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  2. Pippa and Ian have an unnamed daughter born in 1999 but that's as much as we know. As a sidenote, Shaun Wood is making a return to TV in a different discipline next week, as 'Hollywood' in Seven's new show Ultimate Tag. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLWV0lWH1L9/
  3. Well it's that time again! (and I'm not referring to the shock of RR1 changing his avatar) The 2021 season begins in the UK on Monday, after today's somewhat muted season finale. As ever please be mindful of not posting spoilers (that includes eps airing on 5STAR) - if you do feel the need to, please use the spoiler tags We begin the season three weeks behind Australian airings, though that is gradually increasing again with Oz airing six episodes per week currently.
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  5. Funnily enough someone else asked this last week in the Oz thread - Karen did tell Dean she was starting a job at the leagues club when she left Summer Bay, but it turned out she was actually checking herself back into the hospital. And no, Mac doesn't know about the latest development as yet. There's a bit of behind-the-scenes trivia about 'Cynthia' at the end of our article on the main site - https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2021/02/04/home-and-away-spoilers-john-prepares-for-a-hot-date/ Despite how it ended, this little story with Ryder helping out John and Maz with the app, t
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  8. Pic of said character https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/carter_grace/
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  10. It was more the case that with Willow not being allowed into the public gallery, being a witness, she had to think of an excuse to stay outside for the first part of the proceedings. She then excused herself with that phone call to Reenie whilst Bella went in. To be fair, the amount of conversations he had about the murder whilst standing out on the balcony... or loud slanging matches with the doors wide open... with any number of diner customers only a few feet away.... it could have been anyone May have been a tad too farcical though - for us to pan down and see Angelo, si
  11. Done! Takes a few minutes for it to unarchive itself but shouldn't be too long.
  12. Makes sense now, never heard that one before
  13. The bracelet was Tori's gift to Grace, Christian was just helping her put it on. Probably just as well, as I dread to think how Jas would have reacted if it was from him... Yes Tori did rather strangely refer to Summer Bay as a village. Little factoid for today's UK ep - the Oz broadcast of the Witness X reveal used the Billie Eilish track 'No Time to Die' (the theme for the upcoming James Bond movie). Compared the two versions last week, and I think it's a rare occasion where the 'popular music' track actually worked much better than the scored music that UK/international viewers
  14. The one he looked at was just the two of them with Dean's car, so was presumably a memento of their 'trip away'.
  15. He also said to Nik, last week, that he didn't know there were drugs hidden in there until it was too late.
  16. Yeah he's oft-mentioned when they need some River Boy assistance, but the wedding has been his only appearance so far - the venue was his dad's property, and he also sorted out the booze. If it wasn't for that, he maybe could have been the Madge Wilkins of his generation...
  17. And there we have it! The Top 3 are now revealed.... As ever we've also provided a quick list of all the regular characters who didn't receive votes this time around, which is linked at the bottom of the main index. Big thanks to @Red Ranger 1 once again for his commentary, @Chair for verifying with her backup tally that I can indeed count correctly whilst dosed up on opioids, and other members of the team for other bits and bobs. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas (or as good as it possibly can be in the current climate)!
  18. Ah, of course! I see what you mean now, given that I didn't even consider her
  19. Hi Gibbo - very sorry to hear that, I spoke with Pattie a few times a couple of years back and she was always very friendly. The show would certainly have been rather different without her and your grandfather! Thanks for letting us know, and all the best to you and your family!
  20. Not sure if you mean Jasmine or Jazz, but either way they're both in the list at 18 and 124 respectively.
  21. It's the final countdown... 5th place revealed now, 4th place to come later on today!
  22. And we finally move into the Top 10... Some good deductions going on! @adam436 I'm genuinely intrigued as to who you were thinking for your final place, someone who was hugely popular but not in your list of the 'iconic'... I do believe you did overlook someone though, with SandsResort apparently having picked up on it
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