. Last week
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  21. Character: You Character 2: Know Character 3: We Character 4: Belong Character 5: Together And so and so forth...
  22. I've also heard that both Sheila and Frank Lloyd read they were being axed in a TV magazine too I know they were axed so the writers could focus on the younger cast. I know after they left, the younger cast expanded with Marilyn, Adam, Matt, Viv, Emma. Two of them would have replaced Frank and Roo, but that's still an additional three younger characters who were used much more than Neville and Floss were. If you look at the months after Neville and Floss left, many of the older characters were starting to get sidelined. Morag was also axed by the end of 1989, and Ceila, Tom and Pippa all took a fairly lengthy break - Celia went to Europe, Tom recovered from a stroke and Pippa went to care for her sick parent. I don't know if this was the actors' decision to take some time off or the producers decision to "rest them", but even when Tom and Pippa were around, they didn't feel as central as they did in that first year. It became pretty apparent that the most popular characters were Frank, Bobby and Carly, and the writing reflected that pretty quickly. On the other hand, Don's role probably got bigger as the principal of the school, taking in Viv and building a relationship with Bobby.
  23. Who owns Summer Bay House? Is it Alf and Roo?
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