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  1. Barbara coming back with a totally different personality plotting to murder Donald
  2. I think in 1998 was a turning point when Pippa had gone and she moved out of the caravan park standing on her own two feet. And also just before that as she was suddenly the oldest foster kid there ten years after being the youngest. Then in 2000 was pushed to the front of the show in the non wedding. Then in 2004 by moving back to the caravan park now as head of the house hold. All significant moment for her character. Having said that the time in between the non wedding and meeting Flynn. So late 2000 early 2001 was an odd time for her. She just floated for ages. It’s like they wasn’t sure where to go with her for a while. Getting engaged to that Luke guy, then that random moment with Harry and the pun Tom Nash. And then a fling with Brett Egan. Everything was so half hearted regarding sally and Alisa. Yes, it true that a lot of time during her teenage years we didn’t see them together much. But there’s a few lovely scenes of them in the very early years and I remember when Alisa was lost after the diner hold up they had a nice scene with Alisa visiting sally.
  3. Oh my goodness I didn’t know he passed away. Oh that’s made me sad. He was so so good as Saul. I subscribed to his channel too. Wasn’t he a lecturer?
  4. When dons mum turns up there no mention of either sibling. It’s all written as if he is an only children the Rebecca is her only living grandchild.
  5. Haha. Narelles leaving story. She'd been through all the guys and there was none left. She was certainly a one off.
  6. I sense a generational divide here, as with most topics lately. Inevitable I guess.
  7. Karl, Susan, Paul, Toadfish all mix well with the new characters and still are in it just as much as any others characters.
  8. It's a very strange show at the moment to have so many characters just floating around aimlessly with no purpose or nothing to add or as you say, barely seen. I haven't seen it to this degree in any other soap.
  9. Thank summer bay journal for this. Its brilliant. https://youtu.be/JmhL1pRBPQs
  10. Lol. I'm sure Ada would be really flattered by saying she is like Helen Daniels.
  11. Just saw the new profile for Martha. Thanks Dan. And reminded me of a conversation in the old days about how bobbys life with al and Doris was actually okay until the anonymous money stopped coming in. With Martha as the go between gone, al turned nasty as he never wanted Bobby really any way. Would have been good if this was addressed the year but just makes it even more farcical. I still don't know how a simple country girl managed to come up with this elaborate plan of a fake drowning. What about her parents? We know nothing. So many unanswered questions.
  12. No. It wasn't from that episode but I know exactly what you're talking about. It was much later when Vinnie was going out with Sally and for some reason he thought she was pregnant. Hence the dream.
  13. Anyone remember the complete one off episode with Vinnie going on a date with Justine and another girl. There was no warning and it had nothing to do with what was going on on the episodes either side. With appearance from Joey, Marilyn and Donald it was like a Vinnie spin off show.
  14. Hated that they drove Scott and Hayley together, just cuz Noah and Dani had gone. Felt so unimaginative when the writers do this. With the extra bore of baby gate here.
  15. Has anyone seen Sharni in a film called You're next?
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