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  1. She's friends with Terri Garner so it was easier for her to do it this way.
  2. A hint of the old piano-style underscore when Jack was setting up the caravan for Sally and the scene that bled into Selina's nightmare (before it turned sinister).
  3. I have vague memories of when we first see Don's new place and he acts like it's brand new - for example, he makes people take their shoes off.
  4. It reminds me of 1988 when we never saw inside his house (until the very end of the year).
  5. As far as I know (I could be wrong), Selina lives with Irene by permission of her mother, therefore Irene doesn't need to pass any official fostering criteria. She's not an official foster mother it's more of an agreement between Irene, Selina's mother, and Selina. Chloe is a boarder and Irene has no legal parental rights - I have vague memories of a scene where Chloe tells Irene she is only a boarder not a foster daughter and Irene therefore has no right to tell her what to do. The difference between this and official foster parents (like Pippa) is that legal guardianship of the children
  6. I'd like to know this too. Probably.
  7. What episode does Jack speak to Nelson after the fire? Also, when Alf first tells Pippa and Michael about setting up the development 300 yards from Summer Bay House, he says his father originally owned all that land and subdivided it to set up the caravan park. Does this tie-in or contradict any other continuity?
  8. Good point. Leah got along great guns with her father in the early years of Leah. Where did he disappear to?
  9. Well, she IS the same character, lol. Doesn't mean she's an original cast member. It really depends what Project90 means in his question. (As for Steven, I'm not sure how leaving and coming back stops you from being an original).
  10. Yes although it depends if you are talking about original cast members or characters. If it's cast members, then wouldn't it be Steven rather than Bobby?
  11. ^Is it the one with Selina sitting on the beach and the camera spins round to reveal Saul sitting behind her? I always remember that.
  12. I agree completely. Has anybody else noticed Alf's Store seems to be getting phased out? It's shown a lot less now. And there's never any mention or sign of Irene working there anymore.
  13. Thanks Dan, I was aware of the story in general but had no idea or recollection of Saul being infertile which is why Project90's post confused me. And thanks to Project90 for being concerned about spoiling me but it's ok I wanted to know
  14. I haven't caught up to current eps but what do you mean by this?
  15. I know what you mean. His voice becomes very... distinctive, with the way he pronounces a lot of words. It's even more noticeable when he returns again in 2000. I'm not sure what the reason for it is.
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