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  1. Are the only new character introduced now just doctors or police officers.
  2. Just wondering if the whereabouts of the exterior of Alf's store (1991-1996) is known? It looks as if the very often used a set but on the odd occasion it look like a real outside.
  3. I’m nervous about oldies from the past returning as I’d really want them written the correct way and the continuity good. I just don’t trust that they will be at the moment.
  4. Forgive if I'm wrong but has Alf, Martha and Roo all gone off somewhere leaving just Ryder in that house running the caravan park?!!
  5. Do we know where Stacey’s house flat was filmed. It looks liked by the sea. Appears in episode 427
  6. Anyone out there know the song played in 2267 where Marilyn and Donald pay their respects to Oscar.
  7. I really feel that now they seem to just concentrate on filming in palm beach the illusion of summer bay is lost. Feels just like palm beach, I miss claireville, fisherman’s beach, mccarrs creek, the beach where the boat shed was etc. All those place together added up to the bay. Its rare for them to even film on the other side of palm beach by the pool. Have they just got lazy? Lol
  8. Any one have any idea what she is doing now?
  9. Oh my goodness I didn’t know he passed away. Oh that’s made me sad. He was so so good as Saul. I subscribed to his channel too. Wasn’t he a lecturer?
  10. Karl, Susan, Paul, Toadfish all mix well with the new characters and still are in it just as much as any others characters.
  11. It's a very strange show at the moment to have so many characters just floating around aimlessly with no purpose or nothing to add or as you say, barely seen. I haven't seen it to this degree in any other soap.
  12. Thank summer bay journal for this. Its brilliant. https://youtu.be/JmhL1pRBPQs
  13. Lol. I'm sure Ada would be really flattered by saying she is like Helen Daniels.
  14. Just saw the new profile for Martha. Thanks Dan. And reminded me of a conversation in the old days about how bobbys life with al and Doris was actually okay until the anonymous money stopped coming in. With Martha as the go between gone, al turned nasty as he never wanted Bobby really any way. Would have been good if this was addressed the year but just makes it even more farcical. I still don't know how a simple country girl managed to come up with this elaborate plan of a fake drowning. What about her parents? We know nothing. So many unanswered questions.
  15. No. It wasn't from that episode but I know exactly what you're talking about. It was much later when Vinnie was going out with Sally and for some reason he thought she was pregnant. Hence the dream.
  16. Anyone remember the complete one off episode with Vinnie going on a date with Justine and another girl. There was no warning and it had nothing to do with what was going on on the episodes either side. With appearance from Joey, Marilyn and Donald it was like a Vinnie spin off show.
  17. Did Zoe mean to blow everyone up, herself included, the way it happened? Or was she planning some else but then cake lady walked in. I have seen that seen 100 times and still can't work it out. It's incredibly rushed.
  18. Yes true. Very rare to see the southern end or the swimming pool now. Or the far north end by dune.
  19. In general would you say the areas of filming in palm beach and the northern beaches in general is more concentrated now and if so has it been done to cut costs. I think it's a shame not to see the variety of places now. I guess the diner being around the corner from the surf club has made things easier for cast and crew. Must save time too with less travel. But I miss seeing Clairville, Bayside Diner location,Fishermans Beach, Snappermans etc.
  20. Exactly, also max Richard would have probably have wanted to see his grand daughter now out of jail. Another potential storyline. Also mentioned before was her to face Jesse. All tricky I know due to getting the actors. I would have been happy though with just a bit more in the script. Say Marilyn, telling Olivia a few bits about her mum etc. Or when hunter and olivia got a place together Irene could have said "I remember when your mum and dad moved into their first place together". Just little things like that.
  21. It's really is a shame that Olivia hasn't connected the show to the past in any shape or form and now she is leaving. She really may as well have been a any new character instead of the daughter of Chloe and Lachie. In the ariticle on this site about her leaving there is a picture of them as a family. The writers have made no effort to equate the two together. All she'll be remembered for is a half heart abuse story and her relationship with Hunter
  22. I wasn't commenting on what you said months ago and as I stated, having an opinion on the characters was not what I had an issue with. Read the first sentence of my post. I also haven't stated anything that I believe to be fact.
  23. The 1996 school siege was by a girl called Hannah's dad. She was a friend of Sam's and her parents were or were getting a divorce. I think the mum had custody and it sent her dad over the edge that he couldn't see her. He brought a gun into the school and held Donald in the office. Norman was epic in those scenes,
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