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  1. Forgive if I'm wrong but has Alf, Martha and Roo all gone off somewhere leaving just Ryder in that house running the caravan park?!!
  2. Do we know where Stacey’s house flat was filmed. It looks liked by the sea. Appears in episode 427
  3. Anyone out there know the song played in 2267 where Marilyn and Donald pay their respects to Oscar.
  4. They were so silly. Lol at the cliffhanger we’re Pippa says to Tom “I’m pregnant”. Role credits. Just to clarify.... “we’re going to have a baby”
  5. I really feel that now they seem to just concentrate on filming in palm beach the illusion of summer bay is lost. Feels just like palm beach, I miss claireville, fisherman’s beach, mccarrs creek, the beach where the boat shed was etc. All those place together added up to the bay. Its rare for them to even film on the other side of palm beach by the pool. Have they just got lazy? Lol
  6. Although at times she did sound Jamaican
  7. Who’s Nathan married to? That Irish nurse?
  8. Any one have any idea what she is doing now?
  9. Yes. She was also the only one who believed he wasn’t stalking Shauna in 1999
  10. Was hoping channel 5 might dedicate today’s episode to Ben
  11. Barbara coming back with a totally different personality plotting to murder Donald
  12. Oh my goodness I didn’t know he passed away. Oh that’s made me sad. He was so so good as Saul. I subscribed to his channel too. Wasn’t he a lecturer?
  13. Karl, Susan, Paul, Toadfish all mix well with the new characters and still are in it just as much as any others characters.
  14. It's a very strange show at the moment to have so many characters just floating around aimlessly with no purpose or nothing to add or as you say, barely seen. I haven't seen it to this degree in any other soap.
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